How Do I Get Cadillac CTS Out Of Theft Mode? (Explained)

Is your Cadillac CTS stuck in theft mode, and you’re getting worried and asking yourself, ‘how do I get my Cadillac CTS Out of theft mode.’

If you’re currently in this situation, we’ve got you covered.

This article will explain all you need to know about theft mode and how to get your car out of that mode. So let’s get right in!

To get Cadillac CTS out of theft mode, begin by unlocking the doors and turning on the car without starting the ignition. Then, open the hood and remove the fuse labeled ‘ECM’ from the engine bay fuse panel. Keep it out for more than 10 minutes and put it back. Then, insert the key and unlock the car. 

What is Theft Mode?

The car theft system is a device equipped in your vehicle to protect it against theft.

This system was first equipped in cars in the 1990s when car theft became rampant.

The system protects the vehicle and prevents thieves from breaking in to start the car and drive off.

The major purpose of this system is to notify people around of an ongoing attempt to steal a car.

Also, it helps to cut off fuel so that the vehicle won’t start with a copycat key or through hot wiring (a situation where the thief opens the car and tries to start it with wires under the steering wheel).

Additionally, some vehicles don’t have an anti-theft system. But this is a downside because they could be stolen, and the owner won’t be aware.

So, I recommend installing the anti-theft system in your car if it doesn’t come with one.

You don’t even need to search the market yourself; you can contact your auto dealer to make the right pick for you. 

Even if the device may cost a bit much, it’s worth the investment as you won’t have to worry about your car getting stolen.

As for your car getting stuck in theft mode, you may be able to prevent it if you watch out for the warning signs.

Also, make sure to maintain and service your car regularly. 

How Do I Know If My Cadillac CTS is in Theft Mode?

Certain signs will help you know when your car is in theft mode. Below are the warning flags you should watch out for:

#1. Car Won’t Unlock 

When your vehicle gets stuck in theft mode, it won’t unlock itself even when you press the ‘door unlock’ button.

In addition, the car will barely respond to any of your instructions.

This lack of response signifies a problem (probably with the key) that won’t allow you to enter your car.

#2. Locked Steering Wheel

The steering wheel will lock by itself after putting your key in the car ignition, and the car still doesn’t recognize it.

It’ll remain stiff in one position no matter how you try to wheel it. Interestingly, this is one of the features of the anti-theft system, only that it’s working against you.

You won’t be able to steer the wheel until you get a key that the vehicle recognizes.

In this situation, your standard key may be of help. The secondary key will be your last resort. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to keep finding a way out.

#3. Red Light Blinking Inside Car

Normally, the red light will turn on and blink when you lock your Cadillac CTS with your key fob.

The blinking could be every second, depending on the factory setting.

But, if you unlock the vehicle and the red light keeps blinking, which implies that the car’s anti-theft system is on and the car isn’t recognizing your key.

In cases like this, there’s zero chance of you being able to start the car. Once you attempt to start the car, it’ll lock its wheel, and you won’t be able to turn on the ignition. 

#4. Car Won’t Start

When your car gets stuck in theft mode, it won’t start. You may be lucky to unlock it, but it won’t react or start once you put the car key in the ignition.

That is because the car doesn’t recognize the key; it’s not receiving any signals. Further, this causes the car’s computer to react as though the car was stolen.

Unfortunately, the car computer can’t decipher whether or not it’s the owner. It only reacts negatively because you put the key when you’re not supposed to.

#5. Alarm Goes Off

Lastly, another sign that your car is in theft mode is when the alarm goes off.

Anyway, this warning is only applicable to cars with alarms as some cars do not have one.

This situation can get very frustrating, especially if you’re around many people. 

How to Get Cadillac CTS Out of Theft Mode?

Most vehicles like the Cadillac CTS use a theft-deterrent system to prevent theft.

Once there’s a Cadillac CTS theft attempt, the horn will start beeping, and the headlights will flash on and off. 

The beeping and light flashes will continue till you notice and deactivate the alarm.

However, after the deactivation, you have to reset the alarm to ensure that your GM vehicle security system is correctly set.

Here are the steps to follow to get your Cadillac CTS out of theft mode:

#1. Open the Hood

To get Cadillac CTS out of theft mode, you’ll need to begin by unlocking the doors and turning on the car without starting the ignition.

Then, open the hood and remove the fuse labeled ‘ECM‘ from the engine bay fuse panel. Keep it out for at least 10 minutes and put it back.

#2. Unlock the Car

Press the ‘unlock’ button on your GM keyless remote to unlock the doors. The button has the image of an open lock on it.

You can also use your GM key to unlock your Cadillac CTS and turn on the ignition.

With either of these two options, you’ll be able to deactivate the alarm and unlock the door successfully.

#3. Exit the Car and Keep the Door Open

Press the lock switch inside the car to lock the doors. Ensure that all other doors, lift gate, hood, and trunk are also closed.

If anything else is open, the alarm reset will not work.

#4. Close the Door

The final step you’ll have to take is closing the door and waiting patiently for the headlights to stop flashing inside the car.

Alternatively, you can first close the door and press the ‘lock’ button on your GM keyless remote.

These steps will unarm the theft-deterrent system (anti-theft system). 

However, if you don’t press the ‘unlock’ button on the keyless remote or open the doors within 10 seconds, your car will alter the anti-theft reset.

Cadillac CTS Little Lock Symbol , anti theft system , car won’t start solution


In sum, I’ve explained what theft mode is and its role in vehicles (especially the Cadillac CTS).

I’ve also mentioned the different signs of your car being stuck in theft mode, including how to get the Cadillac CTS out of theft mode. 

I also covered all the different strategies you can use to pull this off.

However, if you still can’t fix yours, change the battery of your car key or get a new programmed key specifically for your vehicle.

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