Does The Cadillac XT6 Have A Cigarette Lighter? (Let’s Find)

The cigarette lighter is an auxiliary power outlet designed to enable you to light up smoke conveniently in your car.

While smoking in vehicles is prohibited, the cigarette lighter still features in some automobiles.

Consequently, do you think the new Cadillac XT6 comes with this outlet? 

Of course, the Cadillac XT6 has a cigarette lighter like its other lineups. Furthermore, the 12volt accessory power outlet, known as the cigarette lighter, can serve a dual purpose. First, its initial function is to light a cigarette, and the other is to power your accessories.

Does the Cadillac XT6 Have a Cigarette Lighter?

As earlier said, the Cadillac XT6 model comes with a cigarette lighter.

However, manufacturers don’t usually publicize the cigarette lighter as equipped in their vehicles.

That is because of the tight regulations and increased awareness of the dangers of smoking in cars.

Nevertheless, the Cadillac cigarette lighter still stays to meet most customers’ demands.

Also, you might have only known the cigarette lighter for lighting a cigarette, but it does more than that.

You can also use this 12volt accessory power outlet to charge and power your devices.

There are 12V in-car appliances like a portable hair dryer and mini heaters you can directly plug into your cigarette lighter.

Notwithstanding, sometimes it’d be difficult to find a version of an appliance specifically designed for the cigarette lighter outlet.

In that case, you can decide to use a car power inverter.

This device can turn the vehicle’s battery DC power into an AC used by many home electronics.

In other words, with the inverter in your Cadillac cigarette lighter socket, you can run low-power AC devices.

For example, a laptop, game system, and even television can operate on the inverter.

You can also get a portable 12V USB adapter to fit into the 12V socket.

When the USB accessory gets into the cigarette lighter receptacle, it can charge your phone and other electronics.

Nonetheless, improper use of cigarette lighter can be life-threatening.

Is There an Outlet in the Cadillac XT6?

The Cadillac XT6 comes with many juicy powering components for the whole family’s convenience.

This Cadillac model has two accessory power outlets, with one popularly known as the cigarette lighter.

However, the other socket can be a standard DC receptacle used to supply electrical power to small accessory items.

The cigarette lighter is also referred to as a 12-volt socket or 12V auxiliary power outlet.

Further, the Cadillac XT6 features six USB ports, two for each row of passenger’s seats. 

Additionally, here’s what you should know about the six USB ports in the XT6 model; two are Type-A USB ports.

Meanwhile, the rest four are Type C USB ports. Also, here’s how the ports and auxiliary power outlets distribute in the Cadillac XT6.

Let’s begin with the first row or the driver and front passenger seats. This row has two USB ports: one is Type A, and the other is a Type C connector.

Also, this row has a 12V accessory power outlet.

Moving on to the second row, which comprises two passenger seats. This line also has 2 USB ports.

In the first row, one of them is Type A, and the other is a Type C USB connector.

Finally, the third row, which still consists of two passenger seats, has two Type C USB connectors.

Then, there’s another 12V Accessory Power Outlet in the cargo area. Having said all that, you can see that each XT6 passenger has a dedicated USB port.

In other words, the XT6 model has enough outlets for all passenger devices to stay plugged in.

Generally, the Cadillac XT6 vehicle has a six-seat arrangement. Also, the number of seats may be seven, depending on the interior configuration. 

Where Is Cigarette Lighter in Cadillac XT6?

The Cadillac XT6 has two accessory power outlets located in different sections of the car. One is in the central console under the glove box.

In addition, there’s a small cover that you’ll need to flip up to access the cigarette lighter power receptacle.

On the other hand, the second 12V auxiliary power outlet is in the rear cargo area.

However, while both outlets can serve as cigarette lighters, the outlet in front has been designated for this purpose.

What Kind of Outlet Does XT6 Have?

The Cadillac XT6 has USB ports and 12V accessory power outlets.

The amazing thing about the XT6 model USB arrangement is that each passenger gets to have a dedicated port.

Now, I’ll talk more about the two 12V accessory power outlets. 

To begin with, one of these outlets is the cigarette lighter, and the other is the power outlet.

However, the cigarette lighter maintains a dual purpose in vehicles.

The cigarette lighter can serve as a standard outlet for powering devices and as a lighter. 

For this reason, there has been confusion on the kind of outlet equipped in the Cadillac XT6.

In a nutshell, the model comes with a Cadillac cigarette lighter socket and a power accessory outlet.

Nonetheless, the best way to find out which outlets you have is to check the owner’s manual.

In addition, the cigarette lighter socket is designed specifically to heat a bimetallic coil until it’s cherry red.

When the coil reaches this degree of hotness, it will be able to light up a smoke.

On the other hand, a standard outlet can provide accessory power to small electrical equipment plugged into it.

A cigarette lighter power outlet can still make current flow through your electronics.

This ability makes it difficult to tell whether a socket is designed to work as a cigarette lighter or not.

Thus, if a console outlet accepts a cigarette lighter element, you shouldn’t just assume it’s a designated cigarette lighter.

In the same vein, even if an outlet didn’t come with a bimetallic coil, that doesn’t mean it’s a standard socket.

Further, don’t stick a cigarette lighter into any receptacle if you aren’t sure of it.

Finally, remember that you can check your local dealer or the manual to know the vehicle’s sockets correctly.

How To Turn on an Outlet on an XT6?

You do not need to turn on an outlet in your Cadillac XT6 because power is always supplied to all outlets.

Like the accessory power outlet in your vehicle, the cigarette lighter also gets its power from the battery.

With that in mind, ensure that your battery can power and start your Cadillac. However, the outlets are powered even when the ignition is off in most vehicles.

But, using your receptacles while the ignition is off can cause the battery to run down. 

If you want to use the outlet as a cigarette lighter power socket, insert and lock the heating element.

The lighter socket will heat the bimetallic coil in a few minutes.

When the element is hot, the socket will release the cigarette lighter plug used to ignite the smoke. 

Notwithstanding, you may need an adapter or inverter if you want to use the outlet for charging or powering equipment.

Common accessories that you can charge using the USB adapter include your cell phone, GPS devices, and MP3 players.

Remove the burner cap or element and plug the USB adapter into the outlet.

When you turn on your ignition or put it in ‘Accessories Mode,‘ your devices will power up. 

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The XT6 is a high-end model of the Cadillac brand that comes with two 12Volt accessory power outlets.

However, one of these 12V sockets serves as the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and the other as a powering receptacle.

However, you can light up a cigarette using the socket close to the Cadillac center console.

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