Cadillac Heated Steering Wheel Not Working (Explained)

When driving down a snowy road during winter, you need many features in a car. A fully functioning heated steering is one of them.

It differentiates between a sweet, warm ride through active grip or a cold struggle to work. 

If you have a luxurious car like the Cadillac, you’d expect to find your vehicle’s heated steering wheel feature.

However, sometimes you find that this feature does not. What could be the problem?

The electrical system and temperature sensor malfunctions can prevent the heated steering wheel from working. Errors from these two are the primary reason why the heated steering wheel won’t work in your Cadillac. But they are not the only sources. Sometimes, it’s not working because your car doesn’t have the feature.

Do Cadillacs have a Heated Steering Wheel?

Cadillacs come with a heated steering wheel, but not in all models. Cadillac is one of those automobile brands that prides itself in luxury.

Not many vehicles can compare to it in terms of unique features. A heated steering wheel is one of the many features you expect to find in your Cadillac. 

However, things are not straightforward as they seem. The company has made a few adjustments to the standard features you expect to find in your car.

This adjustment ultimately affects this amazing feature. Here are some key details to note:

#1. Reduced Production of Microchips

The primary component of the heated steering system is a microchip.

Unfortunately, there have been shortages in the production of these microchips worldwide.

To cater to this scarcity, many car brands announced that there would discontinue the addition of heated components.

These components include the heated steering wheel and seats in the front driver and passenger seats. And many other features that use the microchip software.

Cadillac was one of the car brands that had to limit the availability of this feature.

However, the company announced in November 2021 that 2022 models of various series would be the recipients of this change.

However, not all series of Cadillac will have limited heated steering wheel availability. The affected series includes the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 luxurious sedan.

In addition, the heated steering feature is absent in three others in the compact SUV series. They are  Cadillac XT4, XT5, and XT6 models. 

If you have the earlier release of the 2022 model of any of these series, you will not have features. 

#2. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofitting

Cadillac announced in May 2022 that the feature is again available on order. After March 28th, 2022, any car purchase will have a heated steering wheel system.

New car owners can get the feature based on demand. So if you are getting a new car of these models, you will have the heated steering wheel. 

What’s more? The 2022 model vehicles built before this time can still enjoy this benefit.

There is good news for those without a heated steering wheel. The company is offering to retrofit the system into the car. 

Many users wonder if it is possible to retrofit the heated steering wheel in a car after production. However, multiple sources show that this is very much possible.

In fact, the company is offering to retrofit at no extra charge. 

Check if you have the system in your car or not. You know you have the feature if the company made your vehicle before the 2022 model.

If your series is also not part of the list, you have a continuous supply of heated steering wheel feature irrespective of the year.

Why Does My Heated Steering Wheel Keep Turning Off?

The heated steering wheel uses a microchip but relies on some other vehicle components to function.

Some of these components include the electrical system, the remote access system, and the temperature sensors. 

Here are the various reasons why your heated steering wheel keeps turning off.

#1. Temperature Sensor

Your heated steering wheel feature only turns on when your car is below a specific temperature.

When you turn it on, the temperature sensor reads the temperature in your vehicle. If the car temperature is lower than the set standard, it activates the feature.

If this sensor malfunctions or cannot read the temperature correctly, the feature keeps turning off. In some Cadillacs, it comes on for a few seconds and goes off again.

When this happens, the issue is most likely a result of temperature sensor malfunction. 

#1. Possible Solution

A scheduled maintenance check can confirm if the issues genuinely lie with the temperature sensor. Drive in for a check-up and replace your temperature sensor.

The cost varies based on the car model, but it is usually low.

#2. Electrical System

The electrical system is one major issue that plagues various Cadillac models.

The electrical system is responsible for connecting various components of your car.

For example, the heated steering wheel converts electrical energy to heat energy. If there is an error with the electrical system, you can experience issues with the feature. 

The electrical system also connects the temperature sensor to your car’s computer system. The heated steering wheel might keep turning off if this connection is severed. 

#1. Possible Solution

The electrical system affects a lot more than just your heated steering wheel. Therefore, you should take issues regarding this system seriously.

If the car is still drivable, I advise you to drive to your auto dealer and check the whole system.

Corrections to the electrical system often take days or weeks to complete. However, once the electrical system configuration is certain, your vehicle features should be working optimally. 

The Cadillac heated steering wheel coming on and off shows one thing. The system itself is working fine, but other connected accessories are malfunctioning.

Escalade Heated Steering Wheel not Working

The issue with the microchip and removal of the heated steering wheel feature did not affect the Cadillac Escalade.

So you have the feature as standard if you have newer models. You can check the specific feature label of your car.

Hence if the system is not working, it’s due to some issues with the car. 

Sometimes, the issue lies with the heated steering wheel button on the wheel itself. This button may malfunction, making it impossible to heat the wheel.

If this button malfunction is the case, you can start the feature using the remote key fob. Another trick up your sleeve is to use the myCadillac app to activate the feature. 

If the tips do not work, you can check for possible malfunction of the system mentioned earlier.

However, if those potential issues are not the problem, there is only one solution for you. 

A total replacement of the steering wheel becomes necessary. The good news is that you can enjoy the OEM version of this wheel with a supercruise package.

The cost of repair ranges between $350 and $370. The cost of buying the OEM steering wheel for the Escalade ranges between $250 and $290; the labor cost takes the rest. 

Replacing the Cadillac Escalade wheel is not a simple process. Replacement can’t occur without professional input.

The whole electrical system configuration ensures it functions with the new wheel, and sometimes this involves removing the dashboard.

Therefore, it would be best to visit an expert auto mechanic for your wheel replacement. 

What is inside a heated steering wheel / how does it work?


Cadillac steering wheel might malfunction due to several reasons. However, there are solutions to every problem you might encounter.

All vehicles built before the microchip announcement have the heated steering wheel as a standard feature.

Newer cars do too. Replacement is also possible, and you get to enjoy the supercruise package when you get the OEM version. 

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