Cadillac Heads-Up Display Not Working (Reasons & Solutions)

Your Cadillac has many exciting features to make your driving experience great.

But unfortunately, with many exciting features comes various instant information.

That is the role the HUD tends to fill; instant notification when you need them.

Sometimes, the information can be as trivial as audio and phone data. Other times, it is as essential as navigation data.

Hence, there is a problem if this display fails to work. What could be the reason? 

The head-up display button is the first thing you want to check when having issues with your HUD. Unfortunately, the location of the switch is the same irrespective of your brand of Cadillac. Other possible problems include the fuse and bad module display. However, there is a solution for any situation that could cause your HUD to malfunction. 

How Do I Turn on My Cadillac Heads-Up Display?

The heads-up display is a helpful accessory for many drivers and different reasons.

The first step to putting it on is ensuring your car (for example a beautiful xt5) has the feature. Check the owner’s manual for the specific characteristics of your new Cadillac. 

If your purchase was from another user, you could check in with your local mechanic expert to see if your brand and trim level has the HUD feature.

Once you can confirm that you have the Cadillac heads-up display, you can turn it on.

#1. The Cadillac HUD Heads-Up Display buttons

Cadillac’s simplicity is the best thing about setting your HUD head display. You find the Cadillac head display button in the exact location of all trim levels with the feature. 

There are three buttons on the left side of your dashboard. You find it behind three buttons behind the steering wheel.

All three buttons line side by side behind the left side of the steering wheel. They all perform specific functions relating to the heads-up display.

The first button on the far left is to change, increase, or adjust the angle of the display.

The middle button changes the current display information. You can toggle between varieties of display options.

Your vehicle speed, audio data, car performance, and navigation panel are some of your Cadillac heads-up displays. 

The last button, or the innermost button to the right, helps adjust the brightness of your car. 

#2. The Cadillac Cue Screen

You can also adjust, change, and set the heads-up display of your Cadillac from the cue screen.

The infotainment system, under-display setting, contains all you need to adjust the feature. It can be an alternative option if your buttons are malfunctioning. 

Why is My Cadillac Heads-up Display not Working?

Suppose the feature does not come on after using the two alternative systems. Then there is an issue with your display system.

Several factors can be responsible for this issue. However, for Cadillacs, some elements are more common than others. 

The good news is that all these potential problems are not without a solution.

Here are some significant sources of error with your Cadillac heads-up display and possible solutions:

#1. Error with The Fuse

The Cadillac Head-up display has a fuse junction that connects the button to the system.

This fuse also connects the system’s computer to the HUD.

So the fuse that helps display your Heads-up information is also responsible for the infotainment system. 

If the fuse is bad or there are any issues with the box, your car will fail to display the HUD. 


You can always check the fuse on your lonesome. You find it on the instrument panel at the lower left side of the steering wheel.

The fuse box location is behind the storage compartment. The fuse box contains several fuse junctions for different components of your car.

There is a numbering for each fuse to make it easy to identify. You can check out your car’s fuse box diagram for more clarification.

Inspect the fuse that is responsible for the heads-up display for issues.

You can replace the fuse if it’s faulty. Alternatively, you can drive down to your local auto mechanic to check your car and replace the fuse.

Once you replace the fuse, the display should be back in its normal mode, working fine.

#2. Bad Display Module

Another frequent reason your heads-up display feature might have a display problem is the module of the car.

The vehicle module acts as a computing system to record and calculate different information in your vehicle. 

The display module uses software and programs to function in real-time by displaying current and accurate information.

If there are issues with your display module software, the Cadillac heads-up display will not work.

This failure is because there is nothing for the system to display. 


You should seek the help of experts in diagnosing any issue with your display module.

Most times, all your Cadillac needs are to update the display module’s software. Your auto dealer can help install new software and correct failure codes.

You might need to remove and replace the display module in other situations.

However, correcting errors relating to the display module will ensure your heads-up starts working again. 

#3. Hardware Problems

Your Cadillac heads-up display might fail to work because of possible hardware issues.

This issue usually occurs after one or two changes in the car. However, it can also be a result of the accident. 

#4. Windshield Replacement:

Some users discover that the display features stop working after changing the windshield.

The new windshield might lack the reflecting properties that help display the information by the HUD.

Sometimes the windshield might have a plastic coating that reduces its reflective powers.

#5. HUD Broken Lens:

Another common issue your Cadillac can have after an accident is the issue of a broken lens. You see the light coming out of the HUD chamber.

However, there is no display on your screen. Other times, the show can be distorted or blurry. 


Hardware problems always require checking in with your auto mechanic for replacement.

It is best to avoid the windshield problem by replacing the broken version with a newer version capable of HUD display. You can also replace the HUD lens.

How Do I Reboot My Cadillac Heads-up Display?

Rebooting your HUD is the last option after replacing the appropriate fuse or correcting the software issues with your display module.

You can reboot the display in the following simple steps. 

  • Turn off all your Cadillac accessories and turn off the engine.
  • Remove your car battery and bring it out for 10 mins.
  • Reinstall the car battery and start your engine again.

Those three simple steps are all you need to reboot your car’s HUD display. 

Sometimes, you might need to reboot the HUD display when you have other repairs that might directly or indirectly affect the feature.

The Reboot can also be your option if you can’t find any apparent issue with the Cadillac HUD feature and its accessories. 

Final Thoughts

The Cadillac HUD head display sure has a lot of valuable information for your day-to-day driving.

Driving through a new city without the navigation panel on your windshield to guide the way can be stressful.

All these apparent problems become a non-issue if you can diagnose the issue with your HUD display and fix the problem. Keep your head up and enjoy the ride.

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