Lowering 2nd Gen Dodge (Beginners Guide)

A “second Gen Dodge” refers to the second generation of dodge diesel pickup cars between the years 1994- 2002.

There are two variations of the dodge Cummins, though you can lower them differently.

Lowering your dodge cars mean adding a plus-sized tire and a wheel package from the lowering kit on the vehicle. 

These tires have shorter sidewalls and a large contact patch to keep your Dodge car closer to the ground with fewer rolls around its corners, giving it a good look. 

To lower your 2nd gen dodge, you majorly need to remove or reduce the size of some internal parts of the vehicle like the leaf springs, and you’re good to go. It might be tasking at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it is pretty easy to perform with a few tools from the kit.

Steps On How to Lower Your 2nd Gen Lodge Properly 

Lowering a car has become a common trend now.

It improves the outlook of your car, as most people prefer cars that seem small, but it also provides you with comfort, improves your visual appearance, and increases your handling performance of the car. 

There are several methods to lower your car, but doing it the right way is essential to make your car perform better.

Now let’s look at the proper methods by which  you can lower your 2nd gen dodge car properly; 

#1. Lower Your Coil Spring Suspension 

This is one of the best ways you can lower your car; lowering the coil spring suspension.

The coil springs are located at the front of the vehicle or the back extension, and it is usually attached to the A-frame or the axles. 

So, for you to carry out this method properly, you can lower your coil springs by taking off the stock coil springs and then replacing them with shorter springs, but if you want to save costs, you can take the long springs to a mechanic shop and have them soften the coils and then shortened. 

You can also do this with a grinder for cutting them into quarters or halves. Before doing this, you should note that you would also need to fix shorter bump stops or cut your stumps to fit. 

If you need professional help cutting your coil spring, check out this video and see how professionals do it.

But if you already have a professional ability, you can do it all by yourself. 

#2. Lower Your Leaf Spring Suspension 

You will need a lowering kit to archive lowering your dodge car using this method.

In most 2nd ram dodge vehicles, you will see that your leaf springs are fixed as an alternative to the coil springs suspension, and lowering it can be done the same way the coil springs do. 

The primary tools you will need to archive this include the essential hand tools, jack and jack stands, lowering block kit, and woodblocks. 

The first step is lifting your vehicle and putting your jack and jack lift correctly underneath the part you will be working under.

The wooden blocks come indirectly under the tire you won’t be working on to prevent your car from rolling off when this has been done. 

Remove the bolts from the suspension spring, find the two U-bolts from the suspension leaf spring, and then bolt them up with the bolts shaped like a U with the threads on the underside leaf spring’s end them both together. 

After they have been secured, you can now secure the ratchet and socket together.

After removing the old U-bolts, you can now raise the axle, insert the new U-bolts, and raise them until it has enough space for using the jack to lift the axle. 

The new U-bolts should be a little longer than the old ones, and by doing this, you have lowered the leaf spring suspension.

Repeat this procedure for the other side of the car, and you’re done with this method. 

#3. Lowering The Torsion Bar 

To start with, use the torsion bar key to reduce the car’s torsion bar down.

The torsion bar kit is part of the torsion bar for allowing the car’s height to be reduced to suit the rider’s height at the factory.

This method is relatively easy as with just a tiny hand wrench; you can conveniently reduce the height of your vehicle at home. 

#4. Replacing the hydraulic cylinders 

This is the final method I’m going to be introducing you all to, and it simply is just replacing the hydraulic cylinders of your car.

A car usually has four prominent suspension corners.

Before you install these hydraulic cylinders, which will lower your car, you would also need to install an internal cooking system, batteries, and even the hydraulic pump for proper operation of the lowered car. 

Like I said before, there are several pros of bringing your car lower, and with everything that comes with an advantage, there are also disadvantages that you would encounter.

Still, it is left for you to decide which fits your description more. Some benefits of lowering your car include-

  • Lower the center of gravity of your car and make it more stable during turns and impromptu maneuvers. 
  • Improving your car’s handling can be easier handled when the car sits flatter. 
  • A low car has less air going under, which reduces the aggregate drag imposed on the car. 
  • The visual appearance of your car is improved as most people find a car that sits lower more attractive. 

Besides the benefits, there are some disadvantages you would encounter after your car has been lowered, some of which include; 

  • Reduction in the ride quality, but reducing lowering the height, your car is most likely to become jigglier, and you would get to discover new bumps on the road. 
  • You would notice that your cars would hit harder into portholes and other road setbacks, which would lead to increased wear and tear on your vehicle. So, if where you live or where you move your car around is a bit bumpy, I advise you that you give lowering your car a rethink. 
  • Since lowering your car brings it closer to the ground, contact with the ground would cause damage to some parts like the front and rear bumpers and the down part of the exhaust engine. 

Another con of lowering your car is rubbing bodywork. When your car is lowered, the chances of getting scratches on the surface of your car are very high. 

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Tools You Would Need to Lower Your Car 

Lowering your car in most cases requires a lowering kit that contains the essential tools before lowering can take place.

So I’m going to be providing you with a list of tools with a link where you can get them on amazon to make lowering your car a lot easier. 

You can get these tools from a mechanic store or a tool store, and if you can’t get any of them, you can follow the link by clicking on it and purchasing them from amazon. 

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Lowering your dodge vehicle does not involve a lot of complicated steps. Once you’ve got the hang of just one or two parts of the vehicle, you can lower it.

However, if you’re not too sure about the right way to lower it, do not hesitate to call a professional.

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