Does Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire? (Let’s Find Out)

Some people presumptuously say every car comes with a spare tire, and others argue that it depends on the manufacturers’ choice.

Manufacturers consider their product’s speed and fuel efficiency, that is, how far the vehicle can cover with the available fuel contained therein.

Auto-makers now skip the spare tire and Jack because they are determined to attain more miles with every gallon of fuel:

Ditching the weight of a tire and jack usually add to a car that increases fuel economy. 

Most Ford Edge models have spare tires. The following are some of the Ford edge models with spare tires; 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. These models have spare tires and a jack in the rear of the vehicle why others don’t.

Does Ford Edge Come With A Spare Tire?

Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire

Some Ford Edge models come with spare tires. However, other models do not. You may check if the following models have come with a spare tire or not.

If your Ford Edge is 2019, you have to take extra caution, so you don’t have to face tire problems other than an unforeseen typical puncture that’s probably unavoidable.

Three quatres of new modern cars today don’t come with spare tires

Notwithstanding, they might come with a compressor and perhaps a sealant kit for temporarily fixing a flat tire.

Some cars that don’t have spare tires are equipped with a run-flat tire, designed to work for a predetermined distance even after they lose air from a puncture.

However, the manufacturers’ initial plan is never to look down on the consumer.

That is to say, the manufacturers do not intend to push forth with their plans of not offering a spare tire at the expense of the consumers’ comfort.

However, it’s according to the scale of preference since the vehicle’s delivery, capacity, and capability matter most.

Does The 2021 Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire?

Fortunately, the 2021 Ford Edge has a spare tire located in the rear of the car.

It’s no surprise that development is ongoing, and the infrastructure in place in our modern world is roughly twice that of the former years.

The bad roads we had are now smoothly tarred, making our drive to and fro superb. 

So it’s right to say our vehicle tires will no more be prone to danger or damage as they had always been. Nonetheless, Ford offers its consumers a spare tire to ensure their safety:

Imagine you had a tire burst in on your way to a far place on a lonely road, and one of the tires needs a replacement. There’s no denying the fact that you will completely be lost.

However, one thing remains a mystery: what the future holds, unforeseen circumstances in this regard. Certain things happen without being planned for.

Such things include accidents, breakdowns, mechanical and electrical, etc. To this end, after the warranty Ford offers, the manufacturer also offers a spare tire to their consumers.

The 2021 Ford Edge is the newest model Ford after the 2022 model, and its design is fascinating.

You can’t look at it and not wish you had it: the structure, interior, the features it comes with, and the spares.

For example, the 2021 Ford Edge sees the need for a spare tire despite its weight on the car making from the intended plan of the vehicle’s acceleration for a predetermined time in a given distance and available fuel. 

Some 2021 Ford Edge tire damage doesn’t respond to repairs, so needs arise for tire replacement.

Sometimes there’s a deep cut, chop off or wear and tear on the tire, so it becomes necessary to replace than repair.

But the available spare tire and jack save the sad story of the moment.

Does 2020 Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire?

Of course, the 2020 Ford Edge has a spare tire for rescue whenever the need arises. As you know, featuring a spare tire in our cars is a welcomed one.

Many who have had mechanical challenges related to tire replacement would attest to the fact.

To this end, the tire is damaged and needs replacement. Some tire issues are straightforward to repair, but the technician can’t fix some damages.

The following tire punctures classify as tire damage:

  • One bigger than ¼ inch in diameter
  • One in the tire sidewall.
  • Multiple punctures that are close to each other
  • One with cuts or tread separation.

The 2020 Ford Edge tire has the following sizes of tires, including the spare.

  • Front Tire  – P245/60HR18
  • Rear Tire – P245/60HR18
  • Spare Tire  – Compact

Does 2018 Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire?

The 2018 Ford Edge does come with a spare tire. The already-fixed tires will surely need a change someday. I’m sure you don’t want any tire breakdowns or wreck on the road.

Ensure to replace that is to change your tires every 30,000 – 50,000 miles. The 2018 Ford Edge also has a compact spare tire size like the 2020 Ford Edge. 

The 2018 Ford Edge, like many other Ford vehicles, is a beautiful car with an automatic transmission and many other interesting car features.

This vehicle consists of many tech features that make it outstanding among other vehicles. It will interest you to know that this model has many complaints against it, unlike the others.

You should be happy buying this model. By the way, you may need to know whether Does Ford Accepts Apple Pay? In addition, it doesn’t require many repairs on it as others do.

Therefore, you can enjoy this second-generation model’s comely design and special characteristics for as long as possible.

It is the second-best model after the 2014 model.

Does 2017 Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire?

The 2017 model of Ford Edge is among the list of Ford Edge models that have spare tires.

In addition, the 2017 Ford Edge also has a compact spare tire that is under the rear of the vehicle for an emergency.

The 2017 Ford Edge is quite a good midsize car. It provides spacious seating formats,  good fuel economy, and strong engine options. However, the Edge isn’t the best, but it’s relatively good.

According to a reliable list of best and worst Ford Edge models, the 2017 model is not on the list of the best following the complaints consumers gave about it.

Does 2014 Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire?

As do the other models, the 2014 model, which falls under the first generation of the Ford Edge, also has a compact spare tire OEM.

The automatic transmission vehicle surely does not lack a spare tire. We can’t overemphasize the helpfulness of spare tires.

They are simply amazing and are one of the best initiatives auto-makers have realized for a long time.

Without any doubt, the 2014 model of Ford Edge is the most reliable and the best model of the Ford Edge.

You can research it, and you will find diverse reasons why it is so.

This model was scored 4 out of 5 in reliability and was rated the highest of all the Ford Edge models.

The 2014 Ford Edge uses the Michelin tires even for the spare tire it offers. Michelin is one of the best tires. 

Does the 2013 Ford Edge Have A Spare Tire?

Yes, the 2013 Ford Edge also has a spare tire. A compact spare, it’s also of the first generation at its debut in 2007.

The 2013 Ford Edge can not be left out as well. The Ford Edge had conceived the idea of spare tires and has been in the trend since then.

However, the 2019 Ford Edge has no spare tire in it. Auto-makers now keep in check the regulatory pressure on the vehicle, probably causing delayed acceleration.

Ford Edge Spare Tire Location?

The Ford Edge Spare tire is beneath the rear of the vehicle. It might also be in the cargo area and trunk.

To find the location of the spare tire in your Ford Edge, ensure to read your Owner’s Manual.

Many options are in the Owner’s Manual for consumers, but unfortunately, most people don’t bother to look therein.

Some people sneak peek through it; however, that’s not the best.

Try to go through the Tire Sub-section of the Owner’s Manual because everything you should know about your car is in it.

Avoid sneak peek views, and please study them.

HOW TO – Change the Spare Tire on your Ford Escape!


Every auto-makers must provide spare tires for their customers for the sake of an emergency. But, unfortunately, you never can tell when your car’s tire will damage.

However, auto-makers like to deliver concerning the vehicle’s speed, and anything that will derail this aim is likely to be erased.

And so is the spare tires fate in many vehicles.

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