Ram 2500 6-inch Lifts 37s (Beginners Guide)

While building a truck, you might have dreamed of the size you want for your truck dimensions.

Almost all new truck owners want to cruise in the tallest and finest vehicle town. These automobiles are very easy to modify, especially their tires.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about 37s fitting on a 6-inch lift.

Ram 2500 6-inch lifts 37s since using 35s will be too small on a 6-inch lift. 37s work hand in hand with Ram 2500 6-inch. This lift gives it a perfect ground clearance making it more suitable for off-road terrains.

Will 37s Fit on the 6-inch Lift?

A 37s will fit on a 6-inch lift perfectly. But remember that the dimensions are a superior build.

It would help if you did not go with a bigger tire or a minute lift. If you use a smaller lift, the tires will damage the surface of your truck when turning. 

A 37s tire is an all-terrain tire suitable for adhesion. The tires are aggressive tread structures with different biting edges and high space.

These tires are also designed with a reinforced sidewall and aggressive shoulder blocks for traction and durability. 

The sidewalls also help you drive smoothly on sharp rocks and harsh landscapes. These wheels are very good for jeeps and other four-wheel drives. 

The most suitable 37s daily drivers and jeep tires are the all-terrain wheels (A/T).

The A/T tires are equipped with closely-knit thread blocks, which provide extra grip on the road.

These wheels perform well on rough and smooth terrains. This feature makes them very good for highway driving and off-roading.

 Among several A/T tires available, some of the best 37s all-terrain tires are:

Bf Goodrich A/T Ko2

This tire has a single-strand bead construction with high strength and an improved traction performance that functions well, especially in low-pressure driving conditions.

This wheel is also designed with 3-D sipes maintaining dual-compound tread blocks. The 3-D sipes help to maximize auto handling and friction on all kinds of roads.

Also, the BF Goodrich A/T KO2  has a rim protector, a pair of steel belts, and biting edges.

All these features help your auto drive well during heavy snow conditions.

#1. Benefits of Bf Goodrich A/T Ko2

  • Increase stress distribution. 
  • Strengthens your car’s durability
  • Outstanding low-pressure driving capabilities.

#2. Disadvantage 

  • Tires do not respond and operate well when driven on a wetland.

Falken WildPeak A/T3w

It is a new tire type among all-terrain tires. This tire is well known for its delightful appearance and unique and bold design.

One of the outstanding characteristics of this 37s tire is a silica tread compound that has a heat-diffuser technology with a sidewall having tread blocks protecting your vehicle against sharp rocks, debris, and other road hazards. 

Furthermore, this beauty is very good at navigating rocky slopes, trails, and rough terrains without stress.

The deep tread grips easily when an auto drives through soft sand or mud.

The Falken wild peak A/T3W is fitted with improved siping technology and traction for winter conditions.

They also have a rough sidewall that manages low-pressure driving on any terrain.

#1. Benefits of Falken WildPeak A/T3w

  • Excellent rounder all-terrain wheel
  • Operate exceptionally during extreme snow conditions
  • Fifty-five thousand miles warranty and a free replacement of tires when shattered.

#2. Disadvantage

  • The quality of your ride is not very relaxed compared to other all-terrain tires. 

Nitto Ridge Grappler

Nitto Ridge Grappler is an all-terrain 37s wheel that functions efficiently on any terrain, even mud.

This tire is fitted with an aggressive tread rendering great traction off-road while simultaneously giving comfort and a peaceful highway ride. 

This 37s wheel renders beneficial trail protection due to a wraparound design on the sidewall.

Also, it has shoulder lugs that work as a small reaction scoop, providing appropriate traction notwithstanding the tire’s pressure.

#1. Benefits of Nitto Ridge Grappler

  • Gives a steady and quiet drive during wet or dry conditions.
  • Equipped with an  F load rating for heavy-duty on specific sizes.
  • Can overcome large road challenges such as rocks.

#2. Disadvantage

  • The tire is not suitable for rocky terrains.

What Is a 6-inch Lift?

A 6-inch lift gives an impressive look to your auto by boosting its suspension, providing space for bigger tires, high ground clearance, and giving your vehicle a more aggressive look.

When your truck is fitted with a 6-inch lift, the truck undercarriage will guard against debris as you drive along the wilderness with improved suspension articulation.

When choosing a 6-inch lift for your car, you need to put the following tips in mind;

  1. Your budget
  2. The type of vehicle you want to install the lift on
  3. Your taste

If you are unsure about the type of 6-inch lift to choose for your automobile, consult your mechanic. He helps you choose a compatible lift that meets your requirements.

For a 37s to fit on a 6-inch lift, you should make modifications like:

#1. Lift Options

One of the best tips for fitting 37s on a 6’’ lift is the  Rough country, Better Design Suspension, or Procomp suspension lift.

These lift brands are the best brands that produce the most massive lift that rides smoothly.

#2. Tires

A stock van works effectively with 33s tires, which are 4 inches different from 37s and 10% different in size.

This difference can cause a driving power change. To fit a 37s perfectly on a 6-inch lift, you should know the dimension of the wheel.

Check if the wheel wells are big enough to accommodate the height and width of 37-inch tires.

#3. Fender Flares

Before installing a 37-inch tire, check the offset of the wheel (the gap between the wheel hub mount and the center plane).

When the offset is positive, the wheel outboard side is near the wheel offset surface.

When the offset is negative, the wheel hub assembly surface is near the inboard side. 

When there is a change in the width and size of the wheel, the offset and the adjusted width should be considered carefully so that the wheel and truck tire has an adequate gap in the well to protect them from rubbing against or unnecessary contact with other parts.

Also, it’s best to get wide fender flares to prevent this unwanted rubbing.

#4. Exhaust Pipes

The pipe is another part to check when expanding your truck. Check if the position of the exhaust pipe will not hinder your big tires.

If it will, you can make the needed adjustments by doing the following;

  • Reduce the pipe length.
  • Then twist the end
  • Join them so they will fit aptly.

But if you don’t understand what to do, meet your car dealer to do it for you.

#5. Running Board

Since a 37-inch tire on a 6’’ lift will modify your truck physique greatly, you will need an easier way for kids or people who could not get into your car without help. 

This board not only increases the functionality of your truck it also adds to the aesthetics.

It can also help block dirt and particles from the auto bottom. It also functions as a doormat for your passengers to clean their feet before getting in. 

Although the running board sticks out, there are newer versions that slide sideways when you open or close the door.

#6. Speedometer

Due to the weight difference in your vehicle, you might need to recalibrate the speedometer. 

Having discussed most of the things you need to know about 37s on a 6-inch lift, you might still be pondering whether or not you should go for the bigger trims.

To be sure if it’s worth it, check out the advantages and disadvantages listed below;

Every driver will envy your truck.It is more expensive than the normal lift and tire upgrade.
You can drive on more unbeaten roads.sReduction of highway mobility and a high risk of tumult.
Ability to tow higher loadSome of the truck modifications might be unlawful in your country or city.
You will drive smoothly on dirt and stony paths.It can cause gas mileage reduction.
Larger tires give a steady suspension. You might find it difficult to park your automobile in a garage.


Although having bigger tires might look awesome, there is a limit to how large your tires can be if you still want to retain your full auto performance.

The bigger you go, the more modifications you have to make. So it’s advisable not to go further than 37s.

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