Dodge Ram Door Handle Not Working (Must Read)

Have you ever found it difficult to open the door of your Ram? Unfortunately, difficulties opening a Dodge Ram’s doors are rather common.

Nevertheless, you or a close associate may have encountered this problem.

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about your difficulties and how you could find solutions to them.

The Dodge Ram handle sometimes fails to open. The problem may usually be from the handle or the door itself. You can find solutions to this problem yourself, or you may have to take your car to a dealership.

Dodge Ram Door Won’t Open From Outside

When your Ram door opens and closes, a complex mechanism of activity seeks to keep this function running smoothly.

Unfortunately, every door is susceptible to this damage, be it the driver’s side door or the passenger’s door, and sometimes the trunk’s lock can also become bad. 

In some cases, the faults develop from outside. This fault pattern makes it impossible to open from the outside, either with the keys or the exterior door handle.

Dodge Ram Door works with the use of the door lock actuator. You can open the door by the use of the handle with the aid of this system properly in place.

The door lock actuator makes up this system of lock. Other components in this system include a door lock latch, a set of connectors, and a knob that sticks out of the door.

The connectors connect the actuator to the latch, and another set connects the door lock latch to the knob. 

The handle of the outside door connects to the opening mechanism whenever the actuator moves the latch up.

Once the door lock latch is down, the door handle is disconnected completely from the opening mechanisms, and the door fails to open.

The door handle serves as a trigger to pull the connectors. This connector serves as a bridge between the door latch and the actuator.

Once it is pulled from outside, the connectors pull the latch and disconnect it from the hinge on the car’s body.

Most problems relate to the door handle. These damages occur because they are exposed and constantly fiddled with. 

Dodge Ram Door Handle not Working: Reasons and Solution

Some frequently encountered problems which cause the driver’s side door or the passenger’s side door not to open include:

  • Connector issues
  • Rust and dirt accumulation
  • Core structural damage
  • Broken locks

#1. Connector Issues

The connectors are tubes or wires that run through the doors connecting the latch to the actuator and the knob.

A common cause is Ram crew cab jams. This fault affects both passengers’ and drivers’ side doors. 

When the connectors develop faults, the actuators and latch are disconnected from the system, making it impossible to open the door.

When faced with this problem, you will have to look into the door to see all the connectors and what the possible fault could be.


Once you look into the door, you will find the connectors running across the system like wires or tubes.

The connectors may either be broken or disconnected from their socket or plugs. If they are disconnected, you would gently replace them with the plugs.

However, if you find out that they are broken, this kind of fault may require that you buy new connectors.

If this becomes too complex for you to handle, you can take your vehicle to the dealership to get them fixed.

The dealership could give you a professional and expert perspective on how best to fix the issues with the connectors. 

#2. Rust and Dirt Accumulation

Most of the constituting parts of the car door consist of metals. These metals are in danger of being rusty.

The door latch most especially can be affected by rust and dirt accumulation. 

The dirt that accumulates prevents the door parts from articulating with the latch. Water is the major cause of rust.

This water could result from frequently washing the door or rainfall that tracks through tiny holes to get the latch.

When the door lock latch becomes rusty or covered in dirt, the surface that articulates with the knob on the body of the Dodge Ram is coated and prevents proper articulation.

Despite the handle responding perfectly, the door either locks or fails to open from outside using the handle.


Once you are sure the problem results from dirt accumulation and rust, the solution may not be far-fetched.

Once you can gain access to the rusty parts, then all you need to do is to clean and lubricate them.

A popular lubricant can be employed in greasing these parts. If the problem results from the accumulation of dirt, then just cleaning this dirt would do.

#3. Core Structural Damage

For core structural damage, the door handle may be stiff and unmovable.

This damage occurs after a fault is encountered in any of the door lock’s constituting systems, including the door latch system, the actuator, any of the connectors, and the nub.

Core structural damage usually occurs after an accident or any hit on the door or the lock system.

It manifests as a stiff handle, stiff latch, and jammed connectors.


In the case of structural damage, you may have to drive your dodge ram to the dealership so that it can be fixed.

The dealership would determine the damage’s location, the damage’s extent, and the possible solution to the damage.

The tools needed to fix a core structural damage may be complex; fixing it yourself is not the first option.

Also, in fixing a core structural damage, other forms of attention must be given to your vehicle. This attention includes bodywork, upholstery, and painting.

These are complex skills that require some level of professionalism to achieve. You may not be skilled in these areas, even though your focus is on the exterior door handle. 

#4. Broken Parts

Some parts of the door may be broken. This breakage prevents the door from opening from the outside.

In this fault, you can see the defaults in the handle or some cases, the knob.

Once the handle breaks, it becomes practically impossible to open the door from the outside.

The door handle shifts the door latch with the help of the connector. If the handle is broken, the connector can no longer shift the door latch, and the door will not open.


You would most likely be required to fix the broken parts or replace them as a whole.

For the door handle, you could fix them by purchasing a Dodge Ram handle and following the instructions that follow carefully.

You may not need the services of a professional if you have the required tools. These tools are usually common and cheap to obtain.

The BEST way to install front/rear DOOR HANDLES on a Dodge Ram


The dodge ram door could sometimes get stuck and fail to open from outside.

This fault could arise from almost anywhere within the working mechanism of the door of the vehicle.

The vehicle’s door is controlled by some systems that work in unison to open and close the door.

You can fix some of the damages. However, you have to take some others to a dealership because of the complexity of the problem.

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