Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost (Beginners Guide)

When your Hemi engine, aka Dodge Ram engine, knocks off, you begin to worry about many things.

These worries range from replacing the bad engine with one that will have a stress-free installation yet run smoothly.

As much as you’d want to solve this, you wouldn’t want to spend an outrageous amount getting your engine replaced.

This article will tell you the cost of replacing your Dodge Ram engine and other details you need to know.

Replacing your Dodge Ram engine will cost you roughly about $9,000. This cost excludes the installation fee, which would range between $2,000 to $3,000, depending on your mechanic. However, you’ll have a $0 cost if you decide to install the new Dodge Ram engine yourself.

Can a Dodge Ram Engine Have a Rebuild?

You can rebuild your Dodge Ram engine when it knocks off if you get a reliable mechanic.

This vehicle’s engine is very heavy with solid engineering to soothe the physique of the Dodge Ram automobile.

Hence, when this engine breaks down, you’ll want to get a rebuilding option before considering replacement.

Rebuilding the Dodge Ram engine will cost you less money in contrast to when you’re going for a replacement.

An engine rebuild’s cost ranges from $2,500 to $4,500, excluding the installation fee, which is about $3,000.

However, having a repair means the possibility of a bad engine in the future because it doesn’t come with a total guarantee.

Repairing your engine means fixing all damages alongside the worn-out parts, and this comes with problems in the future.

This fact is because getting a fix won’t stop the engine from still breaking down in the future.

However, in the case where you can’t afford a replacement, rebuilding would be a better deal than getting an old engine.

Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Vs. Engine Repair Vs. Old Engine.

In ascending order, the cost of fixing your Dodge Ram engine starts with getting an old engine, rebuilding, or getting a replacement.

When trying to fix your engine, you’d want to go through the best means while saving costs at the same time.

With this in mind, ensure that you go through a reliable source so you don’t go through the same ordeal twice.

Now, let’s go over the cost of fixing your Dodge Ram engine.

#1. Old-Engine Cost

Getting an old engine to replace a bad one is possible, but is it reliable and safe?

Unfortunately, the answer is no because the old engine might end up with an installation problem.

Also, getting a second-hand engine at the lowest price possible is possible, but in the end, you’ll spend more.

Normally, you can buy an old engine for about $1,000 to $1,500. This price, even plus an installation cost, will still be way lesser than a rebuild or a replacement.

But, in the end, when an installation fails due to the old engine, you’ll spend more than you bargain.

#2. Re-manufacturing Cost

Rebuilding your engine is a good option, especially when you’re budget-conscious.

The reason is that, unlike the old engine that could come with installation problems, a repair would have less of this.

The main thing to consider here is to get a professional mechanic that’d be able to handle any complications.

Repairing your Hemi engine will cost nothing less than $6,000, with an installation fee inclusive depending on the professional involvement.

If the installation is successful without any troubles, you will end up achieving two things at the same time.

First, getting the Hemi engine running again and then achieving this without spending close to the engine replacement cost.

However, remember that since this saves cost, it comes with uncertainty about how well it runs.

#3. Replacement Cost

Getting a replacement is not an easy task because it is also very expensive, aside from getting a Hemi engine.

The Dodge Ram engine has a unique design to keep the automobile running smoothly.

It doesn’t wear off easily, but when you fail to service your Dodge Ram frequently, this issue becomes inevitable and unpredictable.

Purchasing a quality brand new Dodge Ram engine would cost you nothing less than $12,000, installation fee inclusive.

Although, if you’re looking at taking out the weekend to install it yourself, you’ll have a $0 cost.

But in doing this, you’ll need to be extra careful so that you don’t end up causing more damage than good.

What Is the Labor Cost of Replacing Your Dodge Ram Engine?

Ordinarily, the Hemi engine replacement cost is about $200 to $300 per hour.

This price is because many mechanics charge engine replacement labor based on the number of hours it takes them.

So, moving on, it takes roughly 12 to 15 hours to install your dodge ram engine, with all things being equal.

When working alone to save cost, it might take you 15 hours and more to get your engine in place.

Several factors affect directly or indirectly the number of hours you or your mechanic will need to install the engine.

#1. Work Expertise

The more experience you or your mechanic have, the less time it’d take to get the engine running.

If you don’t have enough experience installing your engine, it will take you a long time to try.

Likewise, if you get a mechanic who isn’t a professional, he will spend the whole day not achieving much.

Get an expert if you aren’t good with installing an engine and need to get it over with in less time.

A professional will do the job quicker and faster, though it’d cost you a couple of dollars.

#2. More Hands

The more hands you get while installing your Dodge Ram engine, the better and quicker it gets to finish.

With a lot of help, installing the engine won’t take more than 12 hours, sometimes even a lesser time. 

#3. Fixing Process

The fixing process affects the time you’d need to put in getting this engine running again.

To illustrate, a complete replacement will require more hours than when you’re rebuilding the engine.

This is because a rebuild will require fixing only the worn-out parts while a replacement involves the whole engine.

What Extra Costs Are Associated with Dodge Ram Engine Replacement?

Aside from the cost of replacing your car’s engine, you’ll need to buy other stuff to harness the new engine.

Hence, you’ll need to replace the coolant fluid, oil, and other fluids, which in total cost won’t exceed $200.

Also, remember that replacing your Dodge Ram engine means fixing or replacing the other parts. 

These parts may be the bolts, spark plugs, fuel pump, water pump, or even the exhaust tube.

But, if you’re lucky and these parts are functioning fine and don’t need replacements, you’re good to go.

However, in most cases, they’ll need a replacement else the new engine won’t function effectively.

The extra cost of purchasing a second-hand engine exceeds rebuilding or replacing your Dodge Ram engine.

In addition, an old engine might not fit and run your vehicle smoothly, which will require extra spending.

Also, with an old engine, you’ll need a professional to remove and replace all parts with damage. .

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Substituting your dodge ram engine involves a lot of decision-making, from purchasing to getting an expert to install it.

Naturally, a replacement is the best option only if the engine replacement cost isn’t a problem but if it is, simply rebuild it.

Nevertheless, ensure you get a professional to do the job so you don’t further damage the engine.

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