Ford X Plan Pricing F150? (Things You Must Know)

The Ford motor company has made it easy for everyone to own a Ford car by initiating the vehicle purchase program known as the Ford X plan.

Although the prices for all vehicles vary, the percentage is still the same for all.

So let’s discuss the various prices of the X plan vehicles, starting with one of the most purchased vehicles from Ford, the F150.

The actual price of the F150 costs about $50,235 from the Ford Motor Company, while the Ford X plan price for it is $44,739. So you can now save a huge sum of $5,496 with the vehicle purchase program. Moreover, the saved cost may increase when other discounts and rebates come in.

What is the Ford X Plan?

Ford X Plan Pricing F150

Ford X plan is known as Ford Partners Recognition Program.

It is a new vehicle purchase program by Ford Motor Company that allows employees of their preferred business partners to get new Ford cars at a price decided by Ford motor company. 

This plan pricing is strictly by invitation only and valid only when a purchase or lease of New Ford vehicles either for passenger or commercial purposes.

However, leasing the car requires ford credit, without which leasing will be impossible.

Interestingly, with the Ford X plan, non-ford motor company workers also have an opportunity to experience and enjoy the benefits of driving a vehicle from the Ford Motor Company.

Beneficiaries of this vehicle purchase program are individuals sponsored by Ford Motor Company or those who gain eligibility by being an employee of a company partnering with Ford motor company.

However, not all suppliers or fleets are eligible, hence the need to check your eligibility status first.

All the employees of the partnering organization ranging from full-time to part-time workers, including contract workers and, by extension, the spouses and retirees of these companies as determined by Ford motor company, are eligible for the Ford X plan pricing. 

The residents of these beneficiaries are also not left out, provided that proper proof of residency, such as a driver’s license, can be presented on request. 

As an eligible employee of Ford motor company, you can also sponsor as many as 4 PINS in a year for any friend, family, or neighbor.

You can also purchase cars in the name of your business, spouse, or any of your family members.

More than 3000 partner companies are currently eligible for the Ford X plan pricing. Although, the list of qualified employees for the X plan changes frequently.

So, there are no fixed lists that guarantee your continuous eligibility. The only way to know this is to check their website from time to time to be sure of your accessibility status.

Conclusively, it is needful to know that Accessories, conversion packages, warranties, and similar add-ons do not receive coverage in this vehicle purchase program.

This aspect must be vividly discussed and agreed upon by the participants and the dealership separately.

How Does Ford X Plan Pricing Work?

Since the Ford X plan pricing is a special predetermined price by Ford Motor Company, all eligible members and intending partners must understand how the Ford X plan works.

Here is a detailed explanation of that.

  • First of all, check your eligibility status and ensure you’re eligible for the vehicle purchase program.
  • Next, you obtain the recognition code of your organization as a partner with Ford motor company.
  • After which, you obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) by calling 1-877-XPLAN-00.
  • Visit any of the dealerships close to you and identify yourself as an X-PLAN participant by providing the last four digits of your social security number and PIN.
  • After verifications, you select a vehicle of your choice.
  • Afterward, you provide proof of employment and your company’s eligibility by providing a pay stub, ID, business card, and other documents confirming your appointment.
  • And finally, you make arrangements for delivering your car.

How to Get Ford X Plan Pricing?

There are several ways to get the Ford X plan pricing.

You can access it by being an employee in one of the companies approved by Ford Motor Company or being a family member, friend, or neighbor to someone who works there. 

Also, as a supplier or fleet to Ford, you stand a chance to qualify for the Ford X plan pricing. Details on how the whole system works are explained below.

To get the Ford X plan, first of all, you must be sure you’re eligible. Only qualified persons get the advantage of the Ford X plan pricing.

And to be a part of this, the company where you work must be on the list of partnering organizations as determined by Ford motor company, or you must be a family member, friend, or neighbor to someone who works there. 

Once you clear the first stage, the next agenda is to get an X- plan Personal identification number, which they require at the point of delivery.

An easy way to get this is by asking your HR benefits coordinator about your company’s partner code. With this code, you can generate your pin with ease.

More so, at the dealership, the Ford X plan pricing is clearly stated on the manufacturer’s invoice.

A way to access this is to inform the dealer of your eligibility; then, you can proceed to request the invoice to confirm the pricing.

Furthermore, as a participant of the program, you qualify for up to 2 pins in a year to purchase or lease a new vehicle either for yourself or members of your household.

However, each pin expires within 12 months of issuance.

So, with your X plan, you can easily log into a special site and see the X plan pricing for cars available at dealerships without having to be there physically.

How Much is the X Plan Discount at Ford?

There’s no fixed discount or how much you can save with the Ford X plan.

Instead, factors such as local demands, competitiveness in the market, current car availability, rebates, and location are responsible for this variation. 

However, this doesn’t negate that the Ford X plan saves the buyer a substantial amount of money. Although, the amount you’ll save also depends on the vehicle.

Nevertheless, the percentage remains the same everywhere.

Given that the X plan allows for and applies to a wide range of families, friends, and neighbors of qualified members of the partner’s organization, you are at an advantage to get a new vehicle with a huge discount.

Now, this is how to calculate the discount rate. 

Discount rate= Invoice – 0.4% + $275 Program fee

In addition, as an X plan participant, you’re entitled to all other rebates available to the general public plus your X plan pricing.

So, using an X plan pricing comes with many incentives compared to not using any of it.

 Therefore, it is very incorrect and certainly not true for someone to say they got some incentives without using the X plan.

Ford X Plan Pricing Examples

Ford X Plan Pricing Examples

As stated earlier, the X plan pricing or discount rate is calculated as: 

Invoice – 0.4% of invoice  + $275 program fee (administrative fee)

For example, the actual price of the Ford 2013 fiesta is $23,999. Calculating the X plan price using the formula above. We have

Invoice= $20,143.6


Inputting this into the formulary, you’ll get

$  20,143.6 – 50.58 + 275


Therefore, the X price for Ford 2013 fiesta is $20,338

Similarly, Ford F150 costs $50,235. Its invoice total is $44,642.32, and 0.4% of the invoice is $178.75. 

X planprice= $  44,642.32 – 178.75 + 275 =$44,739

With these examples, you should now understand the Ford x pricing and its calculation.

You can either calculate this yourself or check on the Ford motor company website to get their X plan prices. Ford F-150 Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention?

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With the vehicle purchase program, Ford motor company has helped save a lot of money for their partnering employees and acquaintances.

Vehicles such as F150 sold for $50235 can now be accessed for $44,739, saving the buyer as much as $5,496 for a brand new car. What an opportunity, all thanks to Ford.

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