Are Tesla Model 3 Windows Tinted? (Explained)

Among the Tesla models currently available, the Tesla Model 3 has gained more popularity among eco-conscious drivers and enthusiasts.

Moreover, its popularity is due to its sleek design and advanced but relatable features. 

However, if you’re interested in improving privacy, enhancing the appearance of your vehicle, or reducing sunlight glare, understanding your Model 3 window tinting is necessary.

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 windows come with factory-installed tinting. However, it might seem like it does not have a tint due to the windows’ low shade factory tint level. But despite the low shade effect, the tint still provides privacy and protection from the sun for the passengers and the vehicle’s interior. 

This article will explore the considerations for selecting the right window tint for your Tesla Model 3. 

I will also provide insight into factory tint levels, aftermarket considerations, and a comparison between the aftermarket and factory tint. 

Does the Tesla Model 3 Have Tinted Windows?

Are Tesla Model 3 Windows Tinted

The Tesla Model 3 has tinted windows, but not all Model 3 vehicles have tinted windows.

The tinting offered by Tesla during manufacture on their Model 3 windows has a moderate level of tinting.

Its purpose is to offer various advantages to the passengers and the vehicle’s interior.

Here are some more details regarding the factory tint on your Tesla Model 3:

#1. Privacy and Sun Protection

The factory tint on your Tesla Model 3 windows offers a level of privacy for passengers and helps reduce sunlight glare. 

It also increases the comfort of your electric car by minimizing the degree of direct sunlight entering the vehicle’s cabin, which keeps it cooler on high-temperature days.

#2. VLT (Visible Light Transmission)

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the level of light that can permeate your car windows. The Tesla Model 3 factory tint has a VLT of 80%.

This percentage means that about 80% of the visible light can pass through the windows, while the factory tint will block the other 20%.

#3. UV and Infrared Protection

Apart from offering privacy and minificción glare, the factory tint on the Model 3 windows provides ultraviolet (UV) and infrared protection.

Moreover, this protection blocks harmful UV rays and minimizes the buildup of heat in the vehicle. 

The UV and infrared protection also protect the interior components of the Tesla vehicle, which keeps it from damage, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

#4. Regional Variations

The degree of factory tint that Tesla offers on its Model 3 windows may vary by regional regulations.

Various countries might have specific laws or requirements regarding vehicle window tinting. 

However, Tesla adjusts the factory tint to comply with the regulations of the state or country accordingly.

#5. Aftermarket Tinting

However, you might want to add additional tinting to your Tesla Model 3 windows to achieve a darker shade or match your preferences.

Before proceeding, you should confirm with your state or local laws regarding vehicle tinting.

Here is a table showing a comparison between factory and aftermarket tint on Tesla Model 3 

Comparison FactorsFactory TintAftermarket Tint
CustomizationLimited customization optionsWide range of customization options
AvailabilityAvailable on certain Tesla Model 3 versionsCan be applied to any Tesla Model 3
Legal ComplianceCompliant with local regulationsMust comply with local tinting laws
Tint LevelModerate level of tintingVarious tint levels are available
Durability and QualityHigh-quality and consistentDependent on film and installation quality

What Is the Factory Tint on Tesla Model 3?

The factory tint on the Tesla Model 3 windows is about 80% Visible Light Transmission (VLT). 

This means the factory tint protects you from 20% of the visible sunlight permeating through the glass while keeping the window transparent.

However, you should note that the precise percentage may vary by specific regulations and requirements of various countries.

Therefore, before you tint your Tesla window, confirm that you are not going against any laws in your region.

Furthermore, the degree of the factory tint that Tesla offers on the Model 3 windows also varies depending on the Model 3 version and trim level.

Tesla offers various tint levels as part of their factory options to meet up with different local preferences and laws.

Here are some of the tint levels offered by Tesla, including jurisdiction considerations:

#1. Standard Tint

Tesla’s standard factory tint for the Model 3 consists of a light to moderate tint level

This tint degree offers some level of privacy to the passengers and provides anti-glare protection without necessarily darkening the windows.

It offers an even balance between visibility and anti-glare protection.

#2. Enhanced Tint

For some Model 3 variants, Tesla provides an improved tint package. This tinting package usually provides a darker shade, unlike the standard tint. 

The enhanced tint package also offers improved privacy and increased anti-glare protection.

The increased heat rejection can reduce the level of heat that permeates the vehicle. This improvement makes the interior of the electric car more comfortable.

#3. Legal Requirements

The level of window tint you need for your Model 3 also varies by jurisdiction. Some states and regions have special regulations regarding car windows’ highest allowable tint level.

However, if you plan to request an enhanced tint on your vehicle, ensure it complies with your area’s laws and regulations.

Moreover, Tesla ensures that the factory-installed tint on the Model 3 adheres to the specific legal requirements of the market region.

Does Tinting Tesla Model 3 Windows Void Warranty?

No, tinting the windows of your Tesla Model 3 does not immediately void your vehicle warranty.

However, making major modifications to the vehicle may impact specific warranty claims.

Ensure to check the warranty terms and conditions of your Tesla Model 3. 

You can also consult a Tesla service center for more information on any potential effects on the warranty. 

This information will help you determine if there are any implications on the warranty before proceeding with tinting your windows.

Tinting the windows of a Tesla Model 3 is a common and popular customization practice among Tesla enthusiasts and owners.

However, verifying if window tinting affects your vehicle’s warranty coverage is essential. Though I can provide a general answer, warranty policies may vary. 

Therefore, it is best to consult a Tesla representative for specific terms and conditions of your warranty for more in-depth information.

However, professional window tinting is highly unlikely to void the warranty on a Tesla Model 3.

Moreover, you should follow the necessary guidelines so that the tinting process does not damage the vehicle’s components, thus voiding its warranty.

Here are some key details to consider to avoid voiding your warranty:

#1. Factory-Installed Tint

Some Model 3 variants come with factory-installed tint on the vehicle’s windows, providing privacy and protection.

You should confirm if your Model has the factory-installed tint before installing an additional one.

#2. Aftermarket Window Tinting

If you plan to apply additional tinting to your Model 3’s windows, you should consult the services of a professional to ensure a seamless installation.

Improper installation or using low-standard materials can damage other components of your Tesla vehicle, including the window.

This damage can void your Model 3 warranty.

#3. Documentation 

It is also important that you keep records of tinting modifications.

The record should include the installer’s details, the materials you used, and any warranties offered by the installer.

This record will help you ensure clarity and transparency when determining your vehicle’s warranty coverage.

#3. Warranty Coverage 

The warranty that Tesla offers for its Model 3 variant covers the components and systems of the vehicle, including the vehicle’s windows.

However, it excludes some modifications or aftermarket customization. 

Though window tinting does not void the warranty, Tesla might request proof that a professional performed the tinting correctly.

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