Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel Repair (Must Know Things)

As a driver, you must pay attention to your car, accessories, and parts.

Do you feel your Rocker Panel is terrible? Are you wondering what you can do about it?

In this article, I’ll explain how you can fix the Rocker Panel of your Tesla Model 3.

You can fix your Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel when it has undergone severe damage. The damage may be due to rust or impact. Depending on the cause of damage, you can choose to either repair or change the whole Rocker Panel. 

Can A Rocker Panel Be Repaired?

Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel Repair

You can repair your Rocker Panel. When your Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel undergoes damage, you must repair it as soon as possible.

A significant incident that warrants the removal and replacement of the Rocker Panel is rust.

You can replace the Rocker Panels on both sides of your Tesla Model 3.

Each side of your vehicle needs structural reinforcement and support against potential sagging. 

Aside from the reinforcements they provide, they serve as a substitute that prevents any damage to your vehicle’s body.

The damage might be due to a collision or impact with low-lying objects on the road.

As a result of their location, they help to increase your vehicle’s structural toughness.   

The most typical damage on your ride’s Rockers is rust and impact.

Rusts occur more frequently; road deicers are significant causes of rust.

In the case of impact, low-lying objects, ditches, and branches from dirt roads can cause significant damage. 

When any of these occurs, you need to repair them. The effect of road deicers is not immediate.

Road deicers can bring a gradual yet steady change to your Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel. When you notice these changes, be sure to repair them.

Repairing these Rockers will cost a few bucks. Two methods to choose from for repairing a damaged Tesla Model 3 are welding and slip-on. 

Can You Fix A Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel Yourself?

Fixing a Rocker Panel is no easy feat. You must have the skill and the right equipment.

You must have the technical know-how. Knowing the parts and their locations is not just enough.

Once you have the right equipment and good knowledge about the process, your job becomes very easy.

Most of the equipment for fixing the Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel is technical.

These equipment are not simple household tools or tools you keep in your toolbox.

The process may involve complex activities like welding, Panel beating, spraying, and sometimes replacing new parts.

Once you know the problem, the method of repair that best fixes the problem, and the right equipment, you can fix the damage yourself.

Alternatively, you can take your vehicle to the dealership for repairs. It might cost you more, but it is far better in the long run. 

How to Repair A Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel?

There are specific steps you must follow to repair your Rocker Panel.

These steps may vary depending on the methods, but generally, they lead to repairing every damage or replacing them altogether.

You can apply two methods to repairing a damaged Rocker Panel of the Tesla Model 3. The welding method and the clip method.

Many automobiles today have side skirt Rocker Panels installed. You may assume that it only increases the car’s aesthetic appearance.

But, the skirt Rocker Panel resists chemical changes that could change the outlook of the Rocker Panel. 

Steps to Repair a Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel

To repair the Rocker Panel of your Tesla Model 3, you need to adhere to the following;

  • Determine the damage done on the Rocker Panel: You must know the problem before fixing it. Firstly, observe the kind of damage done. It could be a result of rust. If this is the case, then you must remove the Rocker entirely. 
  • Source your equipment: It’s important to know the equipment you need to fix the damages. The right equipment means you are most likely to get it done correctly. You will need a hammer, an electric drill, a welding machine, a spraying machine, and a set of screwdrivers. Having them all in a place makes the work easier and faster. The equipment you use depends on the damage you want to fix.
  • Lift your car: Lifting your vehicle gives you a good view of your working area. Aside from a good view, lifting your car gives you an excellent work field. Place your jack in the correct position, and then lift your car to a height that you are comfortable with in your space. Make sure you do this in strict adherence to safety principles. You can try other means of lifting your car. After all, the idea is to grant you full access. 
  • Uncouple the parts: Depending on the type and extent of damage, you may have to loosen other parts of the vehicle to reach the damaged component. Due to the compact nature of the Tesla Model 3, avoid inconveniences. You need to remove the doors attached to the Rocker.
  • Use the glue-pulling system: If the damage on your Rocker Panel is a collision, you may not need a welder. A glue-pulling system can allow you to restore the Rocker to shape without removing it. A rack guard supports the glue pull and attaches the pulling system to the Rocker.
  • Weld the Rocker Panel: If the damage on the Rocker Panel is rust, you will need to replace some parts. The welding Rocker Panel method fixes both parts together. This method deals with welding metals together, and you can attach the Rocker Panel back through welding. 
  • Spraying the car: After following all the procedures, you must return the damaged Rocker Panel to normal. You can spray the part you worked on or the entire car. 

Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel Replacement cost.

The cost of replacing the Rocker Panel of your Tesla Model 3 is about $300.

This amount is strictly for purchasing a replacement for the damaged part. Your dealership may charge more if you take your vehicle for replacement.

However, you can do it yourself if you have prior knowledge of the replacement process.

This way, you’ll spend less and buy just the part you need for replacement. Finding an accurate replacement part at the Tesla repair shop is much easier.

Buying the parts from Tesla saves you all the stress of finding the right parts.

It’s important to note that the damage’s extent dramatically affects how much you will pay for repairs.

Type of damageMode of repairLikely charges
  Corrosion due to rustReplacement$500 
Dent due to collisionRepair by glue pulling$300
Extensive damage due to collisionWelding $500

Rocker Panel Repair Advice

Once you notice any form of damage, it’s vital to determine the next step to take.

It’s better to replace the Rocker Panel than repair it if the damage is severe.

You must adhere to the suggestion of your dealership before making a decision. 

If you are not a professional, leave the repair of your Tesla Model 3 Rocker Panel to your car dealership.  


The Rocker Panel of your Tesla Model 3 may damage due to some factors.

These factors include rust and impact. Depending on your skill and the pieces of equipment at your disposal, you can fix the damage yourself.

It’s advisable to take your vehicle to your dealership for proper repairs.

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