Tesla Front Plate in California! (Is It Required?)

Tesla luxury automobiles are expensive but are worth every penny.

These electric-powered vehicles are legal, and you can drive around as long as you obey the traffic rules.

However, if you live in California and you want to purchase a Tesla, it’s best if you find out crucial things.

For example, it’s important to find out if you require front or rear plates, among other things.

In this article, I will discuss the details of Tesla’s front plates in California.

Tesla front plates are compulsory in California, as in most parts of the United States. But unfortunately, most car owners do not want to adhere to this rule. Instead, they often think they can get away with it but get a ticket when they park.

Do Teslas Need Front License Plates in California?

Tesla Front Plate California

Yes, your Tesla needs front license plates in California; you need backplates too.

The reason is that license plates have vital information unique to each car.

Consequently, it will be useful when the car goes missing or you experience a robbery.

Also, the car’s license plates are the fastest way to track it during a search.

So now, it’s more like the identification number, the same way humans and pets have names for identification.

One thing about people that have expensive vehicles is that they sometimes feel that they are above the law.

You can observe this with Tesla owners, most especially. Most would rather carry their license plates in the trunk than place them in front.

But in California, it would be best to be on the right side of the law.

One thing to note is that most police officers may not stop you from not having license plates on your Tesla.

But, on the other hand, it will be much safer to have them in place than keep playing hide and seek.

In addition, California houses Hollywood and Beverly Hills in all their glory.

Hence it is normal to see a variety of luxurious vehicles that operate in a similar way to Teslas.

The reason is that Hollywood has come a long way since its beginning.

Consequently, many celebrities and even wannabes reside within and around this jurisdiction.

So it is not strange seeing a Tesla drive past you while in California. You must question your whereabouts if you do not see one.

The good thing about license plates is that it personalizes the car to the owner. In some cases, you might even decide to get customized license plates.

For example, you can customize your license plates for as low as 50 dollars in California. 

This fee includes registration and renewal expenses. You can only craft your license plates according to California state guidelines.

According to the California state license plate guidelines, all car owners must fasten front and rear license plates.

Why Doesn’t Tesla Have Front License Plates?

If a Tesla does not have front license plates, it is most likely the owner’s choice.

The reason is that it is mandatory for all vehicles driving in California to have them.

So, if a Tesla does not have front license plates, it is the choice of the driver and not anyone else.

There are several reasons why a Tesla owner may not want to install front license plates.

I will list a few and explain them so you can understand and see things from their perspective.

#1. They Feel That It Ruins the Aesthetics

Of course, if I were driving a Tesla, I would want everyone to notice the sleek trunk and unique front design.

I want everyone to see that I own a Tesla in full glory. The reason is that it is natural to feel the urge to show off your latest accomplishments.

So many people want to leave spectators in awe and marvel at the beauty of their assets.

One important thing is that Teslas are expensive and stand out from a parking lot of vehicles.

So, it would be best to install license plates, especially if you are in California.

Nonetheless, it does not ruin the beauty, and you will be on the right side of the law. 

Consequently, nothing is better than knowing that you own a beast and can drive around the state.

In addition, you will be more confident at checkpoints or if law enforcement stops you.

But it’s nothing to worry about if you have your driver’s license and the vehicle’s documents.

#2. Not Having License Plates Makes You Appear Mysterious

Another reason that Tesla owners may not want front license plates is that they feel it makes them appear mysterious.

However, the truth is that you already appear mysterious enough if you pull up in a Tesla.

Of course, it is obvious that you come from money or are a societal elite since a Tesla costs at least $45,000.

So, there may be no need to further introduce yourself as the upper or middle class in the gathering.

After all, if you have your front license plates, you will be safe from trouble.

Another thing is that you may even be of help in a public gathering like a wedding or a birthday party.

For example, if you park your car and are hindering someone else from moving out, how would they identify the owner?

To make matters worse, what if you are not the only Tesla owner in that gathering?

However, if your license plates are in place, they would easily call out the number, and you would oblige.

It makes life easy for both yourself and the person you are blocking.

Now, what if there was an emergency? Do you know how much trouble you could cause by trying to play mystery man?

Can I Put My Front License Plate on My Teslas Dash in California?

No, putting your front license plates on your dash is not advisable, especially in California.

The reason is against the California state license plate policies. In addition, some people feel that it could obstruct your view while driving.

Thus, the only places to put your Tesla license plates are in the front and back of the vehicle.

A thin adhesive comes with each car, allowing you to fit the plates. This adhesive helps the license plates stay in place no matter the terrain you are driving through.

In addition, the adhesive is waterproof and does not damage the aesthetics in any way.

This misconception is popular among people who often remove and replace their license plates.

Those plates are meant to stay as long as you keep driving around California.

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Does Tesla Install Front License Plates for Free?

No, Tesla does not install front license plates for free or even when you offer to pay.

The reason is that most Tesla models come without the license plate mount that is suitable for them.

So most times, you will have to install them yourself or take the car to a mechanic.

Consider the second option if you are skeptical of causing a dent in the car.

There are a few myths and facts regarding Tesla and the damage some people feel that front license plates cause.

Here is a table that shows the differences between the myths and the facts.

Myths Facts 
Installing front license plates ruins your Tesla.It does not ruin your Tesla if you install it correctly.
People regard you more if you drive without license plates.It only shows that you are not a law-abiding citizen of the state.

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In conclusion, having both front and rear license plates in California is mandatory.

This way, you will be safe from unnecessary troubles and drive freely.

In addition, it also makes life easier for those around you in case of an emergency at a gathering.

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