Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure (A Complete Guide)

Your Tesla Model 3 wheels are an important component of your car. The most prominent part of the wheel is the tires.

Maintaining your tires is an important activity for properly functioning your car. Carrying out routine and adequate maintenance of your tire also ensures your safety.

An important maintenance policy for your tire requires you to always keep to the optimal pressure.

You can ensure this pressure is maintained by checking at regular intervals.

Tesla recommends that your Model 3 tire pressure be between 42 and 45 pounds per square inch (PSI). This pressure may vary among the front and rear tires. It would be best if you looked out for accurate recommendations from Tesla to be sure of the tire pressure. To maintain a healthy car, always check your tire pressure regularly. 

This article will give you all the information you need about tesla model 3 tire pressure. I will also explain the optimal pressure to keep on your tires.

Further, you will discover how to notice the PSI warnings on your tesla model 3.

It is also important for you to know the benefits of having the right pressures in your tires at all times.

What Pressure Should Tesla Model 3 Tires Be Inflated To?

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Your tesla model 3 tires should be inflated to a pressure range between 42–45 pounds per square inch. This pressure may vary between your front and rear tires.

The pressure in your tires measures the force exerted by the air per unit area the air covers. This area is usually the entire enclosure within the tires.

You can convert this figure in pounds per square inch to kilo pascal. The Pascal is a widely accepted measure of pressure.

Forty-two pounds per square inch is 289.58 kilopascals.

Following the same conversion, 45 pounds per square inch will be 310.26 kilopascals.

These figures are important because your car dealer may decide to use any of the terminologies.

The pounds per square inch of your tires are the force the air applies in all directions relative to the vacuum. This vacuum is the space in the tires where the air circulates.

It is important to main optimal air pressure in your tires. When the pressure per square inch in your tesla model 3 falls between 42 and 45, you have an optimal pressure.

You should maintain the pressure within these figures. If it drops, it may harm your vehicle, and your safety on the road will be at risk.

So also, if the pressure rises above this limit, it may harm your vehicle and your tires.

Here are some benefits of maintaining the pressure within your tires at an optimal level of 42 – 45 pounds per square inch:

  • Safety
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Durability

#1. Safety

With improper tire pressure, your car becomes less safe to ply the road. You should understand that your safety on the road is an important parameter that you should consider.

When the pressure in the tires is above 45 PSI or below 42 PSI, you are at risk of damage to your car.

When you inflate your tires beyond the upper limit of 45 PSI, the tires will not have adequate contact with the ground.

When this reduced contact occurs, the tires lose traction on the ground. When your tesla model 3 loses traction, you cannot drive smoothly on treacherous roads.

Your car will constantly lose its grip on these uneven roads because of too much pressure within it.

These uneven roads include dirt, gravel, muddy, and slippery concrete floors.

#2. Fuel Efficiency

With a properly inflated tire, you can have better fuel efficiency. As the pressure within your tires drops, you will consume more fuel.

If you run your vehicle with pressures less than the recommended range, your fuel consumption might increase by nine percent.

Many car dealers speculate that these changes may be due to the fuel needed to move the vehicle because it becomes slower.

A deflated tire may slow down your vehicle at every ride requiring it to increase fuel consumption per mileage.

#3. Comfort

Your tesla model 3 was designed with a particular range of tire pressure. The car’s suspension depends on a particular range of temperatures to function optimally.

You do not enjoy a comfortable ride when your tires are excessively inflated or the pressures are depleted.

Recommended pounds per square inch will increase the comfort of the riding experience. You may navigate through bumps and difficult terrain more aggressively.

This situation makes the ride less comfortable. An optimal tire pressure reduces the aggression with which your Tesla model engages with a bump or any other difficult terrain.

#4. Durability

The durability of your tires increases with proper pressure. When your tesla model 3 pressure falls below the recommended range, your tires begin to wear out faster.

When your tires are underinflated, there is an increased risk of punctures. This damage occurs because the pressure within the tire tenses the tire and prevents it from damage.

If you maintain the recommended pressure for your tesla model 3, you will have your tires last longer, and you will surely save money.

The table below highlights the benefits of proper tire pressure:

Optimal PressureConsequences When Higher Consequences When Lower 
Ensures safetyImproper grip on the groundSlow movement
Enhances fuel efficiencyIncreased risk of accidents.Increased risk of damage to car parts.
Provides comfort while drivingNo observed consequenceIncreased fuel consumption
Increases durabilityReduced comfortReduced comfort
Increased wear and tear of the tireEasy puncture in the tire.

How Do I Display the Tire Pressure of Tesla Model 3?

You can find the display of your current PSI on the touch screen of your tesla model 3. The touchscreen displays the PSI on all the tires for you to view in real time.

To display the tire pressure, go to the touchscreen display on the dashboard. The touchscreen display is the interface that receives information and displays data for you to see.

You can use the touchscreen to control media, navigate and use the available infotainment system. You can also modify your tesla model 3 from the touchscreen.

These modifications can be made to suit your preferences. They include the use of Air conditioners, seat heaters, and other changes.

You can also see the pressure on your tires. The touchscreen displays this pressure in PSI. You can see the current pressure of all four tires.

To see the pressure display on your tires, follow these few steps:

  • Tap on the control icon on the touch screen. This touchscreen feature contains another menu that allows you to customize your model 3 to your taste.
  • On the control icon, tap on the service menu. This service menu Icon further displays your battery pressure.

Not just your pressure is displayed, but you will also get to see the time in minutes when the pressure was taken.

There are other means of knowing what pressure your tires would have. This method does not report the pressure in real-time.

It only gives you an idea of what pressure you should maintain every instance. You can find this detail inside the door knob from the driver’s seat.

Can You Check the Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure on Tesla App?

You can also check the tire pressure on your Tesla mobile app. This feature is available for owners of the tesla model 3.

The Tesla mobile app is an interface allowing you to interact with your vehicle remotely.

With the mobile app, you can see the name of the vehicle, the exact model, and other peculiar features. From the app, you can also determine the state of your vehicle.

 This state could be the drive, neutral, park, or reverse. You can also lock and unlock your vehicle from your app.

You can set up the mobile app by first downloading the app. Then enter your Tesla details to log into the app. Afterward, enable mobile access. 

You can allow mobile access by going to the control settings on your touchscreen via the controls and safety settings.

Once you have access, you can turn on your Bluetooth setting to connect your phone to your car. You can now log on to your app to check the pressure of your tires. 

To see the pressure display on your tires, follow these few steps on your mobile app:

  • Tap on the control icon on the screen. This feature of your screen contains another menu that allows you to customize your model 3 to your taste.
  • On the control icon, tap on the service menu. This service menu Icon further displays your battery pressure.

Not just your pressure is displayed, but you will also get to see the time in minutes when the pressure was taken.

What Is the PSI Warning on A Tesla Model 3?

The PSI warning is an indicator light on your tesla model 3 dashboard. This light gives off an alert whenever there is a problem with the pressure in the tire.

The tire pressure indicator usually gives off this light. The tire pressure monitoring system controls this indicator.

This system will send off a PSI warning when one or more tires are no longer within the right pressure range.

This system activates the warning by appearing as a light on the dashboard, lasting for about 3 minutes whenever you put on your car.

After you fix the tire pressure, the warning does not go away immediately. You must drive the vehicle for up to 10 minutes at 25kmph before the pressure resets.

You must look out for the warnings on your dashboard and immediately reset the pressure to the recommended pressure.

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