Are Tesla Model 3 Expensive to Maintain? (Explained)

One major flex for EV(electric vehicle) users is its lower maintenance requirements. 

However, if you’re a new Tesla owner or planning to buy one, it’s typical to think of its maintenance cost. 

Although a Tesla requires less maintenance than its gas-fueled counterparts, it still needs some maintenance.  So is a Tesla Model 3 expensive to maintain?

Tesla Model 3 is less expensive to maintain because it has fewer moving parts.  But repairs/replacement are expensive.  Also, Model 3’s system maintenance is easy as it receives over-the-air updates.  The vehicle’s synthetic oil, motors, and battery also make it last longer without regular maintenance.

I’ll give you extensive information on Tesla Model 3 maintenance and its cost in this article.  I’ll also explain what maintenance plan works better for the Tesla Model 3.

By the end of this article, you’ll know if the maintenance of Model 3 is cheaper than other Tesla models.

Does a Tesla Model 3 Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Are Tesla Model 3 Expensive To Maintain

No, the Tesla Model 3 requires less maintenance as most of its maintenance is easy, less, and usually technology-based. 

On the other hand, repairs for Model 3  will be expensive because the vehicle needs specialized care and maintenance.

Compared to other standard vehicles, Teslas have few components that need maintenance.  With a Tesla car, you mostly need updates such as over-the-air updates.

For several reasons, the Tesla Model 3 and other Tesla Models will require less maintenance than other EVs or standard cars. 

Firstly, Tesla Maintenance costs less because it has fewer moving parts than internal combustion engine(ICE) vehicles.

Tesla and other EVs have electric motors reducing the number of moving parts and eliminating combustion and regular oil change.  Hence all EVs, including Tesla, have an oil filter.

Though Tesla vehicles only need a little oil, the vehicle has a gearbox oil filter that ensures smooth and free transmission. 

Tesla Model 3 uses a synthetic oil known as pentosin ATF 9 that doesn’t degrade easily.  Because the oil hardly degrades, frequent oil change is not necessary.

Contrarily, gas-powered vehicles need oil changes more regularly because of combustion. 

The combustion fumes from lubricating/ cooling engine parts often lead to oil degradation.  

You may see maintenance tips on changing your Tesla vehicle’s synthetic oil after four to five years. 

However, that’s a precautionary measure, not a thumb rule, as the oil is highly durable.

Equally important, Tesla has fewer parts prone to mechanical breakdowns, which reduces the need for frequent maintenance/repairs. 

Secondly, the Tesla Model 3 requires less maintenance because it runs on electricity. Charging your Tesla is safer and more affordable than refilling gas regularly.

The cost to recharge your tesla model 3 will range from $7-$23 per approximately 300 miles. 

However, you must note that sometimes the maintenance costs of a Tesla Model 3, just like other vehicles, can increase with age. 

Nonetheless, in terms of maintenance, all Teslas last longer than other cars.  Tesla is famous for having a longer lifespan than regular cars. 

The batteries and quality motors in EV vehicles are responsible for their lifespan. 

The big batteries of Tesla vehicles can last 21-35 and up to 400,000 miles before needing replacement.

In summary, Tesla Model 3 is more affordable to maintain as it has fewer components that require less maintenance hassles. 

What Is the Average Annual Maintenance Price of a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla Model 3’s maintenance cost will range from $580-$832 annually and approximately $3600 a decade for maintenance and repairs.

Normally, you can find information about repairs/maintenance for some car brands on certain sites.  But this isn’t the case for Tesla vehicles.

However, you needn’t worry; this article will provide the necessary maintenance cost information. 

It’s no news that vehicle maintenance is a complex process that sometimes requires you to purchase/replace some items. 

So, I’ll give you a breakdown of the prices of Tesla maintenance services.

Below is a table showing the maintenance services and their maintenance cost.

Maintenance servicesAverage Maintenance costs
Replacement of Cabin air filter$60-$200
Tires rotation/alignment$35-$100
Battery pack replacement$15,800

Regular maintenance is inexpensive, but the price increases when it involves replacements and repairs. 

Since Tesla is unique amongst other car brands, quality vehicle parts are usually expensive. 

And these Tesla parts are not available in all stores, which makes them difficult to get.

You can only get Tesla spare parts directly from the Tesla company.  Therefore, the cost of maintaining your Tesla will increase due to the difficulty of getting its parts.

But you needn’t worry because Tesla Model 3 parts are extremely durable if properly used. 

For instance, the battery can last two or three decades before needing replacement. 

So, the annual maintenance price of the Tesla Model 3 will depend on how you handle your vehicle. 

But you should note that you’ll require more frequent maintenance services if you live in a colder region. 

Is Tesla Model 3 Maintenance Cheaper than Other Tesla Models?

Tesla Model 3 maintenance is cheaper than other Tesla models.  The Model 3 Tesla has one of the best builds; besides, it’s the most trusted Tesla you’ll find.

The Tesla Model 3 is a unique model in the history of Tesla’s releases. 

So, if you plan on buying a Tesla, the Model 3 is the best and most affordable/cheapest option.

Tesla Model 3 maintenance schedules usually have a long period schedule.  For instance, you can service your Model 3 every six years, while the timing for other models is less.

Again, the Tesla Model 3 offers a long-term and long-range warranty of 50,000 miles.  Also, the battery and drive system goes as far as 130,000 miles.

As a vehicle’s components determine how expensive maintenance will be, you should note that the Tesla Model 3 has portable and less expensive parts than other models.

For instance, Tesla 3 has a portable cabin filter instead of the large HEPA filter that’s more expensive in other models.

So when buying a Tesla Model 3, you’re equally investing in long-term savings from expensive repair/maintenance costs.

What Maintenance Plan Works Better for a Tesla Model 3?

Tesla recommends that maintenance check-up schedules should be on an as-needed basis, so maintenance plans are barely of major concern. 

Moreover, Tesla cars have useful features, such as the Tesla owners app that assists you.  The app tracks when a part of your Tesla is due for replacement or service.

Tesla cars do not require regular maintenance.  However, you should check and replace some parts when it’s necessary. 

Below are some physical maintenance tips you ought to know to keep your Tesla 3 and other models in good shape.

#1. Replace the Cabin Air Filters.

Maintenance involves eliminating obstructions to effectiveness, so knowing your cabin filter is in good shape is vital. 

The Tesla cabin filters help block the entrance of specks of dirt, dust, and contaminants into the Tesla. 

However, the filter clogs and becomes less effective with time, which calls for a replacement. 

Hence, Tesla recommends changing cabin or HEPA filters every two or three years, depending on the model. 

For your Tesla Model 3, change the carbon filter every two years.

#2. Wheel Alignment and Maintenance

It would help to change/rotate your wheels every 6,250 miles when there’s a significant difference in tread depth.  

Wheel alignment is an essential maintenance practice because it affects your wheel’s life span and the car’s handling.

Also, just like other regular vehicles, Tesla uses rubber tires.  Even though Tesla tires hardly wear, they will wear and degrade over time, especially if you’re an aggressive driver.

#3. Service or Replace the Air Conditioning

The air conditioning is one strong and lasting component in any Tesla vehicle.  You should service your Tesla Model 3 Air conditioning every six years to help keep it in good shape.

Also, change the Air conditioning desiccant bag at least every four years.  And if your tesla model 3 is a 2017-2021 version changing the desiccant should be after every six years.

#4. Change the Brake Fluid and Inspect the Brake Pedals. 

You should change your Tesla 3 brake fluid every two years.  Unlike the oil in the oil filter that doesn’t need changing, the brake fluid needs changing for more effectiveness.

Also, check the regenerative brakes of your Tesla for any faults, as they’re prone to wear.

Below is a table with the average miles for the maintenance of several parts.

MaintenancesAverage Miles($)
Tire rotation.12,000
Cabin air filter replacement, tires rotating, brake fluid test.48,000
Tire rotation, inspect and lubricate brake calipers.84,000
Tire rotation, brake fluid test, cabin air filter replacement.96,000
Tire rotation, brake fluid test, cabin air filter replacement.120,000

All the above maintenance tips are the recommendations you will get from a standard maintenance plan. 

But there are other components you should pay attention to.  So, refer to your Tesla owner manual for in-depth maintenance information and guidance.

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