Tesla Software Update Stuck (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Occasionally, your Tesla car will show messages informing you to install an update.

These updates enhance smoother and better usage by introducing new software features.

However, there can be challenges. Your installation might freeze suddenly. This frustrating situation can take days and a lot of time.

Time is valuable, so many people lose patience and ask why their Tesla software update is stuck and how to solve the problem.

Your Tesla software update might be stuck when your network is poor. It might also be stuck when you don’t have enough data to complete the update. Nevertheless, you should be calm and handle the situation patiently. 

Why Is My Tesla Software Update Frozen?

Tesla Software Update Stuck

The most common reason for frozen software updates is a weak internet connection and software malfunction.

You can use data or WiFi networks for your updates. Many factors can affect the data connection or WiFi networks you use for your software update. 

Below are some tips to notice.

  • The position of your vehicle from the network connection source affects it. It becomes unreliable when the WiFi or data network source is far from the car requiring a network. 
  • Software updates will freeze forcefully. This statement is because there’s no available network to push forward the installation.
  • The time you want to install the update also matters. There are intervals when people can populate the network space.
  • Many people may be using the internet at that very time. This situation reduces internet speed and slows the installation process.
  • Bring your router closer to your spot. Ensure that there’s no object obstructing frequency.
  • You can also switch off other appliances that can affect WiFi networks. Purchase a new router if all you have done is to no avail.

However, malfunctions also make software updates freeze. The screen will stay stuck.

You can’t navigate around the options or even cancel the installation at times. 

Glitches can last from minutes to hours and even days. You should do well to get your car’s software checked by a professional if you experience this often.

#1. Driving During a Software Update

Driving while undergoing a software update for your car is not advisable.

However, you can drive while downloading but can’t while installing the new updates.

Choose the software option to confirm whether you have an update available. Then wait for the update before driving the car.

At times, updates can look meaningless. The updates come in different sizes.

However, because some are just a few, it becomes hard to tell if there’s any difference.

#2. How To Start a Tesla Software Update

There are two stages in updating your Tesla Software. These stages are the downloading stage and the installing stage

A yellow icon will be displayed on your screen whenever an update is available. 

This colored icon communicates that there’s an update available. However,  there’s no connection to start the process. 

Green colored icon tells you that the download has begun. The downloading stage doesn’t input the update into your Tesla.

It’s the installation stage that is more important and the final stage. You cannot charge while installing updates.

Charging will be paused automatically and will resume after the process.

Below is a table that summarizes the differences between the downloading and installing stages.

Download StageInstalling Stage
Driving is possible.Driving is not advisable.
Charging continues.Charging is halted.
It displays a green clock-like icon.It displays a yellow clock-like icon.
Begin automatically with an internet connection.Seeks your permission before starting. 
It cannot be rescheduled.It can be postponed.

Furthermore, you can postpone a Tesla update for another convenient time.

Below is a list of directions you can follow to do this.

  • Go to the Software tab.
  • Tap the yellow clock-like icon.
  • Choose a day and time that is appropriate for you.

There is no turnaround when you commence the installation process.

How Can I Fix a Stuck Tesla Software Update?

There are many ways to fix a stuck Tesla Software update. Many people have different ideas about fixing their frozen Tesla Software update. 

Below is a list of tips that can be helpful when fixing a stuck Tesla Software update.

#1. Internet Connection

Ensure you use good WiFi networks. Use strong data networks around your area.

Once you use a good internet connection, your stuck Tesla Software will update.

In addition, when your update installation is 99 percent and the internet connection gets tempered, it will still freeze.

Ensure that the network is sufficient and suitable for the installation.

#2. Restart the Download 

You can restart your download when you reboot the car software system.

It will be impossible to restart the download by rebooting when there’s a glitch.

The methods used in rebooting differ in different models of Tesla. Some models reboot using scroll wheels. 

Others work by using the button on the steering wheel or completely off the vehicle.

#3. Using Mobile Phone

Purchasing mobile data to download the updated file can be a backup plan. Although it will cost a lot of data, it can work.

Doing this will point out the problem behind the update. Afterward, you can tackle such issues while relying on your mobile phone.

#4. Service Ticket

It will not always be easy to fix a stuck Tesla Software update. Therefore, you should ask for assistance from Tesla by sending a service ticket. 

You can do this through the Tesla app on your mobile phone by following the steps below.

  • Launch the Tesla app.
  • Navigate to Service.
  • Tap on Updates and Accessories.
  • State your problem.

How Long Does a Tesla Software Update Take?

The maximum time a Tesla Software update can take is three hours.

Recall that the update is divided into two stages. The downloading and installing stages are the stages.

The downloading starts automatically as long as the car is connected to fast and stable WiFi networks. Most users hardly take note until it reaches the installation stage.

The installation period is about one hour. However, the installation never takes up to an hour, rather 20 to 30 minutes.

The speed of the WiFi network is one of the major determinants of how fast the update will be. The faster the network, the fastest the update. 

To illustrate, when using a phone to download an application. Likewise, Tesla’s is similar to phone app downloads and installation.

It normally works with internet speed. The file size is also considered when checking how fast your update will take.

An average update size can be over five gigabytes. If the size is more than usual, the time range increases.

Can I Make My Tesla Software Update Faster?

You can make it faster by using the best WiFi networks to run the update.

Target home and office WiFi networks instead of settling for a crowded one. 

Be patient if you’re having network challenges to avoid frozen Tesla Software updates.

You can also use your phone to get the best network connection for your update.


Weak internet connection and software malfunction is the reason for the stuck Tesla Software update.

However, you can fix it by providing a good internet connection, restarting the download, using the mobile app, and sending a service ticket.

Your update will be complete in a few minutes to three hours. Therefore, always use faster internet networks.

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