Tesla Model 3 Charging Interrupted? (Reasons & Solutions)

Experiencing technical issues with the Tesla Model 3 power start-up is genuinely one of the frustrating things about the vehicle.

The charging interruption is among the most common complaints from Tesla Model 3 owners.

However, there is a reason behind every fault and, in the same vein, a solution to fixing the fault. 

An incompatible charger is one common reason for an interruption to the charging process of the Tesla Model 3. Similarly, a fault from the electric supply source from your home can cause constant charging interruption. 

Why Is My Tesla Model 3 Charging Getting Interrupted?

Tesla Model 3 Charging Interrupted

Just as it affects your mobile phone, a faulty charger might be the reason behind the charging interruption.

There is a high chance that the fault is from the charger whenever the Tesla Model 3 stops charging.

So, whenever you encounter such a problem, your first step to attempting a solution is to inspect the charger.

Also, a blown-off charger will automatically disconnect the current, interrupting the charging process.

Again, an incompatible charger will yield the same result, so troubleshoot the charger to know the actual fault.

However, it is not always the case as there are several other possible reasons why the charging process stops.

First and foremost, checklist the charger, and be sure you correctly plug the charger into the vehicle charging port.

A Tesla wall connector issue, burnt fuse, low charge voltage, and many others can cause a charge interruption.

Aside from a faulty charger, burnt fuse, or electric surge from your home grid, a weak battery often sends a charging error notification.

Three common reasons hamper the charge of the Tesla Model 3.

The culprit responsible for the charging interruption could either be one of the three, the charger, electricity source, or the Tesla hardware.

So, you can expect the likelihood of the cause of the problem to be within these three reasons.

Nonetheless, there are other minor reasons why your Tesla Model 3 won’t charge properly.

These reasons include user errors, while others are mechanical faults that stem from the basic three.

You can correct them, but some mechanical errors require more professional attention. 

Tesla Model 3 Charging Interrupted Notification

In an attempt to alert Tesla owners of a possible malfunction of charging issue, Tesla model 3 will drop a “charging interrupted” notification.

Whenever you receive a “charging interrupted” notification from your Tesla Model 3, it’s a sign that it’s resisting the charge.

Knowing the source of the problem is the only way to remedy the charging notification error.

A charge notification will likely come when switching from the regular charging to the charge after the total charge.

An Interrupted charge process on the Tesla Model 3 can also happen when the car has finished charging. 

But it’s undergoing a maintenance charge. To tackle this particular issue, set the charge power-up to offer only a one-phase or not three-phase charge.

As mentioned above, you will receive a charging error notification whenever the Tesla model 3 cannot charge.

The charging error notification pops up whenever there is a fault, regardless of the cause.

When there is a Tesla wall connector issue, the charging process will stop, and the message will appear.

Also, a faulty wall connecter charger, low or high voltage, and all other issues typically trigger the same charge alert.

Scheduled departure charging is another reason for an interruption in the Tesla Model 3 charge; you can do well to turn it off.

Bugs in the Tesla firmware can also trigger the charge interruption notification; try to resolve all the issues as they arise.

Frequent charging issues on your Tesla can become stressful when it moves beyond the mechanical side.

But luckily, with a helping hand from a tesla technical support professional, you can resolve your problem.

It will only take time for your Tesla Model 3 to return to standard wall connector charging conditions.

What to Do if Tesla Model 3 Charging Gets Interrupted?

The first thing to do is to know the actual fault of the vehicle resisting the charge.

The problem usually results from the charger or the vehicle system. Knowing the issue gives you the edge to settling the Tesla model 3 charging issue. 

Next, the electric supply of your home wall connecting socket as extremely low or high voltage prompts unstable charging of the Tesla Model 3.

For starters, check the charger of the Tesla Model 3 to be sure the fault isn’t from the wall connector charging angle.

If the issues cross this stage of the check, then it’s likely that the resistance is coming from the Tesla hardware.

It’s not a surprise that the Tesla Model 3 sends charging interrupted messages; your response to the error alert is what matters.

It’s a nightmare for electric car owners when put under a tight corner for the simplest reasons.

Here are a few common causes of Tesla’s interrupted charging and what to do to resolve the issue.

Main Causes Of Tesla Charging InterruptionPossible Solution
Faulty or incompatible ChargerReplace the faulty charger with a compatible aftermarket supercharger.
Faulty home outlet or insufficient electric supplyGet a professional electrician to resolve whatever disconnect interrupts the charging process.
Tesla Model 3 HardwareContact Tesla technical support for any issue relating to the Tesla Model 3.

“Interrupted charge” notification does not mean the vehicle charging system is no longer functional.

It only means that, in one way or another, there is resistance to the smooth charge of Tesla.

So, all hope is not lost, and your wall connector charging will work again if you fix the faulting issue.

As mentioned earlier, one other major reason for charging resistance is the nature of the battery of the vehicle.

If it happens to be that all effort is proving futile, you should contact Tesla Technical support.

However, the Tesla technical support team should be your last resort as many faults are within your reach.

Main Cause Of Tesla Charging Interruption.

There are three leading causes of the Tesla charging interruption upon which other causes stem.

The main cause of the Tesla charging interruption is either the charger, electric grid, or Tesla.

Every other reason that prompts resistance to the Tesla charging process is traceable to the three basic ones.

With the number of volts required to fast-charge a whole Tesla vehicle, it is common for the Tesla wall connector charger to malfunction.

In some instances, using a different charger is a problem; sometimes, public charging stations’ superchargers aren’t compatible.

Your best bet is to check the charger for possible faults; somehow, the fault must be coming from the charger.

Aside from wall connector chargers, the electric grid or vehicle charge port can also cause charge interruption.

The Tesla wall charge outlet has 30A, 50A, and 110A, respectively, for fast-charge, significantly changing this supply of current results to interruption message.

It means that aside from the chargers, the electricity supply for the charge can also cause an interruption.

Finally, the vehicle is the last leading cause of Tesla charge interruption.

A faulty vehicle charge port can cause an interruption to the smooth charging of the vehicle.

A damaged battery or a bug in the vehicle’s firmware can still cause the vehicle not to charge well.

Other minor reasons for Tesla charge interruption, such as scheduled charge departure, power drain, and wrong wall connector outlet, have roots.

Experience with the Tesla Model 3 car will make several other minor user mistakes that can interrupt the charging process.


It’s common to run into problems with electric rechargeable vehicle models.

The likes of the Tesla Model 3 suffer prickly from an interruption in the charging process due to some faults.

Knowing about the possible resistance of the charging process of Tesla model 3 goes a long way to solving them.

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