Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It? (Must Read)

Premium connectivity is a crucial part of Tesla vehicles as it offers outstanding features that improve the driving experience for car owners.

This connectivity is available on both old and new models of Tesla and functions properly.

Despite the remarkable features it delivers, car owners often wonder if the Tesla premium connectivity is worth it. 

Tesla premium connectivity is worth it as it offers exceptional features that use data, WiFi and LTE. With these features, you can stream and listen to music, browse the internet and watch videos. Furthermore, it delivers live traffic visualization, satellite view maps, karaoke, and navigation. 

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Necessary? 

Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Worth It

Tesla premium connectivity is necessary as it gives you access to many unique features that make driving convenient and enjoyable.

Interestingly, premium connectivity is free and stays for a lifetime on Tesla vehicles from June 30th, 2018

This allows car owners to upgrade their connectivity plans whenever they want.

This connectivity is only available on Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3 Tesla.

Unfortunately, premium connectivity is not free for any Tesla model that’s not from 2018.

Hence, you must subscribe before accessing the features of premium connectivity. 

To check if your Tesla model has premium connectivity, go to the infotainment system in your vehicle.

On the screen, touch the software icon, which will open to display the premium connectivity with other features.

If your screen doesn’t display premium connectivity, it doesn’t come with your vehicle. 

Notwithstanding, you can always subscribe and activate premium connectivity in your Tesla model. Premium connectivity features require cellular data, WiFi, and LTE.

Below are some features you can access with premium connectivity. 

#1. Maps and Navigation 

With premium connectivity, you can easily navigate your vehicle to the location/destination of your choice.

To use maps and navigation properly, enter your destination in the search bar.

You can find the search bar close to the maps section of your vehicle’s screen.

You can send the location through your Android phone. Maps and navigation also contain a voice command that allows you to speak your destination. 

#2. Live Traffic Visualization

This feature has eight cameras that establish a live view. This view surrounds the vehicle and allows car owners to detect pedestrians, other vehicles, construction cones, and speed bumps. 

Should I Get Tesla Premium Connectivity? 

You should get Tesla premium connectivity as it’s worth every penny due to the relaxation and entertainment it delivers.

The best thing about Tesla’s premium connectivity is that you can use it when driving and parking your car.

Connectivity is one feature that comes with all Tesla vehicles. As a result, Tesla vehicles contain two types of connectivity plans/packages: premium and standard.

Premium connectivity is not free and doesn’t come with all models of Tesla.

However, that’s not the case for standard connectivity. Standard connectivity comes with all Tesla cars. 

Interestingly, it comes with no extra cost, lasting for eight years. And this starts from the first day you purchase any Tesla model.

Tesla premium and standard connectivity share many features and harbor some differences. I’ll briefly summarize these differences in the table below. 

Standard Connectivity Premium Connectivity 
It doesn’t have additional costs. It contains additional costs.
It comes with all Tesla vehicles. It doesn’t come with all Tesla vehicles.
It mostly relies on WiFi for music and media.It mostly relies on cellular data for music and media. 
It doesn’t have live traffic visualization.It has live traffic visualization.
It doesn’t have satellite view maps.It has satellite view maps. 

Tesla premium connectivity is an excellent choice for a movie theater experience as it grants you access to stream and watches videos.

However, standard connectivity is your best bet if you’re looking for something simple yet classic.

Tesla’s standard connectivity offers many unique features that make driving worthwhile. 

You can access Bluetooth pairing, Sirius XM, and FM radio with standard connectivity.

Furthermore, it offers Tesla over-the-air {OTA} updates, navigation, video streaming, karaoke, music streaming, and internet browsing. 

How Much Does Tesla Premium Connectivity Cost? 

Tesla premium connectivity costs appropriately $9.99 for a monthly subscription.

However, this fee doesn’t include the applicable tax. You can subscribe at $119.88 a year, including applicable tax.

You can purchase Tesla premium connectivity at your convenience, and you can do this using your vehicle’s touchscreen. 

Alternatively, you can purchase premium connectivity from the Tesla app. Subscribing via your touchscreen is an easy process requiring effort.

However, you must ensure that your Tesla software update is 2021.40.5 or higher before subscribing through your vehicle’s touchscreen.

You must follow the steps below to purchase premium connectivity through your touchscreen. 

#1. Step 1:

Turn on your vehicle to activate the touchscreen. Go to the car’s touchscreen and tap the Controls icon.

#2. Step 2:

Afterward, the controls icon will display upgrades. When this happens, tap on Upgrades

#3. Step 3: 

You will detect an option that displays subscribe to Premium Connectivity. Note that this option only pops up if your Tesla model is eligible. 

#4. Step 4:

To subscribe to premium connectivity, tap on Swipe to Purchase

#5. Step 5:

After completing this step, the premium connectivity features will become available.

The features begin to function when you park your vehicle and complete the software update.  

#6. Step 6:

Since payment is necessary for a subscription, you can use your credit card or a billing address to complete the transaction. 

Alternatively, you can follow the procedure below to subscribe via the Tesla app. 

  • Go to your Google/Apple Play Store and download/install the Tesla app.
  • Click on the Tesla app and tap on your vehicle.
  • Click on Upgrades.
  • Click on Software Upgrades.
  • Click Subscribe.
  • Click on ‘Add’ following the Premium Connectivity.
  • Click on the billing option and tap ‘Next.’
  • Click on ‘Checkout.’ 
  • Enter the correct payment details and complete the transaction. 

Tesla Premium Connectivity Discount? 

Tesla premium connectivity doesn’t offer discounts currently. Unfortunately, this is bad news for Tesla car owners who want to save a few bucks off a monthly subscription.

Nevertheless, Tesla offers various levels of free trials for premium connectivity. However, this depends on the model of Tesla you purchase.

Car owners purchasing new Tesla vehicles such as Model S and X have a one-year free trial for premium connectivity.

After one year, you must continue subscribing to enjoy premium connectivity.

In addition, Tesla models 3 and Y offer a free trial of 30 days for premium connectivity. 

Unfortunately, this free trial doesn’t last long; hence, you must subscribe after it’s over.

Many car owners often wonder if the free trial is available on used Tesla vehicles.

Fortunately, a free trial for premium connectivity is available on used Tesla cars.

However, this depends on the duration and the model of the used vehicle you purchase. 

For instance, if you purchase a used Tesla Model S or X for up to 1-5 months, you can access the premium connectivity.

If the previous owner did not use the premium connectivity, you can activate it and use it for a year.

The same theory applies to the 30 days of a free trial of Model 3 and Y. Plus. You can always check the expiration date of your free trial and subscription. 

Does Spotify Work On Tesla Without Premium Connectivity? 

Spotify works on Tesla without premium connectivity. However, you can only stream Spotify on Tesla when you subscribe to its premium account.

Hence, you must have the paid version of Spotify before accessing music from different countries. 

Nonetheless, you can play music from Spotify on your Tesla through your Android/Apple phone.

For instance, if you have the Spotify app on your phone, you can subscribe and connect it to your Tesla vehicle. 

Now, how is this possible? I’ll vividly explain! First, you must download and install the Spotify app and subscribe before proceeding.

Afterward, turn on your Bluetooth and pair it to your Tesla touchscreen. Set the media source feature on the touchscreen to your Android/Apple phone. 

Proceed to visit, which will take you to TesPlayer. Use your premium account to log into TesPlayer.

After you log into the Spotify premium account, you can play any song you want in your Tesla. 

Can I Watch Netflix With Tesla Premium Connectivity? 

You can watch Netflix with Tesla’s premium connectivity. However, there’s a catch! You can’t watch Netflix on premium connectivity without an internet connection.

Hence, you must have a strong internet connection before you watch or stream videos on Netflix. 

You can also watch Netflix with premium connectivity with a good WiFi connection.

Unfortunately, if the WiFi connection fluctuates, you’ll lose your connection to

Netflix. Notwithstanding, you can watch Netflix without premium connectivity.

You can use your phone and connect it to your vehicle’s touchscreen via Bluetooth to watch Netflix. 

Final Words 

Tesla’s premium connectivity is worth every penny as it offers effective features and entertainment.

Although it doesn’t come on all Tesla models, you can easily purchase and subscribe to it from your car’s touchscreen. Plus, you can always get it on the Tesla app.

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