Tesla App Won’t Wake Up Car (Reasons & Solutions)

The ability to control a Tesla from the Tesla Mobile App is undoubtedly one of the unique features Tesla possesses.

There are many basic functions that you can perform through the app without physical contact with the Tesla.

An example is viewing your car’s charging progress. However, situations arise when the Tesla App won’t wake your car up.

Of course, this can be inconvenient, but with some facts highlighted in this article, it will be much easier to handle.

The Tesla App won’t wake up the car after you drove it previously for a long time. Connectivity issues between your phone and the car can be the problem. Some permissions in the phone settings also matter. However, you don’t need to contact the Tesla service providers when you can do it yourself.

Why Can’t My Tesla App Wake My Car?

Tesla App Won'T Wake Up Car

A faulty Bluetooth connection is one of many reasons why the Tesla App can’t wake up your car.

Bluetooth is the only means your Tesla can receive instructions from the app. Therefore, if it is interrupted, the Tesla won’t wake up.

However, there are key steps to making a strong  Bluetooth connection between the mobile app and the car. Below is a list of these steps.

  • Search for Tesla App on Google or the Play store App.
  • Tap on the app and download.
  • After installation, Launch the App.
  • Enter all the Tesla car details.
  • Choose Controls.
  • Tap Safety then Mobile Access.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Preview the installed app.
  • Allow Bluetooth connection settings for the app.

Bluetooth connections are established by wave mechanism. These waves travel in distances, and if there’s any hindrance to their travel, the connection won’t be successful. 

Different factors affect the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the car. The following points highlight some of these factors you need to know.

#1. Distance

The distance between the two objects affects whether the Bluetooth connection is possible.

The waves will not be able to reach the ideal destination in a longer range.

However, if the devices are too close, there can be possible problems. Therefore, both networks should be at an appropriate length of space.

#2. Obstructions

Some objects can interfere with Bluetooth range and strength.

For example, building connections are weaker than those established in free space.

#3. Bluetooth Sensitivity

At times, there are cases where you cannot pair with the car’s Bluetooth network because of low sensitivity.

These situations are stressful and need to be addressed by professionals.

#4. WiFi Networks

WiFi Networks serve as the internet connection of your car. It notifies you when you need to update the Tesla. 

However, the car will not wake up after an interrupted WiFi connection.

Alongside Bluetooth, ensure that your WiFi Networks are strong and reliable to avoid this problem.

If you do so, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically without giving you waking up issues. 

Why Is My Tesla Taking Too Long to Wake?

A Tesla will take a long time to wake when it is in deep sleep mode. Usually, when you’re not using the Tesla for a long time, it sleeps.

The sleeping behavior is to conserve and elongate the life of the battery.

However, sometimes the battery can stop working because it’s low or not fixed properly. This mode is called deep sleep.

This process can delay waking up or even stop waking up til you resolve the problem.

Another reason is that you always close the app completely. When the app is always closed, you’ll have a hard time accessing it swiftly. 

However, you can keep the app besides the background every time. When you do this, the connection will establish faster, and your car will wake up faster.

In addition, the app may be having issues. These issues can be freezing problems or old versions of the app.

However, you can delete it and redownload it again. Below is a table explaining why Tesla is taking too long to wake or won’t

Problems and Solutions of Tesla Waking Up Problems

Deep sleep issuesEnsure the battery is charged and properly fixed.
Poor Bluetooth connectionStay within Bluetooth range.
In-app problemsDelete and reinstall the app.
Slow app responseDon’t close the app completely. Minimize in background.
Poor WiFi NetworksConnect to a less crowded WiFi network.
Bluetooth range obstructionsConnect through less dense matters.

How Can I Troubleshoot My Tesla App To Wake My  Car Up?

There are many ways to troubleshoot the Tesla app to wake up the car. These processes are not complex. However, you should follow instructions carefully.

Tesla’s wake-up problems are either from the mobile device or car. However, any methods used in resolving the problem must involve both parties.

Below are some ways to troubleshoot the app to wake your car up.

#1. Check Connections

You must check whether the problem results from poor Bluetooth or WiFi networks. However, you need to note the factors listed here if it does.

Also, to ensure a successful Bluetooth connection, you can reference the steps listed above.

Failed Bluetooth connection is very common, and its solution will solve most wake-up problems.

#2. Restart the App

Restarting an app is one of the best ways to clear issues relating to the app. However, to restart your app, you need to do the following.

  • Minimize the App.
  • Swipe it upwards or downwards.
  • Navigate through your phone apps.
  • Launch the app again.

Restarting the app will take a new approach to the connections and responses to your car.

#3. Restart the Mobile Device

The device may freeze because of insufficient memory space or other factors. To correct it quickly, you can restart it by rebooting your mobile phone.

There are many ways to restart a device, whether iOS or Android. However, you should be able to restart yours.

Once you do this, the phone will become faster, even temporarily.

#4. Remove App Data and Cache

Clearing app data and cache can improve app performance.

Data and cache contain saved progress of the app. Unfortunately, you will lose the application’s progress.

However, it will clear space and errors affecting the smooth running of the app. Here are steps to clear cache and data.

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Tap on Storage.
  • Choose the category of the  Tesla App. 
  • Tap on the app.
  • You’ll see the storage information of the app. Tap on clear cache and data.

#5. Restart the Car

Restarting the car also helps to give the connections a fresh start.

You can do this by holding the scroll buttons on the steering. After trying the other methods, you can restart the car.

However, if the problem still lasts, seek professional help by contacting Tesla support.

Can You Start Tesla With the Mobile App?

Yes, you can start Tesla with the mobile app. You need to be in range and connected through Bluetooth and WiFi. This ability is an advantage of Tesla over other cars.

Moreover, you can even drive a Tesla without the keys when you have your phone.

All you need to do is to allow mobile access on the Tesla screen and then connect with your phone.

Whenever your car is locked, you can unlock it with the app. This action involves navigating through the app and tapping on the unlock option.

In addition, you can carry out many other functions through the mobile app. They include the following.

  • I am previewing Tesla’s profile through the app and getting all vital information and updates about Tesla. 
  • You can control the car’s temperature by turning on the air conditioning or heaters.
  • It allows you to open the car bonnet.
  • Access charging information and port.


Bluetooth connection is the major cause of Tesla’s wake-up problems. However, it can be solved easily by following the guides provided.

There are many reasons Tesla takes too long to wake. You can easily apply the troubleshooting methods to resolve them.

You can drive your Tesla just using the mobile app. I’m sure you will find this information useful.


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