Tesla Charging Interrupted (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Having a car like Tesla and experiencing difficulties in charging it can be frustrating.

If Tesla can switch between gas and electricity, it’d be great for some users who face such problems.

However, some users either notice that their Tesla is not charging despite plugging it in the Tesla supercharger.

It’s easy to blame your Tesla, but many things could also result in this error.

In this article, you’ll see possible charging issues Tesla models experience.

The error message on your Tesla showing ‘charging interrupted’ most likely comes from maintenance charging. During this period, your Tesla is done charging, but the company is doing maintenance on your automobile. The other event contributing to this is the switch between your one and three-phase charging and many other causes.

What Does the Error Message ‘Charging Interrupted’ Mean On a Tesla?

Tesla Charging Interrupted

The maintenance charging performed on your Tesla is probably the cause of the error message that shows ‘charging interrupted.’ 

Your Tesla will not be charging during this time since the firm is performing maintenance charging on your vehicle. 

However, your Tesla will be fully charged when this process is complete. 

The transition from one-phase to three-phase charging, along with many other factors, contributes to this.

This issue can also be because of a bug in the Tesla firmware. In such a situation, your car will continue to charge even after Smart Charging has attempted to halt it.

Try to activate and deactivate the departure and charging schedules separately.

Why Does My Tesla Stop Charging After a Few Minutes?

Tesla can stop charging when the supercharger station you’re using is faulty or your charger port has a problem.

That’s not all; faulty wall connectors can also affect charging. There are many causes to why your Tesla can stop charging a few minutes after being plugged into the supercharger.

However, I’d be showing you everything about Tesla not charging. Below are different causes of why your Tesla can stop charging, leaving you confused.

Why Tesla Car Stop Charging All of a Sudden

Tesla car models sometimes experience charging issues which you’ll see here. Most faults are not from the company but from these events:

#1. Faulty Superchargers

Tesla is well-known as an electric car, and stations have been situated where this car is used.

Because many people are using these public chargers, they can develop faults.

Once you plug in and notice your car is not charging, don’t panic, but allow another person to test the charger.

You can switch stations if there’s no one to test it with.

This situation could be demanding, but it’s best to check another charger or a different station for differences. 

Tesla is well-built, so you can visit a technician if the issue persists.

#2. Faulty Charging Port

As little as this may seem, this is one of Tesla cars’ major problems.

A blocked, faulty, or damaged can be the major reason you’ve been facing charging difficulties all this while.

Your charging port is one sensitive part of your Tesla model. Any slight intrusion from outside elements can cause charging issues. 

It would be best if you were careful when removing or plugging in.

#2. Faulty Flash Memory

Your flash memory chip, also known as the ‘ECCM chip,’ can also be faulty. This error can also lead to faulty charging you may experience in your Tesla car.

The previous version of this chip couldn’t work effectively because of insufficient memory, but there’s an upgrade.

This upgrade was increased to 8 times higher than the previous version.

This version helps stabilize your Tesla’s function to ensure everything works perfectly.

If you’ve not received this upgrade, then this could also lead to your charging issues.

#3. Faulty Wall Charger

Tesla owners find this issue very often, but it’s very frustrating. This issue can be seen mostly through third-party chargers, especially when many people use one charger.

The way some users are careless with wall chargers makes them worn out and spoils faster.

If the issue is from the wall charger, try purchasing a new tesla wall charger on amazon.

#4. Interruption In Charging

Charging can be interrupted by loose electrical connections, leading to your Tesla not charging.

This cause is not vast because power is stable in the countries this company operates.

How Do You Reset a Tesla Wall Charger?

Resetting your wall charger can be done on a new or old one. Whichever the case may be, follow this step as I show you how to reset.

Now let’s go straight to resetting your Tesla wall charger. Below you can see it:

  • It would help if you first located the circuit breaker through which the charger is connected.
  • Next, you switch the circuit breaker to the off position and wait for almost 20 seconds to allow the residual current to drain.
  • When this is done, turn on the circuit breaker.
  • After the circuit breaker is turned on, wait for the charger to turn on. A green glow will show that the charger is powered and connected successfully.

The above step mentioned is a way to reset your wall charger.

While you know how to reset your wall charger, connecting a new tesla wall charger to your car is what you see next.

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How To Connect Tesla Wall Charger Through WiFi ?

When you connect your wall charger to WiFi, it automatically receives firmware updates.

The best part is ensuring the WiFi has internet access to the latest firmware.

When this is done, follow the step-by-step guide to reset your new or old Tesla wall charger.

Step 1: Prompt Wall Connecter To Broadcast WiFi Signal

You must press the cable handle for five seconds to prompt your wall connector to broadcast a WiFi signal.

Step 2: Make Sure Wall Connecter Is Broadcasting 

When the cable handle is held for five seconds, it will become energized, and the wall socket will display a light.

For Tesla, it usually used to be a green LED that would display.

The glowing green LED light next to the wall connector will display its WiFi access for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Use the Phone To Connect To WiFi Network

To connect with the phone, select Tesla Wall Connector_XXXXXX and connect your device.

This connection will be available when your wall connector prepares your broadcast.

Step 4: Connect To Wall Connector WiFi

You’ll have to enter the 12-digit password to connect to your wall connector WiFi. It’s on the Wall Connector Quick Guide

Use it to connect your phone or any other device to the wall connector.

Step 5: Scan the QR Code

When you’re connected with the wall connector WiFi, the next is to scan the QR code with a phone. 

Afterward, you enter in your web browser to set up the wall connector.

Step 6: Connect To WiFi To Complete Wall Connector Setup 

The final stage is completing the setup by selecting your home WiFi, after which you’ll be asked to enter a password. 

Once this is done, connect to your home, and a confirmation will appear. After this confirmation, your wall socket is ready for use. 

Now that you know this, let’s examine some pros and cons of owning a Tesla model.

Tesla uses electricity as power and not gas.Lack of dealerships.
Tesla has improved air quality.Ludicrous Mode.
Tesla has Over-the-air software updates.Very expensive.

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Tesla models are the only electric cars that don’t use gasoline. This car comes with a wall charger, charging port, and other functional parts any car can have.

However, these electric cars can experience charging issues and car dashboards popping error messages. This article said everything you should know about Tesla cars.

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