Tesla Temporary Registration: Unveil the Mystery!

Tesla is one of the most popular brands in the world of electric vehicles. Its distinct features, such as speed, security, and durability, make it outstanding among its contemporaries. 

However, completing the proper registration for your new Tesla can take longer than you think. 

Therefore, obtaining a temporary registration for your electric vehicle is a very important step when you want to drive your car before completing registration. Doing so is not hard. 

You just need the proper understanding.

Getting a temporary registration license for your Tesla and driving legally with it is not as hard as you think. Moreover, the main purpose of your temporary registration is to allow you to drive comfortably until you get your car’s permanent registration. However, once you get your official Tesla registration, it’s best to swap it before the temporary one expires.

This article explains the ins and outs of Tesla temporary registration, including the duration, costs, and what to do when your tag expires.

Does Tesla Issue Temporary Registration?

Tesla Temporary Registration

Tesla will mail you the necessary documents to obtain a temporary registration for any model you purchase or help you handle titling and registration depending on your residence. 

Therefore, your country will determine whether Tesla will issue a temporary license plate. 

However, if Tesla can’t, it’s the duty of your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the equivalent authority in your country of residence to provide you with a temporary registration. 

These people are responsible for overseeing vehicle registration and providing temporary or permanent permits. 

Therefore, you can complete your vehicle registration process with the appropriate authorities and the right documents you got from Tesla.

Let’s dive into some states in the US and how you can get your registration done. 

#1. Arizona, Georgia, California, Illinois, and Oregon

Suppose you are living in any of these states, Tesla can help you process a temporary registration card to drive your car legally while Tesla processes your vehicle registration. 

Once Tesla completes your vehicle registration, your local DMV will mail you your title and registration card.

#2. New Jersey

Furthermore, if you are a resident of New Jersey in the US, you don’t have to worry about going to the local authorities. 

Tesla will help you complete all your registrations, including your vehicle, title, and registration cards, and mail them to you.

#3. New York, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania

However, if you reside in these states, Tesla cannot provide you with a temporary registration.

Still, Tesla will help you complete all your vehicle registration on your delivery date. 

They will provide registration, and your local department of the vehicle will send the mail containing your vehicle title. 

#4. Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Ohio

For Idaho and Mississippi residents, Tesla will help with your vehicle title and will give you self-registration documents to help you complete the registration at delivery. 

You will receive the self-registration documents for Indiana and Nevada residents by mail.

Also, your local DMV will email you when your online electric vehicle registration is ready. 

For Ohio residents, you will receive an email. It can come as an OH Title or OH Title Memorandum. In addition, you will pay the registration fees at the point of registration. 

How Long Can You Drive a Tesla with Temporary Registration?

The duration you can drive your electric vehicle with temporary registration varies from state to state. The longest you can give is 30 to 60 business days. 

When you start processing your car’s registration application, the DMV issues you a temporary registration permit to drive around legally. 

This license is valid till you receive the complete registration of your Tesla. Furthermore, this license covers everything a permanent license does. 

However, once your permanent license is available, you need to replace the temporary registration license.

Also, when you leave your residence, you might have to obtain a temporary registration permit to drive around the new state.

How Much Does a Tesla Temporary Registration Cost?

Tesla’s Temporary registration is not the same for all countries, and this registration is more expensive than other brands.

The cost depends on the model of Tesla and your location. 

However, some states offer you a discount for your vehicle registration, reducing the price in the location.

The table below highlights the temporary registration fee and duration in some states in the US.

States in the USTemporary Registration Cost Duration 
TexasIt’s ranges between 25$ to 50$It depends on the car’s weight, but it’s around $12.50
California The permit is about $50It covers 100 miles within 60 days.
New York The $25 permit lasts for 72 hours, and the $50 permit for 144 hours.30 days.
FloridaIt costs $30Ten days.
IllinoisIt ranges between $10 and $27$10 for seven days, $27 for 90 days drive-away.
NevadaIt depends on the car weight, but it’s around $12.50Per day.
New Jersey It depends on the car’s weight, but it’s around $12.50For 30 days.

Various factors affect the cost of your Tesla temporary registration.

  • Electric vehicles like Tesla have a higher cost of temporary registration.
  • Also, the time you obtain a vehicle temporary registration permit affects the cost. Longer duration attracts higher fees.
  • Also, some states give discounts if you have a car with lower emissions. Therefore, with your Tesla model, you can obtain your temporary registration permit for a lower price.
  • Additionally, the state or local government can impose extra fees or taxes, thus affecting the cost of registration of your temporary permit. 
  • Lastly, if you fail to renew your temporary registration immediately after it expires, you might have to pay fines or extra fees. Therefore, it’s best to follow the renewal deadline.

Can You Be Fined for Driving with an Expired Temporary Registration?

Driving your car with an expired temporary registration is illegal in all states in the US. 

However, the penalty for expired registration tags varies in each state, even if you are not driving the vehicle currently.

Here are the penalties for driving a car with an expired registration tag:

  • You may get fined if the police catch you for driving your car with expired temporary registration.

The fine varies with the state and duration of your vehicle being unregistered. However, it ranges between $100 to $200 with surcharge.

  • Also, suppose your vehicle fails the inspection checkup or you fail to renew your temporary registration permit on time.

In that case, the police might tow your vehicle rather than allow you to drive it.

  • Sometimes, you may have to appear in court to receive your fine even if you have renewed your vehicle registration.

You can’t escape a court hearing. You have to be present.

  • Although not always, drivers with expired temporary registration can spend some days in jail. 

However, if you are pulled over or had an accident with an expired registration, it’s best to follow the following procedures.

  • An expired registration tag does not matter when an accident occurs due to the other driver’s carelessness.

However, the police might scold you or even give you a traffic ticket for expired temporary registration. Nothing more!

  • If your registration is current, but you don’t have the tag in your vehicle, it’s best to prove it by showing the police your online registration or providing proof of correction later.

The law is mainly concerned about unregistered cars. Therefore, you are safe registering your vehicle, even if your tag has expired.

To avoid all these penalties, it’s best to immediately renew your vehicle’s temporary registration permit when it expires. Doing so will save you money and stress.

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