This is How to Tell If Tesla is Locked On the App!

In today’s world, where security is paramount, taking further steps to secure your vehicle is necessary.

Tesla, an innovative automobile brand, continues to develop several exciting technologies. It provides several features that allow users to lock and unlock their cars.

For instance, the Tesla app is an application that enables users to perform several functions through their mobile devices, including locking and unlocking the vehicle.

But how can you tell if your vehicle is locked on the app?

You can tell that your Tesla is locked on the app by viewing the application home screen where your vehicle’s status displays. There, you’ll find the lock and unlock padlock symbol. So, if the locked symbol is on display, it indicates your Tesla is locked. Also, this app displays other settings that allow you to control your car remotely.

In this guide post, I’ll explain how you can tell that your car is locked from the app and the various steps to locking and unlocking your car on the app.

In addition, you’ll know how to link your Tesla to the mobile application.

How Do You Tell If Your Tesla Is Locked on App?

How To Tell If Tesla Is Locked On The App

You can tell your Tesla is locked on the Tesla mobile app by checking for the locked symbol on the app’s home screen.

First, you’ll need to download the app if you don’t have it on your smart device. You can download the app on your Apple device or your Android

After linking your vehicle to the app and creating an account, you can control some settings on your vehicle via your smart device anywhere.

To confirm if your vehicle is locked from the app, visit the application and locate the locked icon on the screen.

You’ll find the UNLOCK/LOCK icon on the right side of the screen, amongst other icons. The screen shows UNLOCK with a secured padlock symbol when your car is locked.

However, if it’s unlocked, you’ll see LOCK on display with an open padlock symbol. Using the Tesla app effectively lets you confirm that your car is locked to ease your fear.

Moreover, apart from checking this status, you can also lock and unlock your car remotely.

Furthermore, apart from confirming the lock status from your app, you can also tell that your vehicle is locked by observing the exterior. 

If your car is locked, the flank mirrors will fold inwards, and the door handles will retract to align with the car’s body.

Additionally, if you use the key fob or key card, it’ll emit a sound while flashing its light to confirm it’s locked.

Can You Lock and Unlock Tesla from the App? (Step by Step Guide)

Yes, you can lock and unlock your Tesla from the mobile app. This application allows users to control several features on their mobile devices.

Moreover, locking your Tesla from the app is a timely and secure way to safeguard your vehicle. Also, it provides several options to users to lock and unlock their vehicles remotely.

To lock or unlock your Tesla from the app, you only need to tap on the required icon. 

Below is how to lock or unlock your Tesla from the app:

  • Click open the app on your smart device
  • Click Controls
  • Next, click the UNLOCK OR LOCK option
  • Tap yes on the popup window

As I’ve earlier established, you’ll find a closed padlock symbol with the UNLOCK option when your car is locked. All you need to do is tap on this icon to unlock it.

On the other hand, when your Tesla is unlocked, you’ll find the LOCK option instead with an open padlock. Click on the LOCK option to lock your vehicle.

Also, you can use your phone as a key to lock or unlock your Tesla if you set up the application on your smartphone. Your phone will communicate with your Tesla via Bluetooth.

As you exit your vehicle and walk away with the phone, the doors lock when it detects the phone’s Bluetooth signal.

Likewise, the doors will unlock as you approach your vehicle with your phone. This mechanism is called a Walk-away Door or Automatic Locking or Unlocking.

Below are the steps to use the phone key to lock and unlock your Tesla:

  • Download the Tesla app and set up an account.
  • Log into your account, then turn on your phone’s Bluetooth
  • Also, enable Bluetooth within the Tesla app settings 
  • Turn on Location Access.
  • On the car’s touchscreen, enable Mobile Access by clicking Controls> Safety > Allow Mobile Access. 
  • Select the Phone Key on the Tesla app and follow the instructions. Likewise, follow instructions on the vehicle’s touchscreen to set up the phone key. 

Note: you can add up to three phones as Key. However, while using a phone, ensure the other phones are out of range or turn off Bluetooth.

Below are other methods to lock and unlock your Tesla:

#1. Key Card

Tesla provides key cards that use RFID(radio frequency identification) technology to transmit and receive signals from your vehicle.

This keyless access to your vehicle is an essential backup to lock or unlock your vehicle if your phone isn’t available. However, it doesn’t support automatic locking and unlocking.

To use a key card,

  • Tap it against the designated area on the driver’s side door column.
  • When your vehicle detects the car, the mirrors fold to lock or unfold to unlock, and the lights flash.
  • Also, the vehicle horn sounds if the lock confirmation sound is activated.

#2. Key Fob

The key fob is a car-shaped accessory you can get for your Tesla. It provides another keyless way to lock or unlock your Tesla when you’re within the operating range.

Also, it supports automatic locking and unlocking and comes with a trunk and frunk button to open the front and rear trunks.

The lock and unlock buttons are located at the center, while the front and rear trunk buttons are at the front and back, respectively, the same way on the vehicle.

To use the key fob,

  • Single-click the key fob center to lock the doors and trunk. First, ensure you close the doors and trunks.
  • Double-click the center to unlock the doors and trunks.
  • Double-click the front and rear buttons to open either trunk.

How to Link Your Tesla to the Phone App (A Detailed Guide)?

To link your Tesla to the phone app is straightforward.

Linking your vehicle to the mobile app allows you to access your vehicle from anywhere as long as your car and phone have connectivity.

Below are the steps to link your Tesla to your phone app:

  • Download the Tesla app and set up your account
  • Sign into the account
  • Next, enable mobile access on your vehicle’s touchscreen
  • To grant this access, tap Controls on the screen, select Safety, then Mobile Access 
  • Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth
  • Make sure to switch on the feature within your phone’s settings for the Tesla app. For example, go to your phone’s settings, select the Tesla app, and enable the Bluetooth setting. 

Additionally, to allow the application to communicate with your Tesla, ensure you connect to a cellular network.

After linking your Tesla to the app, you can view your vehicle’s status: charging information, range, and drive mode on the app’s home screen.

Also, you’ll be able to lock or unlock the vehicle and manage climate control.

Below is a table showing the pros and cons of using the Tesla app

It provides convenience to users, allowing them to access their vehicles from anywhere. Connectivity issues can pose a problem 
The app is free to download and use It’s not compatible with all devices. It would help if you had an Android and iOS phone that’s compatible with the app to use it.
It’s easy to use and navigate. Users’ errors are not uncommon. People often forget their passwords to log in
Tesla provides security for your password, allowing only you access to the application. Prone to glitches and technical errors

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