Tesla Keep Mode: Enhance Your Tesla Experience!

The electric vehicles produced by Tesla are famed for their cutting-edge technology, and the other fantastic thing is the tonne of fascinating features.

The charismatic owner doesn’t resist incorporating new features into his Tesla models.

You may have heard of Tesla’s keep mode, and if you are curious to learn more about it, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn everything you need about Tesla Keep mode.

The Tesla Keep mode is a temperature control component that helps maintain a comfortable internal temperature when you park your vehicle. It guards against freezing and excessive heating of sensitive electronics, passengers, and other personal items in the vehicle.

This article will explain everything you need about the Tesla Keep Climate on (Keep Mode).

By the end, you will know how it functions, how to activate the keep mode feature, and the best ways to maintain the health of your battery while using the keep mode.

What Is the Tesla Keep Mode?

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Tesla Keep Mode allows you to keep your Tesla’s climate control and other related features of your Tesla running when you exit the vehicle.

You can keep the AC or heat on for your passengers’ groceries, play music, and charge devices.

Keep Mode is ideal if you need to make a quick stop and want to maintain the perfect temperature of your vehicle while you are outside.

It’s also great for camping or drive-in movies when you want to keep the climate control running all night.

The best part is you can check on your Tesla or make adjustments to Keep Mode settings remotely using the mobile app on your phone.

However, it is helpful to know that using Dog Mode when leaving your pets in the vehicle is ideal because it is designed for the comfort of your hairy friend.

Generally, the keep mode feature is similar to prompting the climate system from within Tesla’s application. They differ in duration and the notifications you will get from Tesla.

It would help to know that the Keep Mode feature won’t function if your battery charge is below 20%; as such, you should avoid using the feature when you have a low battery.

Also, you cannot perform a system update when Keep Mode is active. 

Regardless, the Keep Climate On feature is a fantastic component of your vehicle and comes in handy anytime you park your car and desire to maintain its ideal temperature.

How to Activate Tesla Keep Mode?

Activating the Keep Mode on your Tesla is not a big deal. You will find the weather controls at the bottom of the touchscreen. 

To enter the primary climate controls panel, you can change your climate choices by touching the displayed temperature at the touchscreen’s bottom.

Here is how to activate your Tesla Keep Mode.

  • To begin with, ensure you park your Tesla and have a good battery charge left.
  • On the touchscreen, tap the control icon (fan icon) to open the climate control menu.
  • Next, select the Keep Climate On option to activate the Keep Mode.
  • In addition, adjust the temperature to your desired setting, and Keep Mode will maintain the selected temperature.
  • Furthermore, you can schedule Keep Mode to turn on at a certain time if you want your Tesla precooled or preheated before your drive.
  • To turn off the feature, tap the disable button on the control screen.

The Keep Mode allows you to leave your Tesla while keeping the inside at a comfortable temperature.

Your Tesla will efficiently manage the climate control until you return, ensuring your car’s interior temperature is perfect for your drive.

Overall, the Keep Mode is an eco-friendly feature that enhances your ownership experience.

Do All Teslas Have the Keep Mode?

The Keep Mode is a standard feature on Tesla vehicles. 

The Keep Mode allows you to maintain an ideal temperature inside your Tesla at a comfortable level for personal items or perishable goods when you leave your vehicle.

You can find the keep mode of your Tesla located in the climate control settings on the center touchscreen of your vehicle.

You can set your desired temperature before exiting the vehicle, then tap the Keep Climate On to activate the Mode.

The Keep Mode feature works by periodically running the climate control system to achieve and maintain the set temperature after you leave your Tesla.

The Keep Mode cycles the fan and heating or cooling as needed based on the interior and exterior temperatures.

To conserve battery, the Keep Mood may temporarily allow the temperature to fluctuate by a few degrees before resuming active climate control.

Generally, Tesla vehicles have a similar feature called Dog Mode to keep the interior at a safe temperature for pets.

The Dog Mode displays a message on the center touchscreen to alert passersby that the climate control is active and your pet is safe.

Overall, the Keep Mode is an essential component of Tesla vehicles, and it’s of great benefit to all Tesla owners, especially those who go on road trips and camping.

During a road trip or camp, to maximize your time in Keep Mode, park in a spot with access to amenities; campsites and RV parks are good options.

Also, keep your phone charged to control features from the app, like turning on or off climate control.

You can also schedule when Keep Mode activates and deactivates for your trip.

Tesla Keep Mode Versus Camp Mode: What Are the Differences?

Tesla’s Keep Mode and Camp Mode offer different functionality when you are not driving your vehicle. 

It would help to understand the distinction between the two modes to help you determine which is right for your needs.

Keep Mode provides continuous power to essential vehicle components and climate control systems for an extended time after parking and exiting the car.

Keep Mode lets you keep the interior at a comfortable temperature and maintain the charge in the main battery pack.

Unlike Camp Mode, Keep Mode stays active until deactivated or the battery level goes below 20%.

On the other hand, Camp Mode allows you to power certain vehicle features, and the activeness period depends on the activation method.

Camp Mode is ideal for using features like the infotainment system, USB charging, overhead lighting, and HVAC to relax in your car comfortably.

The Camp Mode is appropriate for road trips and camping adventures. You can either activate Camp Mode from the touchscreen or your mobile application.

Regardless of the differences, both provide an eco-friendly way to maintain the perfect environment in your Tesla, whether camping or just running errands around town.

Knowing how the two modes differ and when each is most appropriate will help you get the most out of your Tesla’s capabilities when parked or camping.

Also, you must monitor your car’s charge levels with either Mode to prevent draining the battery, and with the right Mode selected, you will enjoy your Tesla even when the drive is over.

Check the table below for a summary and feature comparison of the Keep and Camp Modes.

FeatureKeep Mode Camp Mode 
Sentry Mode Sentry mode is enabled.Sentry mode is disabled.
Efficiency Keep Mode is highly efficient.Camp mode is less efficient.
Notifications Yes, when the battery level gets to 20%.Yes, when the battery level gets to 20%.

Does Tesla Keep Mode Drain Your Battery?

When using Tesla Keep Mode, most owners’ main concern is the battery drain. 

The short answer is yes: Keep Mode will reduce your battery over time. However, it would help to know that the drain is relatively minimal.

Keep Mode is designed to impact range and battery life little, but extended or frequent use can reduce your overall range over time.

Limit the use of Keep Mode and charge your Tesla regularly to maintain optimal battery health and performance.

Once you activate Keep Mode, your Tesla enters a low-power sleep state to conserve energy. 

Usually, the HVAC system will cycle periodically to maintain your target temperature. 

The frequency, however, depends on factors like outside temperature and the desired temperature you set.

Activation of the Keep Mode allows features like the sentry mode and security cameras to remain active to monitor for any threats, and all of these factors contribute to a power drain.

Depending on how long you leave the Keep Mode activated, the battery drain level will vary based on settings and the environment.

Regardless of the battery drain, Keep Mode allows you to comfortably regulate the temperature of your parked vehicle for long periods while only sacrificing a small amount of range.

It would help to know that, for most owners, the trade-off is worth it for the convenience. 

However, if range anxiety is still a concern, you can activate Keep Mode when your battery level is higher.

How Long Should You Leave Your Tesla in Keep Mode?

Tesla’s Keep Mode lets you keep your Tesla’s climate control system when parked. 

In essence, you can leave perishable goods and other items in your vehicle for an extended time while running errands.

You’ve decided to enable the Keep Mode feature of your Tesla, and you’re not too sure how long you should leave; well, keep reading to find out.

Generally, the duration of Keep Mode will depend on several factors, including:

  • The charge level of your Tesla’s battery when you activate the Keep Mode feature.
  • The specific climate control settings you select, although more intense heating or cooling, will drain the battery faster.
  • The ambient temperature. Colder or hotter weather requires more energy to maintain the set temperature, reducing the run time.

However, you can leave the Keep Mode for 3 to 12 hours when maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature in average weather.

When heating or cooling in hot or cold weather, you can leave the Keep Mode running for 1 to 6 hours.

If you use the fan to circulate air, you can allow the Keep Mode to run for up to 24 hours.

The exact time remaining will display on your Tesla’s touchscreen when you activate Keep Mode so you know when to return. 

In addition, the vehicle will also notify your phone when the battery reaches 20% while in Keep Mode as a reminder.

Regardless of whether you are on a cross-country road trip or want to cruise around town, once you park your car, Keep Mode has got you covered.

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