Is Tesla Homelink Worth It? Make the Right Choice!

Tesla manufactures some of the best electric cars in the market. Many people opt for their vehicles because of their several extra features.

This extends to the Homelink module, which makes life easier for car owners. This module can reduce stress and control several functions.

But, having the module in your car may seem futile if you don’t understand how it operates. Thankfully, we will explain the worth of the module in this article.

The Tesla Homelink module is worth every effort and money spent. This module lets you control your home system without getting out of your car. It is a garage door opener, alarm activator, and lighting controller with just three buttons. Investing in the Homelink module to experience all this won’t be a bad idea.

In this article, I will help you know the Tesla models with a default Homelink module, the cost of installing one in a car, and the functions of the module and its benefits.

You’ll also understand how the connection between the Homelink feature and your devices works.

Do All Tesla Models Come with Homelink?

Tesla Homelink Worth It

Only a few Tesla models come with the Homelink. However, you can install the function in all the models. Every Tesla model can sync and function with Homelink.

This feature was a standard design in all the models before the manufacturing company removed it in the Model 3 in 2019.

Currently, the Model X and S come with the Homelink feature. Nonetheless, you can purchase and install it in your Model 3 with the help of Tesla.

On the other hand, the Model Y doesn’t have the feature installed except after delivery. You can decide to request an installation after getting the car.

The company will ship it to a service center in your location. Then, you will get a service appointment for its installation.

The Tesla expert will complete the installation process on the Tesla app. So, let them handle the Homelink installation process.

How Much Does Tesla Homelink Cost?

The Tesla Homelink is an amazing feature, so you might have to pay extra. The current price stands at $350 plus installation.

You can purchase it at the Tesla shop or your local service center. You must let a Tesla service technician install it whichever way you access it.

The company will ship it to your location whenever you purchase it from the official store. Then, you must book an installation appointment on the Tesla app.

The technician will help you install it and test everything. Once the feature works effectively, you set to use it for your benefit.

What Does the Tesla Homelink Do?

The Tesla Homelink feature is a remote control system that helps you open and close your home’s entrance gate and garage door.

It connects with your lock system and acts without you coming out of your car. The Homelink feature also performs other functions to keep your home running.

It can activate and deactivate your resident’s alarm system. It can also control the external lighting, home electronics, and other appliances.

Integrating the Homelink module into your car system gives you access to all these functions. You can enjoy a stress-free life while utilizing the best of your Tesla.

Your Model X and S already have the module integrated into their system. You only have to request an installation service to do the same for any model 3 and Y.

Furthermore, the Homelink function controls all these functions with just three buttons. The installation process integrates these buttons into your car.

The function can link up to three radio frequency-controlled devices and functions simultaneously.

These include:

  • The entrance gates
  • The external lights
  • The entire security system
  • The garage doors

Confirming your Tesla has the Homelink feature is easy; you only have to check it through your car display system.

Here is how to do it:

  • Navigate to the controls option.
  • Select “Software” from the list of options.
  • Choose “Additional Vehicle Information” to see all the information about your car. This will also display the car’s hardware.
  • Check the hardware function list for the option “Garage Door Opener.”
  • If the function status shows “Installed,” your vehicle has the Homelink module. “Not installed” means it is absent from your vehicle’s system.

You can also see the type of Homelink module in your vehicle on this page. You may see something like “Homelink 5 (Opt 2) or a different number.

Having the Homelink function on your car makes life easier. However, there are some disadvantages to using this function on your Tesla.

The table below outlines the pros and cons of the function of the module.

It is a stress-free and safe way to enter and exit your residenceIt is not present in the Model Y and 3
It can predict the appropriate distance to open the garage door and other functions.It requires spending more to install the module
It is easy to install and program devicesIt can only connect to three devices
It is compatible with almost every garage door opener and gate systemGetting a Tesla service technician to install it may be challenging

Do You Need to Turn on Tesla to Use Homelink?

Your homelink module functions from your car’s screen display, so you need to turn on the vehicle to program it.

In addition, it requires a WiFi connection or cellular data to control any function through Tesla’s myQ integration.

This connection is natural for Tesla models with a default Homelink module. That notwithstanding, you can set up the connection on other models.

This is easier if your garage door supports the My system. The module won’t connect without my compatibility with the garage door.

In addition, you must have a strong WiFi network in your garage to control your garage through the vehicle system.

You can also use my Q on your smartphone with WiFi. This will help you control and monitor the module on several devices.

Programming the Homelink is quite straightforward. But, it requires your presence before the installation and programming.

Here are the steps to programming the Homelink module on your residence:

Step 1: Set Up the Garage Door

You’ll first need your garage door opener remote control or quick access to the garage door motor.

If you use the latter, ensure plenty of space and a durable step ladder. You need to achieve your aim within a specific amount of time.

You can contact someone for assistance to make it easier. You need all the help you can get for this procedure.

Step 2: Set Up the Homelink

After setting up the garage, you must access your Tesla’s screen

  • Select the Homelink icon at the top of the display screen. The icon looks like a house with an arrow.
  • Next, select the Homelink settings to proceed. This will take you to the page where you can add your garage door and other accessories.
  • Select “Add New Homelink” and create a name you can easily remember for your garage door.
  • Select “Create Homelink” to proceed.

Step 3: Set Up the Mode

The next page will ask you to set a transmit mode for the module. You must select a mode based on your location and car programming method.

There are three different modes:

  • Standard Mode: This is the basic and most popular mode. This mode is quite simple to set up with your garage door remote.

It is best to use the standard mode if it is your first time using the Homelink module.

  • D-Mode: This mode is best if your garage door opener motor uses the ‘Smart’ or ‘Learn’ button.
  • UR-Mode: This mode is similar to the D-mode. It also requires using the ‘Learn’ button to operate.

Select your preferred mode and choose “Set Mode.”

Step 4: Set Up Opening Distance

Your car’s Homelink should be able to predict your arrival and parking distance. So, you need to program that into the system.

You must park your car directly in front of your garage. This helps the car to use this location to determine the time to open the garage door.

You can also set the distance required for your car to send the garage opening signal before reaching your location.

Step 5: Program Your Selected Mode

Now, you must program your selected mode to do what you want. There is a detailed step about this procedure in the Homelink user manual.

However, it will require pressing buttons on your garage door opener remote or motor.

It depends on your selected mode, so you need these devices.

Step 6: Test the Homelink system

After programming the mode, the car will bring a prompt to test the Homelink installation.

You can always choose a different option if the garage door button doesn’t work.

Once the garage doors open when you press the button, select “Save” to finalize your settings and installation.

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