Does Ford Transit Connect Come In AWD? (Let’s See)

The power of an All-wheel drive vehicle is enticing, especially when you live in countries where you frequently have to deal with snow and icy, slippery roads.

Due to this, many people tend to search for cars with All-wheel drive when they plan on buying a new ride.

So if the Ford Transit Connect has gotten your attention, you rightfully should be curious about whether this mid-size van comes with this feature, well, does it?

Some Ford Transit Connect do come with a top-tier all-wheel drive. According to multiple reviews and studies, the Ford Transit Connect’s AWD is one of the most intelligent AWD’s you can find in cargo-sized vans released in recent years. The 2020 model is the most recent Transit Connect model that comes with AWD. So, if you need a Transit Connect that you can trust to handle the snow, go for the 2020 model. 

Does Ford Transit Connect Come In 4WD?

Ford Transit Connect Come

The 4WD and AWD are two drive systems that are sometimes confused with each other.

Some people also use these terms interchangeably because they think they mean the same thing.

There’s a huge similarity between these drive systems, but there are not the same thing.

They are both drive systems where all four wheels can have traction independent of the other three tires.

The difference is that with AWD vehicles, that feature is always active, but with the 4WD, you can switch the drive system to two-wheel drive or make adjustments to them.

So which of these two drive systems does the Ford Transit Connect come with? Unfortunately, none of Ford’s recent Transit Connect models come in 4WD. 

You won’t be getting multiple drive systems that you can switch if you go for Transit Connect; I’m sorry.

Understandably, Ford doesn’t see the need the equip this cargo van with 4WD as this is a feature mostly given to trucks, trucks that need all the power and control they can get on the road.

So yeah, no 4WD for the transit connect.

Is The Ford Transit Connect Front Wheel Drive?

Despite the power that a 4WD or AWD will give, so many people still prefer vehicles with a Front-Wheel Drive system, and for good reasons.

With a Front Wheel Drive system, you get better fuel economy than the other two drive systems because your car’s engine won’t be demanding a lot to power all four tires.

If you’re one of these people, you may be hoping that Ford Transit Connect does come with Front Wheel Drive, does it?

Some Transit connect models do come with a Front-wheel drive. You may be excited to hear that one of these models equipped with Front-wheel drive is the most recent.

Yes, the 2022 Ford Transit Connect has a Front-wheel drive system.

If you’re letting go of the money needed to get the 2022 model this early in the year, you may find it a bit comforting that you’ll have better fuel economy than many SUVs and small vans. 

I’ve already mentioned the benefits of having a vehicle with an engine supplying power to all four wheels.

If you don’t mind missing out on this, the 2022 model would be a very good choice.

Is There A 4X4 Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit is a standard-sized van; hence it’s bigger and stronger than the Transit connect.

However, due to its need for more power and control, Ford motor Company has equipped its latest model, the 2022 Transit, with a 4X4 system.

If you’re not familiar with the term 4X4, it’s just another name for the Four-wheel drive system, four independent tractions to four wheels, that will give 4X4. 

So yes, the 4X4 drive system is one of the positives the Transit has over the Transit connect; they’re two vehicles designed for slightly different purposes.

The Transit can sit up to 15 people and tow weights of up to 7500 pounds! Its design can easily take “stressful” tasks compared to the connect, which seems more suited for comfy group rides on good roads.

The Ford Motor Company has equipped the Transit with a 4X4 or four-wheel drive. 

What Problems Does Ford Transit Connect Have?

The Ford Transit Connect has been one of the most popular cargo worldwide in recent years, and for many good reasons.

Still, despite the many amazing features recent models of the Transit Connect come with, a good number of car experts and car owners don’t put it that high up their list of mid-size vans; why?

Many users have pointed out a couple of problems that come with the transit connection. What are these problems?

#1. Easily Damaged Soy-based Wire Coating

In recent models, Ford Motor Company has traded stronger, less eco-friendly wire coating for softer, more eco-friendly material.

This act is thoughtful of them, and we appreciate Ford trying to play a part in the “green” movement.

Unfortunately, Rodents don’t see the world the way we do. If they see something chewable in a warm and comfy place, there’s a high chance there will be no hesitation to chew on them.

Several owners of not Transit Connect in the past have made complaints about how easy it is for Rodents to get past the coating and the tires.

If you live in an area where there’s a good chance of your vehicle coming in contact with rodents, this may be an issue.

#2. Faulty “MyFord Touch”

Ford introduced the “MyFord Touch” in 2010. It was an attempt at creativity to make controlling the numerous features of Ford vehicles easier to access and use.

Unfortunately, in early models of the Transit connect that came with this feature, the reception wasn’t good.

It was closer to uncomfortable than too comfortable, as many users tagged it “needlessly complicated.” 

During the early “MyFord Touch” days, this was a big issue that caused a huge decline in their ratings. However, more recent models appear easier for Ford users to understand and use.

This can be attributed to Ford simplifying its “MyFord Touch” features or users better & understanding the touch’s complications, perhaps a combination of both. 

Whatever the case, just know that if you’ve not had any previous dealings with the “MyFord Touch,” you may need assistance from the owner’s guide and Ford guide videos on the internet.

Is The Ford Transit Connect Good In Snow?

I stated earlier that AWD and 4WD vehicles tend to handle snow and slippery roads much better than FWD vehicles.

This is because of the increased power and control you get when all four of your tires give traction independent of the other tires.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t expect the models that come with FWD drive like the 2022 model to perform and models equipped with AWD. 

So it’s your choice. The AWD models of the Transit connect, like the 2020 model, handle the snow very well.

If you go for the latest version, expect comfort and better fuel economy, but no top-tier snow handling.

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The Transit and Transit connect are two very beautiful modern-day vans.

Yes, they have a few problems, but I don’t think there’s a car that doesn’t, especially cars within the range of the Transit and Transit.

So whether you go for an AWD or FWD model, I hope you have pleasant rides.

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