Does Ford Accept Apple Pay? (Things You Must Know)

If you want to purchase a Ford Vehicle or purchase at the Ford Merchandise Store, you have to make a payment.

However, like all other businesses, Ford can choose which payment method it will accept.

So is Apple pay a viable payment method at Ford outlets and Ford Merchandise Store. Does Ford accept Apple Pay payments at the cash register?

Can you use Apple pay on their mobile apps or purchase on their website? Does Ford accept Apple pay? Let’s consider all these in this article.

Ford does not accept Apple Pay. The Ford Merchandise Store does not accept it as a mode of payment. Neither is it accepted on the website, cash register, or mobile apps. So if you want to purchase with Ford, you need to have alternative means of payment because they will not accept your Apple pay.

Does Ford Accept Apple Pay?

Ford Accept Apple Pay

Ford does not accept Apple Pay at any of its outlets, apps, or websites. Apple pay is a prevalent online payment platform, and hundreds of retailers worldwide use it.

However, it is not accepted everywhere just yet.

However, for Ford and other retailers like K-mart, Walmart, and others, Apple pay is not an option for payment in outlets.

Ford’s non-acceptance of Apple pay could be because Ford has a payment system that resembles Apple pay, although theirs is known as Ford pay.

Just like Apple pay, Ford pay allows you to tap and pay with your phone after making purchases at any Ford Merchandise Store or online on their website.

Unsurprisingly, the Ford pay feature comes with the new Ford pass app. With the app, you can start your engine, warm up your car in the morning, and check your gas levels from your Android device’s comfort.

The Ford pay feature is just one of the perks of the Ford pass app. That is most likely why the company does not accept Apple pay.

Why rely on an online payment system when you can make your own.

Other than Apple pay, there are other payment options that Ford does not accept.

  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Shop Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Alipay
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid cards

However, there are several payment options available to customers.

Simply because Ford does not take Apple pay does not mean there are no other options you can explore to pay for your purchase with Ford.

Some of the other payment options are:

#1. Cash

Cash is King, well, not as royal as a few years ago with the advent of the internet, online payment platforms, money transfers, and cash apps.

But you can still pay for most things with cash. And while Ford may not accept Apple pay, they do take cash.

So if you want to purchase at a physical store or Ford Merchandise Store, you can use cash.

#2. Online

If you want to make payments online, you can make the payments on the same day or make automatic payments.

  • To Make or schedule an online payment, all you have to do is sign into account managers, go to the Payments Tab, and schedule a payment.
  • You can also have payments automatically deducted from your savings account or your checking account.

    Sign in to your account manager, go to the settings by clicking the icon on the top right corner and select automatic payments from the drop-down menu.

#3. Telephone

With your automated service, you can make payments using your telephone. They will take these telephone payments from your Savings or Checking account.

Current accounts can even schedule telephone payments one month in advance. 

#4. Cheque

You can also make payments using a cheque. You’ll need to mail your cheque and your payment invoice to the address written on your invoice.

If you don’t have an invoice, log into the account manager and locate the invoice on any of your previous statements. Does Ford Charge For Diagnostics? (Let’s See)

#5. Payroll Deduction

Active and retired government employees and Ford employees can have payments deducted from the payroll.

Although Ford employees can download the payroll enrollment form, government employees can enroll through their enrollment department.

#6. Wire Transfer

You can do this using MoneyGram or Western Union. Locate a MoneyGram office near you by accessing their website.

Ford would apply Payment to your account on the next business day if they received it after 6 pm ET. MoneyGram will issue you a MoneyGram Express Payment Number.

Make sure you keep it safe for your records. Does Ford EcoSport Have AWD? (Let’s Find Out)


While several businesses have begun accepting Apple pay as a means of payment for goods and services, Ford does not accept Apple pay.

Along with PayPal, Google pay, Alipay, and several other online payment forums.

Despite that, there are other options you can employ to make payments when you purchase with Ford.

Additionally, the company itself has come up with an online payment platform known as Ford pay.

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