Fake Vogue Tires? (Read This First)

Who doesn’t hate getting scammed? Fake Vogue tires are becoming so common that it takes a discerning eye and a lot of guts to not fall prey to people selling them.

So, if you’re about to get some Vogue tires for your SUV or truck, you may be wary of imitations, and you probably want to avoid them.

But, knowing this, how exactly can you identify them?

Vogue tire imitations often do not have Vogue’s logo on them. Also, they don’t have the white and gold stripes on their rims. While some may have these stripes, they’re marked with inferior paint. Also, the threading on fake Vogue tires is mediocre at best; these tires wear off easily.

What Are Fake Vogue Tires?

Fake Vogue tires are cheap imitations of Vogue Tyres®’ tires. They are usually made with inferior rubber and have less than standard threading. 

Fake Vogue tires are usually made and distributed by generic tire makers. While some are cheap and quite identifiable as imitations, others are pretty hard to spot.

Imitation vogue tires usually target cheapskates who want their vehicles to look sleek and expensive without spending high amounts on the original. 

Other knock-off vogues are made by greedy rip-offs who try their best to imitate these tires and make a killing from their sales.

Unlike other imitation makers, they try their best to convince their customers that they are selling the real stuff.

However, to avoid infringing copyrights, they usually trademark their tires with slightly different spellings or use different but very similar paint shades for their tire rims. 

Why Are Vogue Tires So Expensive?

Vogue tires are so expensive because they are made with quality materials and provide ultra-high performance. 

Their tires are usually targeted toward high-end customers. But, over the years, they’ve served as a reliable tire brand for many celebrities.

And even some companies make exclusive deals with Vogue for custom-built radial tires.

So, think of it as clothing. There are dirt cheap clothes and designer clothing. However, designer clothing that serves almost the same purposes costs more.

Why? A flair for using designer clothing gives, aside from their durability, makes them exceptional.

That’s the same way Vogue tires are. They provide elegance to your vehicle and still serve better than regular tires.

Are Vogue Tires Worth The Money?

Yes, Vogue tires are worth the money you spend on them. First, they’ll last longer on your vehicle than normal tires, especially wide-track touring ones.

Secondly, they’ll match the expensive vehicle you’re using. As you may know, Vogue tires aren’t made for every vehicle.

You wouldn’t expect to see a homeless person wearing Chanel on the street, would you? In the same vein, vogue tires aren’t meant for old-fashioned taxis or every sedan on the road. 

Like the Vogue custom-built radial VII, these tires are specially designed for high-end SUVs and trucks, luxury sedans, and convertibles.

So, if you have one, say a Cadillac, no other tire will fit it like a Vogue. 

Furthermore, as aforementioned, Vogue tires are very durable. They have exceptional traction and have ultra-high performance even in rocky and sloped terrain.

What’s Special About Vogue Tires?

Vogue tires are made from high-end rubber. They have quality threading that provides exceptional traction.

Furthermore, they have white and gold or red sidewalls that are stunning. Join me as I go through these features and more below.

#1. High-Quality Materials:

Vogue Tyres have been operating for more than a century. So, they’ve pretty much mastered the craft and bested many top tire makers.

Vogue ensures that it sources high-end rubber to manufacture its tires. Tires made from this rubber wear off less easily and do not expand quickly on hot asphalt.

Furthermore, Vogue tires are packed with layers of materials that protect the tires from damage such as nail punctures.

Some custom tires even have kevlar on them, which shows how much attention Vogue pays to the protection these tires provide.

#2. Great Threading and Treadwear:

Also, Vogue tires have unique twin threading that makes for better traction even in slippery conditions.

The Vogue CBR wide track touring tire is a good example of impeccable threading.

The chemistry between the treadwear and the threading of Vogue tires is astonishing.

They provide less drag and more speed despite the solid traction.

#3. Customization:

In addition, Vogue makes custom-built radial tires for special vehicles.

If you want red sidewall tires, you can reach out to them and place your order with your vehicle specifications.

You’ll have a new set of quality custom tires delivered to you in a few weeks.

#4. Beauty:

Gold-colored sidewalls and metallic white rims have been a trademark of Vogue for decades, and you can’t deny the beauty they add to luxury vehicles.

The new bright red sidewalls look nothing short of amazing and having your SUV or luxury truck fitted with a tire this color will increase its aesthetic appeal.

So, these features mentioned above— high-quality materials, superior treadwear and threading, customization, and even the brand name — make Vogue tires very special.

How to Spot Fake Vogue Tires?

Fake Vogue tires have different threading from Vogue’s, they usually feel lighter, and their color fades away after a few washes. 

#1. Different threading:

Imitation Vogue tires usually fail to copy the exact threading on original Vogue tires. It’s really difficult to copy threading as unique as those on Vogue tires.

So, if you’ve seen original Vogue custom-built tires before, and the one you’re seeing doesn’t have the same threading or doesn’t even come close to the design of the original, it’s most likely a knock-off.

#2. Inferior quality:

One reason Vogue tires are as expensive is the high-end material used in making them.

Imitation tires don’t usually have these materials, so they feel a lot lighter and wear off more quickly.

#3. Different colors:

The gold and white sidewalls of Vogue are registered trademarks. If knock-offs use the same color as Vogue, they could go out of business for copyright infringement.

So, they usually go for different shades. If you notice that the tires’ sidewalls are lined with a different tint of gold from the original Vogue, it is a fake tire.

#4. Different name:

Some imitation companies get very creative when branding their tires to avoid infringing Vogue’s copyrights.

They use names that sound like Vogue, such as “The Vogue” or “Vogue’s.”

Then, when they run out of options, they intentionally use wrong spellings like “Vougue” to confuse buyers. So, if you see branding like this, it’s definitely a red flag.

#5. Faded color:

Vogue tires do not easily fade. They retain their black sheen for a very long time.

Because knock-offs don’t have the resources to invest in technology that helps their tires retain their color for long, they usually fade quickly. 

#6. Cheap price:

Original Vogue tires are not cheap. Vogue tires like the custom-built radial VII typically cost north of $200.

So you should be wary if a dealer sells a Vogue tire for less than the regular price. Used tires often cost less, but that doesn’t guarantee a steep drop in price. 

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Vogue tires are some of the best tires on your SUV or luxury vehicle.

They add aesthetic value and elegance to your vehicle and are also very durable, provide more speed, and help your car gain more traction on slippery roads.

Imitation Vogues are quite common, but you can identify them by their difference in color, threading, price, and materials

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