Mirror Dimmer Dodge Ram (Beginners Guide)

Driving on the highway can sometimes be tiring as you meet aggressive drivers often.

Not only do they keep honking when there’s traffic, but they also glare their headlamps directly in your direction.

Such situations can be a big challenge for most drivers as they find this tiring when navigating.

With this, automobile companies have designed auto-dimming mirrors to help users get comfortable when driving. This article discusses this feature in the Didge Ram.

Dodge Ram mirror dimmer works perfectly through a process called electrochromic. This feature improves drivers’ comfort and visibility with lesser light coming from the glare of other vehicles behind. Electricity passes through the gel incorporated into the mirror, causing automatic dimming when glare is detected from the rearview mirror.

What Is Mirror Dimmer in Ram 1500?

Dodge Ram 1500 comes with a mirror dimmer that automatically diverts glares from drivers navigating behind you.

The mirror dimmer works perfectly at night when you get light emitting from motorists who navigate behind you or swerve from your lane to another.

The Dodge Ram OEM automatic mirror works are very beautiful, and it’s something you should look out for.

The Dodge Ram auto mirror dimmer working process is electrochromic.

Rearview mirrors work as electrochromic because they change or transmit light from a certain region to another for a certain purpose.

With many light beams flashing toward someone driving, it reduces the driver’s response time which could lead to an accident.

Scientifically, such light is not healthy for drivers as it negatively affects the eyes.

With that said, it’s important to know that the Dodge Ram OEM mirrors come in three parts, consisting of two on the outside and one inside, which watch the object that comes at your back.

Let’s look out what the auto mirror dimmer of a Dodge Ram 1500 consists of and how these added benefits made the mirror dimmer effective; below are its components:

#1. Ambient Sensor

The work of the ambient sensor is simple. Its function is to notice the ambient light.

After sensing the ambient light, if it notices that the light is low, it gives the control unit an indication to start working. After that, the ambient sensor works automatically.

#2. Glare Sensor

The work of the glare sensor is to measure the amount coming to the mirror, and with that, it sends a signal to the control unit based on the intensity.

This component uses the Delta-S technology that allows sensors to determine the gloss level of objects. 

#3. Control Unit

Here is the motherhouse where action can either be taken or not. When the control unit receives light and its intensity, it goes straight to work by diverting that light from reaching the driver.

This action automatically occurs in the blink of an eye. Now you know what makes up the auto mirror dimmer we see in our automobiles, but that does not stop there.

Later in this article, I have discussed some of its special features that would endear you to this feature.

How Does Mirror Dimming Work?

Auto mirror dimming is a feature placed in a car to help drivers avoid wrongly navigating due to distractions caused by the glare from another car.

The work of an auto mirror dimming in your automobile is to move ambient light from car headlights.

Still, in that process, it also directs the rearview interior mirror sensor to locate glares from behind when navigating On-Road or Off-Road.

This mirror technology is a very important feature all vehicles should have.

The beautiful part about this feature is that once it locates such glare, it sends a signal to the control unit, which darkens the rearview mirror until such glare goes away and works automatically.

Applying low-voltage electricity from a power source causes the auto-dimming technology known as electrochromic to color the glass.

The electricity is transmitted through the structure using an electrochromic gel sandwiched between two pieces of glass with an electrically conductive coating. Smart windows also use this technology.

With the adoption of auto mirror dimmers and how automobile companies have adopted this new development, many users find it comfortable driving without any distraction.

How Do You Adjust Auto-Dimming Mirror?

You can adjust the Auto-dimming mirrors in two ways that I’d relate to shortly.

First, dimming auto mirrors, also known as rearview mirrors, are very important when navigating the highway.

Most drivers get easily distracted by lights from headlamps of other vehicles navigating behind them, and a little shake on the steering can lead to an accident. 

Due to this scenario, automobile companies have decided to make amends by creating a dimming mirror that automatically dims the light that was supposed to hit the driver directly.

With this invention, drivers can now drive without getting distracted by car lights.

You can adjust your auto-dimming mirrors manually or automatically.

Whichever way you choose, you can adjust it yourself. I have discussed the steps for each method below.

#1. Manual Dimming

Through the control of the mirror’s lower edge,  you can dim the interior rearview mirror.

This action is what we call manual dimming. So how do you do this?

  1. First, adjust the brightness by bringing the control closer to the area where the passengers are sitting.
  2. Then, to resume regular operation, move the control back to its default position toward the windshield.

#2. Automatic Dimming

The automatic dimming function is always on during normal driving, except when the gearbox is in reverse.

You can also dim your mirrors automatically with these short steps:

  1. First, press ‘settings’ in the top view of the controlled display.
  2. Then, select ‘My car,’ after which you choose ‘Mirrors and Convenience.’
  3. The last step is to select either Dark, Normal, or Light in the Rear-View Mirror Auto-Dimming.

When there is a lot of light coming from behind, the inside rearview mirror and the door mirrors will automatically dim. Does Cadillac XT5 Have Fog Lights? (Explained)

Can You Turn Off Auto-Dimming Mirror? 

If you notice on your automobile, the interior and driver’s side mirrors and the rearview mirror have an automatic dimming feature controlled by two light sensors located behind the glass of the rearview mirror inside your vehicle.

The first one helps to monitor the amount of light coming from outside, while the second one calculates the amount of light coming from vehicles following you. 

Now you know this, the next step is to search across the mirror using a flashlight to locate the sensors on your rearview mirror.

After doing that, you can prevent the sensors from working by covering them with a piece of electrical tape in a dark color.

After doing this, your auto-dimming feature on your mirrors has been turned off completely. 

How to Enable or Disable Mirror Dimmer in Dodge RAM REBEL 1500 II ( 2019 – now )


One of the important things every driver seeks when navigating is comfort, and the auto-dimming mirrors have proven to offer just that.

The auto-dimming mirrors are not just aesthetic improvements, but safety features too. They help improve drivers’ visibility by reducing glares from cars coming behind.

This article has stated the benefits and all you need to know about auto-dimming mirrors, proving that it is a must-have for every driver.

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