Ecohitch Vs. Stealth Hitch Model 3 (In-Depth Comparison)

A hitch in your Tesla’s trunk has numerous advantages, but you’d want to go for the best hitch.

That’s why knowing the differences between the Ecohitch, and the Stealth hitch is necessary, so you don’t have regrets.

This guide will show all the bad and good sides of Ecohitch and Stealth hitch model 3.

Ecohitch is the first option to help you with the issues of towing your vehicle or even transporting bikes. However, while it has many drawbacks, the Stealth hitch is a great alternative. Now with the Stealth hitch in your car, you can escape all of the negative issues of the Ecohitch.

Strength Comparison Between Ecohitch Vs. Stealth Hitch Model 3

Ecohitch Vs. Stealth Hitch Model 3

Comparing Ecohitch and Stealth hitch model 3 isn’t difficult because the differences are conspicuous.

By putting the two tow hitches side by side, you’d immediately spot why anyone would opt for the Stealth hitch.  

Aside from some of its negative parts, Ecohitch comes in handy when towing your car and transporting your family or work bikes.

But, in terms of strength, Stealth hitches are the best option. 

The table below gives a strong comparison of the Ecohitch and Stealth hitch model 3.

Ecohitch Stealth hitch 
The Ecohitch for your car ensures durability and strength while on the road. Ecohitch does its job to ensure you have enough strength to tow the car, but it isn’t as strong as a Stealth hitch.The Stealth hitch has a better strength when you compare it to the Ecohitch. 
Ecohitch doesn’t have special anchors to hold the receivers, so when you install this tow hitch, you’ll need an external bolt.It has strong anchors to hold the receiver, so you don’t need to tighten it manually. Once you install the hitch receiver, use a hitch pitch to lock it.

Ecohitch Vs. Stealth Hitch Model 3 Pricing

If you’re considering a cheaper hitch, the Ecohitch, and the Stealth hitch, the former is more affordable than the latter.

However, this table shows the pricing differences between the Ecohitch and Stealth hitch.

EcohitchStealth Hitch,
The regular aftermarket Ecohitch will cost you between $300 to $400.Stealth Hitch comes as a Tesla model tow package, and this would cost you at least $1000.However, there might be an additional $200 for $300 after delivery of the tow hitch.
This tow hitch is a good package if you’re looking for just a bike rack. If you want high-quality, purchase the Tesla tow package rather than the aftermarket tow hitch. 
With the Ecohitch, all you’ll get is the receiver. It doesn’t come with unique features such as wiring or installation. The Stealth hitch has a metal tow bar, receiver, and wiring harness.
Before installing this hitch, you’ll have to get a wiring feature for an extra $200.The wiring harness is already part of the package you’ll get if you buy this hitch, saving you an extra $200.
The aftermarket harnesses come with a 4-pin harness, While the Tesla Model 3 Stealth hitch has a 7-pin round harness that neatly mounts.

What’s the Best Model 3 Hitch; Ecohitch or Stealth Hitch?

The best hitch is the Stealth hitch because not only does it promote easy installation, but it also has a controller.

The 7-pin harness controls trailer mode when you connect it to an adapter. The wiring harness controls the trailer’s power, brakes, and reverse lights. 

So when you connect any device to the harness, you get the light for the trailer mode on screen.

This light can be blue, yellow, or red, depending on the activity of the harness.

The Stealth hitch also disables the rear packing center so that it doesn’t constantly notify you of bikes behind the vehicle.

It universally disables the auto-steering features when the trailer mode is active.

If you get the Stealth hitch, you won’t have to worry about installation problems.

However, if you buy the Ecohitch, you’ll have to buy extra tools before installation. 

Differences Between Ecohitch Vs. Stealth Hitch

It’s best to consider the best accessories for your Tesla Model.

On that note, the Ecohitch and the all-new Stealth hitch model 3 are great options that are available in the market.

However, you can select the best if you have first-hand experience with these two hitch types. 

The Stealth hitch covers the setbacks of Ecohitch, and it comes with admirable improvements.

These unique features offer a great anchor for your vehicle. They also provide a stronghold to tow your car and transport bikes.

Differentiating between Ecohitch and Stealth hitch isn’t enough to compare them physically but also by testing them individually.

From the point of handling the Ecohitch to the point where it’s on your trunk, you can tell if it’s strong enough or not. Tesla Model 3 Creaking Noise?

This table will simplify the significant differences between Ecohitch and Stealth Hitch model 3.

EcohitchStealth Hitch 
Ecohitch doesn’t have an accessible location where you can attach your towing rack. You’d have to use a metallic rod that holds the receiver and still has a hole beneath it. Stealth Hitch has a hole to attach to your bike rack.
The Ecohitch doesn’t come with accessories. It has a trunk anchor and a receiver for connecting your bike rack. Also, to tow your truck with the Ecohitch, you’ll have to buy tools such as a hitch pin and a hitch ball.When you purchase a Stealth Hitch, they make everything available to you. You get a towing receiver alongside another receiver for your bike rack. It also comes with a wiring pack.
With the Ecohitch in your vehicle, the rear cowling would frequently trap a lot of rubbish inside it. Hence it’d be proper to get an expert to uninstall and brush it off.You won’t find this problem when dealing with the Stealth hitch because its structure protects the rear cowling.
Ecohitch doesn’t come with a wiring harness. Hence, with the Ecohitch, your brake won’t connect to the sense leads.The Stealth hitch has a heavy wiring harness. That harness engages a red wire that connects via a body channel to the 12V accessory battery. You’d find this battery at the front of your driver’s seat.
You can’t control the backup light and turn signal with Ecohitch.That’s possible if you have the Stealth hitch in your Tesla.
Ecohitch is complex, beginning from the start of installation to the finish. That becomes more frustrating if you attempt to uninstall it. Most often, with all your confidence in your abilities, you might still get an expert to uninstall this hitch.If you plan on removing the Stealth receiver, it’ll cause you a lesser problem. That’s because the Stealth hitch is less complex, and everything is straightforward. 
Ecohitch isn’t visible when you’re not towing; however, you’d still see the receiver. The invisibility of the hitch gives enough room for ground clearance.The Stealth hitch is a step ahead in that you wouldn’t even see the cross tube when you’re not towing. It also has a removable receiver. 

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Getting the right tow hitch for your Tesla model is an important quest you must take.

The reason is pretty simple! You won’t have issues towing your car or transporting your bikes with the correct hitch.

Stealth hitch is a unique innovation and comes as a Tesla package.

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