Uconnect GPS Not Working (Reasons & Solutions)

Nowadays, automakers have more reasons to convince consumers to buy their products without regret.

Newer cars have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and many other amazing features. The Global positioning system is offered as an automotive navigation system on vehicles.

While this may be true, the satellite-based radio navigation system can be affected by certain factors. The Uconnect GPS malfunctions and sometimes stops working when the system has issues with the antenna, map, and if the GPS is not updated.

How Does Uconnect GPS Work?

The Uconnect GPS works based on the reception of signals from an assembly of orbiting satellites.

It calculates its four-dimensional position over space; it is based on the received data transmitted by other GPS satellites.

No satellite takes records of another’s position and time. The data is from here transmitted to the respective receivers.

This principle is enhanced by the stable end-to-end atomic and ground clocks. It helps to correct daily any drift from time accustomed to the ground.

Similarly, satellite locations are marked with precision. The GPS receivers also have clocks; however, they are not as stable and precise as the satellites.

Each GPS satellite transmits a signal as follows:

  • A pseudorandom code: this code is detected by the receiver. The time of arrival (TOA) is detected. A message is picked, and the transmission time (TOT) is noted. The Uconnect and infotainment system comprises stereo systems, apps, and other services that niche the GPS receiver available on a vehicle.
  • The Uconnect can also be for entertainment and communication. Entertainment, because it offers a platform for a plethora of entertainment features, most of which are displayed on the infotainment screen. And then communication because it hosts many communication-based apps.
  • The Uconnect GPS works like all GPS systems but the ones on our phones. The Uconnect depends on the array of orbiting satellites to get signals with which you can triangulate your vehicle’s location easily. 

Always use your radio’s antenna if you want a commendable reception.

Why Uconnect GPS Is Not Working?

As I earlier mentioned, it is non-scientific for things to occur without reason.

Therefore, the malfunctioning or non-performance of the Uconnect could be traced to a list of verifiable reasons.

It could be a mistake on the manufacturer’s part or unforeseen circumstances, as the case may be.

I’ll identify some of the problems and their possible solutions alongside each identified problem.

Your Uconnect GPS is not working, probably because it has:

#1. Antenna Problems

As earlier mentioned, the antenna is responsible for the reception of signals, so if Uconnect GPS has antenna problems, it is likely to lose signals.

And what then is GPS without the signals? The answer is nothing because it is the signals from the shaft said.

I suppose you understand the gravity of the problem should your vehicle’s antenna be touched. 

Interestingly, the solution lies right under your nose:  you may only need to stretch your twisted or bent antenna and begin to receive signals as before.

And if the antenna is in bad shape due to a crash or other physical reasons, and it’s obviously beyond repairs, you will have to replace them unless you intend to ever use the Uconnect.

Either way, the truth remains whether your GPS loses signal frequently or sporadically or doesn’t receive signals from the orbiting satellites anymore.

The antenna is, at this point, begging to be replaced. But you can allow it only if you want your Uconnect to become undependable and frustrating.

Honestly, I will advise you not to choose the latter.

#2. GPS Is Obsolete

A lot of systems or features require updates. Unfortunately, many other drivers or vehicle owners are not particularly concerned with the trend.

When your Uconnect GPS is not up-to-date, without having to remind you, you should already expect a sign, surely not a good one. 

Because a lot might change, and you might just be left behind in the valley of ignorance until it dawns on you someday. 

Your GPS should always be up-to-date so you don’t get frustrated by an avoidable challenge.

When your update is available, do not ignore the information.

To help you more, you can further your search on how to update your GPS or refer to the provided manual for the Uconnect GPS to order a map update.

#3. Mapping Issues

Mapping issues make the GPS fail in providing accurate directions, so I advise you always to update your GPS.

Since the road network is affected by a few changes, your obsolete Uconnect GPS map will be unaware of the changes and provide inaccurate directions. 

Unfortunately, some people do not care whether or not their GPS maps are updated. Well, for such persons, I have never had issues with directions.

Every driver that relies on the Uconnect GPS should always update their receiver to correspond with the transmitted signals from the orbiting satellites. 

By doing so, mapping issues drop to the barest minimum. And convenience is restored to the driver or owner of the vehicle.

#4. Electrical Issues

These pose threats to the Uconnect GPS because the platforms on which the GPS is displayed are powered by electricity.

Your GPS may not respond if it has electrical issues: the infotainment screen may freeze or bug.

You have an electrical issue or hitches in the operating system when something like that happens.

I advise you to keep the fuses in check, which could also be a result of a broken screen. Like we have on all screens, the slightest crack of a screen affects its functionality greatly. 

But even at this, there’s a provision for repairs. Therefore, you need not worry too much since you can get it fixed; half-bread is better than none.

The electrical issues grow into GPS tracking issues. So the earlier it is controlled, the better for the owner.

Or else you could lose the chances of tracking your vehicle if it’s stolen from you or misplaced by you.

#5. Uconnect GPS Stops Working

The Uconnect GPS might no longer be effective as days go by; the vehicle might cease operating due to the reasons above.

It could be due to the antenna, electrical or other challenges, as the case may be. Remember I mentioned that there’s a GPS app on our smartphones. 

Interestingly, this is where you can also connect your phone to your vehicle and be entitled to the same privileges as the infotainment screen of the Uconnect GPS. Follow These Steps when your Uconnect USB Not Working .

Below are the steps for connecting your phone to Uconnect.

  • Make use of a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that is Uconnect compatible.
  • Ensure to verify the Bluetooth version of the phone.
  • Connect the Bluetooth ( Bluetooth connection code) to the car audio 
  • Turn the car on.
  • And finally, connect the phone to Uconnect. I advise the phone to be yours, or you should always own it. Either way, don’t suddenly stop working with the phone.

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The Uconnect GPS stands out among other ways of navigation. Little wonder it has been received with open arms.

It provides accurate information. Despite the accuracy of the Uconnect GPS, some challenges override it.

The GPS, as mega as it sounds, can be brought down to the earth just by a twist of the vehicle’s antenna.

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