Bora Wheel Spacer Failure (Reasons & Solutions)

When upgrading your car’s wheels with wheel spacers, the decision to utilize them or not is contentious.

However, if you want to use them, that’s fine.

If your car’s fenders are damaged, and you just want to give your tires a better look, simply acquire a Bora wheel spacer, which will give the car and tires a sleek look.

Bora is a brand that produces wheel spacers; let’s find out if they’re good.

Bora wheel spacers have been tested and are indeed known to break down, resulting in the wheel becoming slack and falling off. Poor installation is the most likely cause of failure. Wheel spacers that are not properly placed might loosen the wheel nuts and result in the wheel coming off.

What is a Bora Wheel Spacer?

BORA is an acronym that stands for Bulletproof Off Road Adapters.

A Bora wheel spacer is a brand of spacer used to make the wheels stand out on a vehicle.

It widens the gap that pushes the wheel forward. It is a basic device that you can install in between the vehicle’s wheel and hub.

The Bora wheel spacer aims to increase the spacing between the tires and the hub, allowing for additional space between the two.

However, it’s vital to note that spacers only move the wheel, not the hub assembly.

This movement can be advantageous for various reasons, including minimizing wheel rub and expanding the space between the tires and the body panels.

BORA spacers are manufactured in the United States using the highest quality Alcoa 6061t6 billet aluminum and HAAS CNC equipment to ensure a high-quality product.

In addition, unlike some cheap knockoffs, BORA guarantees a Lifetime warranty on your spacers.

What Causes Bora Wheel Spacer Failure?

Apart from other reasons, the major thing that causes the Bora wheel spacer failure is the wrong installation.

The wrong installation of the wheel spacers can affect your overall safety when driving in your car.

Bora wheel spacers are fitted between a vehicle’s wheel and hub. Wheel spacers are mainly used to expand a vehicle’s track width.

You can install wheel spacers in a variety of methods. Bolting them to the hub is the most typical approach.

This approach is the simplest installation method; however, it has certain drawbacks.

Firstly, bolting them onto the wheel can be problematic when the hub is not entirely round.

Also, the wheel spacer could become free and fall off when the bolts are not correctly secured.

You can also install the spacers by placing them on the hub. This procedure is more complex but provides a higher level of security.

If the spacers are forced into the hub, they are less prone to falling apart.

You have to level the spacers after inserting them. To do this, you will begin by aligning the wheels such that they’re in the same position.

Using an alignment tool is the simplest way to achieve this. Above all, the best approach to correctly install a wheel spacer is to have it done by a professional.

The repercussions of a Bora wheel spacer failure can be disastrous. The wheel can break loose and fly off when the wheel spacer is not correctly attached, causing severe damage or even death.

The vehicle could also lose control, leading to a crash. In addition, the spacer may weaken if it is not built of standard materials. This weakness could also result in a severe collision.

How can a Bora Wheel Spacer Failure be Prevented?

Many cars, especially those with big wheels, benefit from Bora wheel spacers.

They assist in maintaining wheel balance and preventing friction against the vehicle’s body.

However, they occasionally fail, making the tires unbalanced or sometimes coming off completely.

To avoid Bora wheel spacer failure, there are some preventive measures that you can take.

  • The first and most important thing is to ensure that the wheel spacer is fixed and tightened so it doesn’t become loose while driving.
  • You could once in a while take the vehicle for servicing. This way, the servicer can inspect the wheel spacer for any sign of wear and tear. If there is severe damage to the spacers, they’ll need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • You will have to check the spacers more frequently if you’re traveling on rocky roads or in other bad road conditions.

These measures will prevent a Bora wheel spacer failure and increase lifespan.

Are Bora Spacers Good?

Bora wheel spacers are perfect for all car lovers and almost anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their vehicle.

When a car travels along the road, these spacers extend the wheels from the vehicle to give it a solid and intimidating appearance.

Bora wheel spacers will undoubtedly boost vehicle stability, particularly when the driver travels through rough paths, corners, or turns.

As a result of the wheel spacers, the tires of the car are now further apart. In addition, because the wheels are spaced, the vehicle’s weight is spread equally on both wheels, resulting in improved control.

The spacers are easy to put together and extremely durable. The spacers are also quite inexpensive and can be found in most hardware stores.

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Are Bora Spacers Safe?

Generally, most people feel wheel spacers are safe since a car’s weight is not carried by its wheel bolts.

On the other hand, some argue that Bora wheel spacers are not just safe but also useful.

Others believe that they are harmful and should never be fitted on a vehicle for any reason.

Below are some of the reasons why the spacers are considered to be safe;

  • Every year, a growing number of drivers opt for unique wheels and premium tires. When improperly offset wheels are used, structure and suspension interference are frequently the outcome. Bora wheel spacers are likely the simplest method to avoid such fitment concerns, particularly in off-road or truck usage.
  • The Bora wheel spacer comes in different thicknesses, sizes, and screw patterns to suit your needs. As a result, almost any customer can choose an array of wheel spacers that will work for their needs.

Some of the reasons why people insist that Bora spacers are not safe are;

  • When you fail to install the wheel spacers correctly, it seriously threatens one’s safety. Simply said, when you do not fix the wheel spacer correctly, it will prevent the wheel stud from bending resulting in insufficient torque circling.
  • Wheel spacers are a vital aspect of a car’s suspension system, and if you do not fit them properly, they can create various issues. For example, Bora wheel spacers can make the vehicle vibrate, leading to the wheels wearing out faster than they should. Wheel spacers can also make the steering seem stiffer resulting in loss of control.
  • Factory wheels are developed and tested to deliver the best possible service in the original application. However, increasing the wheelbase of a vehicle means more stress on all of the components because they were not exactly made for it. As a result, parts like bearings and hubs frequently deteriorate faster than would be predicted without wheel spacers.

Ultimately, you are the only one who can properly say if the wheel spacers are safe or harmful for your vehicle.

In addition, you are the only person who can fully manage your wheel spacer experience from beginning to end.

Why Not to Put Wheel Spacers on Your Car

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Bora wheel spacers are a great addition to any vehicle because they provide numerous benefits and positively impact the vehicle.

These spacers, however, have been tried and known to fail at some point. So, you must check it regularly to avoid fatal consequences.

Overall, inserting a wheel spacer is a personal choice the automobile owner should make.

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