2019 Ram Won’t Shut Off (Reasons 7 Solutions)

Do you own the 2019 trim model of the Dodge Ram? Unfortunately, you may have encountered some problems with it.

Though the Ram 2019 is considered a very reliable car, it is not without faults like every other vehicle. This article will highlight some of the problems you may likely face.

If you use the 2019 trim model of the Dodge Ram 1500, you would have noticed that your vehicle did not shut off. Your car would have remained on despite turning off the ignition. When this happens, the headlights and radio and lights on the dashboard would be on.

How do I Reset my Dodge Ram 2019?

You can reset your Dodge ram 2019 model via your Uconnect software. You can also get the reset done at a dealership close to you.

However, if you decide to get the reset done by yourself, then you have to take note of these steps and perform these tasks on your Uconnect Software:

  • Insert your key in the ignition, turn it on but leave the car in the park. All you need to do is supply the electric current to the vehicle without having to make it move.
  • Locate the volume button and the turner knob. Once you do, hold both buttons down at once for 20 seconds. Make sure you press both buttons down simultaneously to achieve results.
  • Once you can perform these tasks properly, the screen flashes with the Dodge Ram logo. 
  • After this logo Reappears, a prompt will appear signifying that you choose the dark mode.
  • Pick the dark mode; this option makes your screen go blank for another 30 seconds. After this period of darkness on the screen, the Uconnect system starts again.
  • This time, the software on your 2019 Dodge Ram restarts and reinitializes. Every other system connected to the software is also initialized.

You can only complete a reset if you have the Uconnect software installed on your vehicle.

The above step may vary if you do not run a recent version of the Uconnect software on your Dodge Ram 2019 trim model.

These steps are typical for version 8.4 of the Uconnect software. 

You can also reset your Dodge Ram 2019 model at a nearby dealership. First, your dealership would determine if your software is up to date.

If it were not up to date, your dealership would update it and reset the system afterward.

2019 Ram Headlights Won’t Turn Off?

You may have noticed that after you turn off your engine, your headlights won’t turn off.

Instead, your headlight may remain on for a certain amount of time. Sometimes, just one of the headlights or both of them.

In the case of your Ram 2019 dodge 1500, you could also encounter this problem.

Some of the possible causes of a retained headlight include:

  • Faulty engine timer
  • Automatic light failure
  • Faulty headlight relay

#1. Faulty Engine Timer

Even though you have turned the switch off, the headlights would remain on if your engine timer is faulty.

A faulty engine timer does not receive information from the switch; hence keep the headlight on after you have turned off your car.

You can check with a dealership close to you for this fault to be fixed.

#2. Automatic Light Failure

With an automatic light failure, the headlight fails to go off due to a fault in the control system.

A set of automatic electrical systems controls the headlight. This system ensures that the headlight turns off once the switch or the engine goes off. 

In this condition, you have to look at your car’s electrical wiring; you will notice that both headlights would remain on even after you put off your car engine.

You can contact the nearest dealership to get this fixed because the wiring of your 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 is complex and requires high professionalism.

When your dealership sees this fault, they will determine the cause and proffer a lasting solution to the problem.

#3. Faulty Headlight Relay

Aside from the electrical connections, the headlights also have a separate relay mechanism.

This mechanism supplies feedback from the headlight to the engine and from the engine back to the headlight.

Once the relay is faulty, the headlight would either remain on or fail. This fault can be experienced on one headlight or both headlights.

A faulty relay can be replaced by your dealership, though you can locate the relay of your headlight and, with the right tool, fix them by yourself.  

2019 Ram 1500 Won’t Turn Off?

You might have noticed that your 2019 Ram 1500 Dodge won’t just turn off. Relax, this fault is regular and not peculiar only to you.

This fault results from a faulty ignition or damaged main fuse box.

When you experience this fault, you will find out that the engine keeps running after turning your key on the ignition off.

Sometimes, the engine may stop running, but the dashboard remains on. In this case, the headlights, radio, or the check engine light remain on.

The problem can appear in several ways for the faulty main fuse box. Being unable to turn off your vehicle is one of them.

Instead, you must take your car to the dealership for a proper diagnosis and repair.

In the case of the corroded ignition system, your dealership could clean and lubricate the vehicle’s mechanical system since these parts can corrode over time.

Then, depending on your choice, it could also be replaced.

2019 Ram Radio Won’t Turn Off?

Your radio can also fail to turn off. This fault is frequently encountered when the head unit wiring is faulty, or the ignition is damaged.

In addition, an electrical fault often prevents your radio from turning off since the wiring of the radio is connected to the entire wiring of the car.

When the ignition is the problem, you would need to replace the ignition or change the faulty part.

Your radio not being off can drain your battery or reduce the life span. You can contact your car dealer to check the ignition and the head wiring unit to supply a solution. 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Power Steering Issues (Explained)

Are There Any Problems With The 2019 Ram 1500?

There are problems frequently encountered with the use of the 2019 Ram 1500 Dodge.

The 2019 Ram 1500 is known to be a reliable heavy-duty truck. Since its release for sale, it has received a warm welcome amongst its customers.

However, despite all of these, the vehicle still has some problems. If you own a 2019 Ram 1500, you would have encountered any one of these problems:

  • Electrical problem
  • Steering problems
  • Engine problems

#1. Electrical Problem

The electrical wiring in your vehicle may develop faults frequently.

For example, when the headlights remain on, the radio fails to shut off, and the dashboard is lightened. These are all signs of an electrical fault. 

#2. Steering Problems

The steering may become stiff and fail to turn. This fault can occur when an abrupt bend is taken.

When the steering becomes stiff, it is impossible to make a turn, and movement is impaired.

#3. Engine Problems

You are likely to experience faults with the engines of your car. These problems occur in the brakes, the transmission, and sometimes the engine would just go off together.

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The 2019 ram 1500 dodge is a great vehicle, but sometimes, you may experience problems as you use this car.

Some of these problems include the radio not turning off, the engine not turning off, and the headlights not turning off too.

Other problems aside from these are also frequently encountered. These problems require the skill of a professional and hence can be fixed by your car dealer.

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