5.7 Hemi Fan Clutch Removal Direction? (Beginners Guide)

The fan clutch is a very important cooling component in every vehicle.

As long as cooling is very crucial in the smooth operation of a car, the fan clutch can’t be over-emphasized.

Moreover, as it harnesses the fan while cooling, it also maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of the engine.

However, there might be a need for a periodic check or replacement, maybe due to malfunctioning of the dodge fan clutch or any other peripheral in the fan clutch assembly.

During servicing, you might be stuck on which way to turn your wrench when loosening the fan clutch bolt(s).

Therefore, there’s begging for the question: “Is it clockwise or counterclockwise?” 

The 5.7 Hemi Fan Clutch is removed in a counterclockwise or anticlockwise direction. In detail, to loosen the bolt that holds the fan clutch to the water pump, you must turn the wrench in a counterclockwise direction. But, to tighten it, you move it in a clockwise (anticlockwise) direction. The reason is: that the fan moves in a clockwise direction when working.

Which Way Does a Fan Clutch Come off? 

Well, it comes off in a counterclockwise direction after you must have removed the air intake hose, which restricts direct access to the fan clutch, the fan shroud, and the belt.

After removing the shroud alongside the intake hose, you can easily work on the fan clutch.

To remove the bolts of the fan, you’ll need a wrench with open ends to loosen the bolt, but sometimes pull-locking tools are always advised due to the design of the fan in question.

With this tool, you can remove the nuts without the pulleys leaving their position.

In addition, now the fan can be removed in the clockwise direction, not the other way round.

How to Remove the 5.7 Hemi Fan Clutch?

First, you need to disconnect the positive and negative wires from the battery. It is a very important safety measure when working on a vehicle.

So, if you haven’t been doing so, start doing it.

Next, you loosen the bolts holding the fan to the clutch with a ratchet and socket or an open-ended wrench to loosen the bolts of 9/16 inch.

Now that you’ve loosened the bolts, you can easily remove the fan. The fan clutch will be right before you now, and accessing it is no longer a nut to crack.

However, the fan clutch and water pump are attached, so we’ll employ a special tool – a wrench.

Furthermore, the wrench holds the clutch in its position while you’re removing the center bolt that fastens the fan clutch to the shaft or the water pump.

As soon as this is done, you can remove the fan clutch.

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How to Remove a Fan Clutch Without Special Tools?

Purchasing a fan clutch special tool – the specialty wrench might not be pocket friendly and available for rental at all times.

Sometimes, in some emergencies where it’s compulsory to work on your fan clutch, you might not have the tools available. That isn’t good one bit!

There’s no doubt that you might start racking your brain and asking yourself questions such as “How do I go about it?”.

Well, below are some improvisations to the special tools. 

#1. Use a Chain

Using a chain is a convenient alternative when you lack adequate tools.

Moreover, chains are cheap and easy to get from any dealership compared to special tools. But, before starting with a chain, follow the steps below painstakingly.

As a result of corrosion, you’ll need to dip the bolt(s) in an anti-corrosion solvent to guarantee the absence of friction or resistance during the process.

Soaking them for a minimum of five hours before starting isn’t bad at all. However, you can decide to use a rust remover spray to save time.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Remove the serpentine belt (the belt that drives the water pump and alternator, among others in an automotive anyone) before you begin.
  • Get a cover bolt for a timing chain and connect it to one end of the chain.
  • Link the chain’s second end to the pump’s pulley bolt.
  • After confirming the attachment, twist the pulley in a counterclockwise direction to ensure that the chain is tight.
  • Since you don’t have the fan clutch tool, use a wrench, spanner, or pliers to loosen the fan clutch nut.

#2. Use Duct Tape

Probably, you are in possession of a few tools but lack the accurate one. However, if you have a wrench and duct tape, you’re good to go.

Just like when using a chain, the process is similar. Coat the bolt(s) with an anti-corrosion solvent.

Soak them for 5 hours to lessen resistance. It is advisable as well for this process.

  • Pull the serpentine belt before beginning.
  • Turn the water pump pulley, and use the duct tape to wrap the ratchet strap around the pulley.
  • Find the alternator bolt and secure the strap in its perimeters.
  • Use the wrench to unfasten the fan clutch nuts in an anticlockwise direction.

#3. Use an Accessory Belt

If you lack chains or duct tape, you can use an accessory belt. This method is very short and simple.

So, let’s see how.

  • Put the bolt(s) in a rust dissolver to clean all the rust on the bolts. This action will provide the needed resistance and friction for the easy movement of the bolts. However, for the best result, soak it or them five hours before starting.
  • Take out the accessory belt, but not fully. It should steadfastly wrap the water pump pulley.
  • Untighten the fan nut from the body of the water pump with a wrench in an anticlockwise direction.

Although, quite a handful of drivers might decide not to follow the above steps even with how safe they are.

They may claim the steps are too long and would rather go for another option with a few steps.

Therefore, they use the flat chisel on the edge of the fan clutch and then hit it with a hammer a couple of times, and Boom! It loosens.

But it isn’t advisable for me because it’s an unsafe act and could cause injuries to yourself and also damage the water pump in the process.

Warning! Don’t attempt to do this method if you aren’t good at handling a hammer. In fact, using a hammer and chisel isn’t a good option.

However, there are still many options available from which you can make your choice.


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Final Thoughts

A fan clutch is very important in the cooling system of vehicles, but having a piece of knowledge on how to fix it is advisable because the need might arise unexpectedly unless you need professionals to repair it.

Finally, whatever tool you employ to loosen the bolts of a dodge ram fan clutch, always turn in a clockwise direction.

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