Does Honda Fit Have A Timing Belt Or Chain? (Explained)

The right pieces, they say, make for a durable build. This fact proves true even with Honda Automobiles.

Honda automobiles, especially their engines, have continued to gain favor globally courtesy of their high performance and durability. As you know, many right pieces have come together to produce these works of art.

In this article, I will discuss the Honda Fit interference engine, whether it uses a timing chain or belt and how these right pieces, whichever it turns out to be, contribute to the overall performance.

The Honda Fit engine comes with a timing chain and not a timing belt. The primary reason for this is cost-efficiency. In addition, Honda realizes that the timing belt is unreliable and requires frequent changes. Therefore, the Honda Fit is fitted with a timing chain rather than a belt to reduce maintenance costs and improve drivers’ confidence.

Does a Honda Fit Have a Timing Belt or Chain?

Honda Fit Have A Timing Belt Or Chain

The Honda fit engine does not come with a timing belt; instead, Honda chooses to use the fit timing chain.

The simple reason is its durability and the fact that it doesn’t need replacement at regular intervals like the timing belt. 

Moreover, timing belts need constant maintenance and, in some cases, require instant timing belt replacement.

Hence, in a bid to maintain their world-class standard, they continue to work with a timing chain.

Statistically speaking, 90% of Honda subcompact SUVs, mid-size vans, and trucks use the timing chain.

 Also, for the benefit of Honda users, Honda vehicles are equipped with a fit timing chain.

Again, it is to the Honda owner’s advantage because the timing belt is one of the most critical components of a vehicle’s engine and doesn’t need constant replacement. 

Additionally, the calculus of an average timing belt replacement for any vehicle is costly. About $500 to around $1500, and this does not even include human labor.

Therefore, it is rather wise to stick with the timing chain and save users from undue stress. In the long run, using a timing chain is a win-win situation for both parties.

All Honda Fit models come with a Honda fit timing chain and not the timing belt, which is more common and cheaper.

Honda is a reputable company for quality and genuine car components, and their car models are the most durable worldwide.

Therefore, you can obtain an already used Honda vehicle with little maintenance and still enjoy your drive. 

Every Honda car model has a timing chain and an interference engine, assuring you of soundness and durability.

Its use of timing chain is based on the fact that it is strong and it seldom needs maintenance or any fit timing belt replacement.

The pros that come with the use of timing belts in car engines are greatly minimized by using the timing chain in your car.

What Is the Difference Between Timing Belts or Timing Chain?

Honda Fit timing belts and the Honda fit timing chain are excellent car manufacturing materials, but they both have pros and cons.

However, your car will only be equipped with one timing fit, depending on the choice of the manufacturing industry.

But the generally used timing fit for most vehicles is the timing chain as it has more advantage over the timing belt.

You can view their difference from the following standpoint.

#1. Timing Belts

  • A fit timing belt is composite rubber nylon. Therefore, it suffers more from the effect of friction.
  • Timing belts often suffer from wear over time and require much maintenance.
  • The timing failure often leads to the breakdown of the engine since it is a very delicate component.
  • The lifespan of a timing belt can sometimes be affected by age, running condition, and weather conditions.

    The sound of rubber beating against its compartment is a good symptom of a bad timing belt.
  • Although to some degree, many of today’s timing belts are a bit durable, constant timing belt replacement reduces the engine’s performance.

    Just as the saying goes, “too many hands spoil the soup.”

#2. Timing Chains

  • A fit timing chain comes in the similitude of a chain, just like the bicycle chain.
  • However, the timing chain is very much more durable than the belt timing. The chain, in most cases, lasts the entire lifespan of the engine.
  • Although timing chain failure is more damaging, it can be detected early, and a replacement can be made. In addition, engine breakdown reduces significantly with the timing chains. 
  • Sometimes lack of proper maintenance causes the chains to become noisy after a while.

    For example, a cranking sound in the engine indicates that the timing chain is bad and needs replacement.

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How Much Does It Cost For a Timing Chain?

When you want to purchase the fit timing chain for your engine separately, it will cost $200 to $500, depending on your location.

The price is this high because the fit timing chain is usually sold together with other kits used for repairs.

Nevertheless, no matter how high its price may be, it will surely pay off with its long lifespan. There is, however, no set out time interval for timing chain maintenance. 

However, a professional fit timing chain replacement service may amount to up to $1000. Quite expensive, no doubt, but ideal for an infrequent maintenance practice, and it is for sure worth the price.

The timing chain is an essential part of a car’s engine and requires all the adequate maintenance it can get.

You will need a timing chain replacement service when you begin to hear a cranking sound or excessive vibration in the engine.

However, the timing chain triumphs over the belt in the sight of most automakers for its durability. 

The Honda Fit timing chain reliability rates at 4.5 out of 5.0, giving you absolute assurance of its worth. Although the timing chain may be considered expensive, I can assure you that it is worth the price.

Furthermore, its maintenance cost becomes cheap in the long run as the severity of repairs is generally low.

Therefore, despite its high price, I would recommend the fit timing chain over the timing belt.

Also, with good driving and vehicle handling, the Honda Fit timing chain can last up to 300,000 miles.

That roughly translates into about 7 to 13 years for an average Honda model, but in most cases, it tends to stay for the vehicle’s entire lifespan.

Come on now, what price can you compare to that much value? The overall benefit of the timing chain for Honda vehicles is that it prevents a situation where minor problems translate into more significant issues, as in the case of timing belts.

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Timing Chain vs Timing Belt: When to change?


You would rather go for a more profiting option than one that tends to cause casualties from time to time, and so would I.

Everyone prefers a more lasting solution for every issue; that seems to be the ultimate reason why Honda car models are equipped to run with a fit timing chain rather than a timing time.

The benefits of the timing chain far outweigh that of the timing belt. Therefore, I recommend that you go for a vehicle with a Honda timing chain rather than a timing belt.

It will for sure serve you better.

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