Tesla EDD Pushed Back? Here’s What to Do!

Is your Tesla estimated delivery date (EDD) getting pushed back? Is this issue a one-time thing, or is it possible to experience it more than once?

Guess what? You’re in the right zone to get answers to all the questions you have concerning Tesla’s EDD pushback.

Frequently, you’ll experience the issue of having your Tesla estimated delivery date pushed back than it should. This issue mainly arises from order rankings on delivery hierarchy, slow customer updates, logistics issues, and demand/ supply of your Tesla model. That said, the best way to navigate through the issue is to set up your order on cash purchase rather than on loan.

This article explains why your estimated delivery date is getting pushed back and things to do about it.

Ultimately, you’ll learn about the possibility of getting your Tesla before the estimated delivery date.

Why Did My Tesla EDD Get Pushed Back?

Tesla Dashboard.

Various reasons can push your Tesla estimated delivery date (EDD) back: your Tesla’s updating habit, your car’s model, or the Tesla company and their logistics.

Here are the common reasons that’ll cause a pushback of the estimated delivery date of your vehicle;

  • Slow Customer Update
  • The Demand and Supply of Your Tesla Model
  • Logistic Issues

On your part, if you delay the update of your Tesla software, you’ll likely face this issue of EDD pushback. 

Moving on, you’ll notice that Tesla sends your VIN code and EDD without you receiving your car.

That said, there’s no need for you to panic because there are ways you can prevent the EDD from pushing backward; 

#1. Set Up Your Order As a Cash Purchase

The best way to navigate the issue of having your EDD push backward is to change the purchase order.

If your VIN code is still pending, set up your order method to cash purchase. 

However, as soon as you receive the VIN code, it’s important to return the purchase to a loan rather than a cash purchase.

That gives you the leverage to escape unnecessary bureaucracy and delays, allowing your Tesla to arrive at the appropriate time.

#2. Update Your Loan Status Every Six Months

You must regularly update your Tesla account’s loan status to prevent delivery delays. If you fail to update your loan status, a delay in the EDD will be inevitable.

A simple way of seeing things is that your updates give Tesla enough time to change your delivery date.

That resolves the hassle of having your EDD pushed back and gets the car to you at the appropriate and expected time.

#3. Update Your Odometer Every 30 Days

The odometer in your car helps to keep your line in reserve, especially if you’re trading in your car.

What this strategy does is give Tesla the necessary information it needs to deliver your vehicle on time.

#4. Regularly Check Your Tesla App

You’ll notice that Tesla hardly sends update messages to you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s usually not available.

All you need to do is log into the Tesla App and click on the view icon to check if there’s an update available.

However, if the view icon reads “view account,” then it means an update is available. If you try all that and your EDD keeps pushing backward repeatedly, contact Tesla Support for help.

Does Tesla EDD Get Pushed Back Frequently?

The frequency of how much Tesla EDD gets pushed back depends on the rank of your order on the delivery hierarchy.

You won’t experience the EDD pushback problems if you have an expensive order.

Also, how much pushback you get on your EDD depends on the method of your order.

There’s an easy way to ensure you don’t frequently face the problem of having your EDD pushed back: set up your order on cash purchase rather than a loan.

That way, you reduce the frequency of getting your EDD pushed back and escape the interests that add up with loan purchases.

Another factor that can affect how often the EDD pushes back is the software update.

If you regularly update the Tesla App, there’s a high chance you won’t have frequent EDD pushback.

Additionally, I recommend contacting Tesla Support if you keep getting your EDD pushed back.

Doing that will allow Tesla to reach out to you, explaining why that’s happening and what you can do to help on your part. 

Moving on, your Tesla model can determine the frequency of EDD pushback. On that note, let’s see a few of those models.

This table enumerates the Tesla models with faster delivery dates than their counterparts.

Tesla ModelsFeatures
Tesla Model S1020 HP engine.60 mph.
Tesla Model X670 HP engine.60 mph.
Tesla Model Y450 HP engine.155 mph.

Can Tesla EDD Be Pushed Back More than Once?

Yes, it’s possible to have the estimated delivery date pushed back more than once. 

You play a significant role in the pushback of your Tesla EDD as much as the company itself does. If you do things right, you won’t need to risk having your EDD pushed back.

Why does your Tesla EDD keep pushing back more than once? 

Here are some factors that can make your EDD change more than once;

#1. Supply Chain Shortage

Among other electric cars, Tesla has been experiencing a supply chain shortage that independently affects the time you receive your vehicle.

One of Tesla’s most important issues affecting the EDD is the microchips, which either delay or shorten the estimated delivery dates.

#2. Growing Demand

Growing demand for Tesla vehicles is one of the major reasons behind an estimated delivery date (EDD) pushback.

Additionally, your specifications can prolong the time at which you get to receive your car.

How Accurate Is the Tesla EDD?

Tesla EDD isn’t all that accurate. The loophole in its reliability stands in the fact that it pushes forward or backward depending on different factors.

There’s a system of hierarchy of delivery that determines how fast you get your vehicle. That depends on how expensive your order is in comparison to others.

You won’t need to suffer so much EDD irregularity if you’re top on the list or at least close to the top.

The inaccuracies of EDD are the main reason you’ll be better off placing your order based on a car purchase rather than a loan.

Placing your order on loan will only delay the delivery because it has maturity dates and accrues more interest with time.

So, if you’ve made the mistake of setting up your order under a loan, the chances of having your EDD pushed back are high.

The more your order stays long, the more interest it generates, which puts you at a disadvantage.

You may have to leave the settings of the cash purchase on for a long time, but that isn’t the case.

You’ll get to change that as soon as you get your VIN code. You can often switch back to loan order the same week you get the VIN code.

That’s because the chances of having the EDD push backward after receiving the VIN code are slim.

When you receive the VIN code, it only means that Tesla has prepared your vehicle and is ready for delivery to your location.

On that note, what you should always look out for is receiving your VIN code after setting your order on cash purchase.

Can I Get My Tesla Before the EDD?

Getting your Tesla before the estimated delivery date is possible, especially if you opt for the existing inventory.

The date you receive your Tesla before its actual delivery date isn’t constant; it ranges from days to weeks/ months before the date Tesla originally gave you.

This single fact will prompt you to ask how accurate the delivery dates are on the Tesla App.

Well, here’s the thing: ordering Tesla vehicles takes place on the websites, resulting in the release of delivery dates.

However, it isn’t uncommon to receive your Tesla at a closer date to the actual date of delivery.

According to my findings, Tesla has reduced its delivery timelines from 4-8 weeks to 1-4 weeks. 

This huge difference in delivery timing makes getting the Tesla faster than the estimated delivery date possible.

That said, as much as you can receive your Tesla before the EDD, it’s also possible to get it after the EDD.

The main reason that happens is because of chain-related issues. 

Moving on, here are the common factors affecting delivery dates;

  • Tesla model.
  • Time of the year.
  • Logistical factors.

There are two things you must understand about Tesla and its delivery timescale;

  • Tesla manufactures its cars quarterly.
  • Inventory availability and the time in the quarter determine Tesla’s lead times.

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