MagneRide Delete Resistor? (Must Read This First)

A lot of car system contributes to having a smooth ride. Your journey will be less enjoyable if you feel every bump, every shift, and every change in texture while driving.

The suspension is one crucial vehicle component that ensures smoothness. 

However, there is always room for improvement in these various components. The improvement in suspension gives users the MagneRide suspension.

How does this improvement differ from the rest?

MagneRide suspension gives the latest vehicles top-level shock absorption. This system is one of the latest in the automobile world. It continues to experience upgrades and improvement over the years. As a result, it is a powerful system to help remove the road roughness from your ride. 

What is MagneRide Suspension?

MagneRide suspension is one of the latest types of suspension. It reads and adjusts the vehicle’s shock absorber to cater to unbalanced road movement.

The goal is to dampen shocks from rough terrains, thereby keeping your journey as smooth as possible. 

The MagneRide suspension is what you find in the latest models of cars in the GM (General Motor) brands.

Of course, your favorite Cadillac is one of such brands. So when you get your latest Cadillacs, you’ll find the MagneRide Suspension installed.

The MagneRide suspension is also known as Magnetic Ride Control. It is one of the latest and technologically advanced types of suspension you find in many cars today.

However, this suspension type is quite different from other types in various ways. 

The MagneRide suspension makes use of magnetorheological fluid. This fluid consists of iron particles that can react instantly to the magnetic field.

This setup is different from a classical suspension that uses small mechanical valves. 

The absence of mechanical parts in MagneRide suspension means you don’t have to worry about the gradual wear and tear that plagues classical suspension. 

This suspension type uses a central electric control unit and sensors to read and adjust your dampers accordingly.

The third component is the dampers in each wheel. Latest ECU (electric control unit) has more computing capacity, hence can process information faster. 

The suspension can read changes in terrains and imbalances up to 1000 times per second. This frequency accounts for high precision and fast response when driving. 

The high precision and response time make the MagneRide suspension better than many classical suspensions. 

How Does MagneRide Suspension Work?

The MagneRide suspension became a part of the automobile world in 2010. Since then, it has seen improvements and advancements in the working module.

The latest MagneRide suspension is in the fourth generation with increased capacity and precision. 

The components categorize into two. The sensors and electric control unit controls the suspension operation, and the dampers you find at each wheel carry out the shock absorption. 

#1. Electric Control Unit and Sensors

The electric control unit controls the entire process. It is the link between the sensors and the dampers.

The function of the sensor is to detect body rolls or changes in terrain. This sensor sends information to the ECU for interpretation. 

The function of the ECU is to change the strength and stiffness of the magnetorheological fluid in the damper.

It does this by adjusting the current of the electromagnets that activates the fluid. The higher the current, the stronger the electromagnetic field and, in turn, the strength of the fluid. 

The sensors continue to check for changes and rolls, and it sends the messages to the ECU. The ECU continues to interpret this reading and apply appropriate current.

The higher the ECU computing power, the faster it performs those functions. This speed ensures the smooth and precise ride that the system promises. 

#2. Dampers

There are four dampers for each wheel. They act as absorbing shocks when the ECU activates its components.

The latest dampers are monotubes, and they have electromagnetic coils that activate the fluid. There are two fluid passages in the tube.

When the magnetic field is inactive, the fluid moves freely, hence no restriction to the shock from the wheels. As a result, the car moves up and down accordingly. 

Once the electromagnetic coils receive currents from the ECU, they become magnetic. These magnetic fields affect the iron particles in the fluid, making it viscous.

The viscosity is what accounts for the reduction in shocks from the tires. As a result, the car moves smoothly and more steadily irrespective off road conditions. 

They are three modes available in the latest generation of MagneRide suspension.

You can switch between these modes manually depending on the terrain you are driving. They are as follows:

#3. Tour Mode

The tour mode is basically for smooth roads with minimal bumps and imbalances. This mode is the soft suspension state.

The fluid is less viscous due to the amount of current sent to the electromagnetic coil.

#4. Sport Mode

This sports setting is a stiff mode. The setting has a better capacity to absorb shock than the tour mode. If you are driving on mildly rough terrain, this model comes in handy. 

#5. Race Mode

If you are going on a track race with many imbalances, this mode is appropriate for you. It is an even stiffer mode for your suspension.

This mode is the suspension working at its maximum power to ensure your ride remains smooth regardless of the terrain.

Can you buy MagneRide Suspension?

The Magneride suspension is more than just a set of dampers on a wheel. The electric control unit and the sensor are crucial components of the entire setup.

If you have a vehicle without MagneRide suspension as a standard feature, installing one is impossible. 

If your car does not have the components, having the dampers on the wheels becomes unnecessary. The dampers act on information from the ECU. What’s more?

You can’t install an aftermarket version of ECU. So your car either has it, or it doesn’t.

If there are issues with your OEM MagneRide suspension, you can replace it using the factory original version.

First, however, you have to ensure that the installation is proper and professional.

The ECU connects to several systems in your car, including the headlights and various sensors. Failure to install the MagneRide properly can lead to errors in those systems.

With proper use, the upside is that you can continue to use your factory-installed suspension without issues as long as you have the vehicle.

The downside is that replacements are pretty expensive if you should ever need one. 


MagneRide suspension helps reduce or delete shocks from your journey. It promises a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain.

The latest generation of MagneRide suspension lets you switch to different modes depending on your landscape.

It is a common feature in many GM automobile brands. If you have a Cadillac, enjoy the luxury it offers.

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