Ford Bullet Liner Vs Line-X? (Must Know These Things)

By reducing the high level of depreciation in the quality of properties (what we can see and touch), technologists have provided us with protective coatings, which go a long way in preventing scuffings, dents, dings, and what have you on their surfaces.

The bullet bed liner compares to a Line-X because they offer similar services and are popular in the market. Exploring this article, a patient read will better inform you to choose between the two.

What is a Bed Liner?

Ford Bullet Liner Vs Line-X

A Bedliner is a protective coating installed in or applied on the surface of a material, commonly used on a truck bed.

You can use it to prevent the bed of a truck from corrosion or abrasive damage.

The coat is such that there is no direct contact with the truck bed; every contact made is with the protective coat.

However, most people presumptuously feel that bed liners are limited to application on a truck bed, forgetting that you can also apply it on bumpers, fenders, nerf bars, floorboards, and trim.

Therefore, I can not discuss  Bullet liner and Line-X without mentioning the Bedliner. 

The Bedliner is classified in two broad ways: “Drop-in” and “Spray-on/in.” Without saying this, you know that both Bullet liner and Line-X fall under the “Spray-on” class of bed liners.

I won’t drag the “Drop-in” Bedliner into our discussion, so get ready to explore the exclusive examples of the “Spray-on” Bedliner, that is, the Bullet liner and Line-X.

Spray-On Bed Liners

The Spray-on bed liners are in different formulations and have different procedures and methods. There are high/low-pressure spray-on bed liners.

We also have the aromatic/aliphatic; of course, we have polyurea/polyurethane. The Aromatic spray-on finds application in black or dark colors, and it doesn’t incur high expenses. 

Aliphatic is a better option since its colors are more stable than aromatic; time in ultraviolet light has proven its stability.

However, aliphatic materials can be sprayed in diverse colors and are made of pure polyurethane, which is why it generates high costs.

The methods or processes of applying the Spray-on bed liners include using a roller, low-pressure, high-pressure machine, or a cartridge that an air compressor will drive.

They are, however, conditions that affect spray-in bed liners. Understand that the words “sprayed-on,” “sprayed-in,” and “spray-in” can be used to mean the same thing as “spray-in” bed liners.

The spray-on material can be of different textures and colors. The texture can be smooth to allow easy cleaning and then rough to avoid sliding.

Wind, temperature, and other environmental factors affect applying spray-on bed liners.

Bullet Liner Vs. Line-X

Bullet Liner

You may be wondering why the bullet liner, which began production not long ago, compares to a Line X, but I have explained the details below.

So let’s consider them individually, elucidating their strength and weaknesses. 

#1. Bullet Liner 

The bullet liner is a newer spray-on bed liner than Line-X, which started as spray-on truck beds, but has developed into a more protective coat that you can apply on anything anywhere that is fitting.

The bullet liner offers an attractive lifetime finish, making the surface on which it is applied free of dents, scratches, and scuffs.

In addition, the Bullet liner’s high Caliber protection extends to trailer floors and boat decks.

The bullet bed liners are newer than Line-X; they have come to replace many other spray-on bed liners – don’t be in a hurry to include Line-X.

They grip stiff everything they are applied in, on, or to. Now get ready for a debate. We’ll start first with the cons.

#1. Bullet Liner Cons

The challenges identified with the bullet are obviously, common challenges with the spray-on bed liner.

Their challenges might be the same as those of Line-X. They include the following:

  • Know that by opting for the bullet liner in your truck bed, you won’t ever see the original color of your truck bed. Bullet liner stamps indelibly on your vehicle’s bed; therefore, it will be impossible for you to remove it.
  • Do not take overspray problems lightly, and that is why you need to get a professional – the good thing is, the Bullet liner has its website online, so you can drop a quote and wait for a reply.
  • Bullet Liner is not as smooth as other spray-in bed liners, which makes people murmur disapproval. 
  • Your vehicle’s warranty does not cover anything related to depreciation around where a bullet liner product is applied, no matter what.

#2. Bullet Liner Pros

Bullet liner, however, has interesting packages, and they are unique in a way. So believe me; the bullet liner is of high recommendation, friend.

  • The bullet liner is one of the toughest yet most excellent bed liners, which offers high caliber protection on the surfaces where you apply them.
  • The bullet liner, like the Line-X, offers a lifetime warranty
  • The bullet bed liners are not too smooth, which prevents carriages from sliding and falling.
  • The bullet liner doesn’t fade early like other spray-in bed liners that lose their beauty after a while.
  • It is $50 less expensive than Line- X, an impressively lower price than the specified average cost.
  • It’s a newer bed liner product, and revitalization sprays sell even better than abandoned franchises.

#2. Line-X 

Line-X needs no introduction in the market space regarding the spray-on bed liners, but for a bias-free comparison, Line X won’t be left out of the way.

It is also a spray-on bed liner that performs similar functions to the newly introduced bullet liner.

Line X has made news for a long time now – known for its tough, nearly indestructible protective coating.

The Line-X existed for two decades before the introduction of the Bullet liner. To this end, most people argue that the bullet liner appears with more interesting characteristics than aged Line-X. 

#1. Line-X Cons

Even though we consider this section to be the Cons with possessing a Line-X product, it doesn’t condemn the products but tells of what’s not impressive about the manufacturer and its product.

  • If you thought you could get or order a Line-X bed liner online and then probably get the job done yourself, you just have to wake up from that dream. But, unfortunately, you can’t because the job is at risk, and that’s why Line-X recommends that you hire a professional installer.

To this end, you must use the designated Line-X website to locate where they can render service to you. If not, you’ll drop a quote online on the website and wait for a response.

  • After finding a Line-X installer, you will be invited to the shop as required by the manufacturer, where your physical presence matters. It is better this way; however, you’ll have to stay when they do it even if it is not at your convenience.
  • There’s no fixed price for Line-X installation; every installer makes up his price. Even the lower price Line-X could be inflated and sold to you as the price Line-X Premium. You’ll have to search around so you don’t get played.
  • About the Line-X prices, an article on  Line-X’s blog revealed ” How much Truck bed liners cost?” and the average cost for an average spray-on bed liner is $500. But I tell you Line-X’s prices extend to at least $525. And this is $50 more than a bullet liner.
  • Overspray problems are common with Line-X, perhaps not specifically but because it is also a spray-in bed liner. 
  • It permanently sticks to the surface; once installed, it is permanent. Do you not understand why this is not impressive? Well, it’s because you can’t replace it even when it’s faded and dirty without having to incur expenses in the course of scraping it off.

#2. Line-X Pros

There are also impressive things about Line-X.

  • Interestingly, Line-X offers a lifetime warranty – did you hear that? A lifetime warranty, but doesn’t take responsibility for any warranty concern – you can handle that with your designated local installer. 
  • Line-X liners are tough and highly resistant to damage. They do not easily scratch.
  • Newly Line-X installed surfaces have beautiful looks.

Bulletliner Vs Line x . What’s the difference & which is better?

Final Thoughts

Technology is at the helm of almost everything that pertains to life. What we use, how we use it, and how we maintain it.

Every property we acquire for ourselves depreciates as time goes by despite our care towards them.

The Bullet Liner is preferable to Line-X because of the UV stability and gloss retention properties of Bullet Liner; at least, that is my personal opinion.

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