Can I Drive Uber Under My Wife’s Name? (Let’s See)

Sometimes, the vehicles in our possession are not registered in our name, but we want to know if we can use them for commercial driving purposes.

In this article, I will show you how you can drive a car with uber even if the car is in your wife’s name.

Yes, you can drive uber under your wife’s name; there would be virtually no challenge with that. However, you will need to have a separate account where you can log on your details on the Uber driver app. This permit is allowed provided you meet the uber driver requirement and your spouse passes the uber background check on driving.

Can You Drive for Uber if the Car is Not in Your Name?

Can I Drive Uber Under My Wife'S Name

You can drive for uber if the car is not in your name. You need to have your account to make this happen.

Despite the car not being registered in your name, Uber allows you to own an account that you can log in your details to drive the car on uber.

The uber driver app approves a switch in details on a particular car.

Even if you don’t own the car, you must meet uber driver requirements. These requirements, when met, can allow a legally licensed person to drive for uber.

This permit is irrespective of the state of the ownership of the car. If the car does not belong to you, once you meet the requirement, you can go ahead to apply for an uber background check for driving on the original owner of the car.

Some of the minimum requirements you must meet before you can sign up to drive for Uber include:

  • A minimum age requirement
  • A minimum driving experience
  • A valid driver’s license
  • An eligible vehicle

A Minimum Age Requirement

Even if the car does not belong to you, you must meet the minimum age requirement before you can drive. The age limit may vary from city to city.

Ensure to check with your city to find out the minimum age requirement. When you meet this age limit, uber recognizes you as a legally licensed person that can drive.

With you, the driver legally licensed, you can go ahead to own an account even if you do not own the car.

A Minimum Driving Experience

Aside from the minimum driving age, you must have driven for one year with a driver’s license.

This requirement applies to those who are above 25 years of age.

In addition, there the uber requirements for drivers who intend to drive vehicles that are not theirs.

If you are not up to 25 years of age yet, you have met the minimum driving age for your city; you must have three years of licensed experience. 

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A Valid Driver’s License

This point is an essential requirement before you can get on the wheels for uber. It must be a valid driver’s license in the united states.

The type of license required is the class E license. This license allows you to drive vehicles with a maximum of 14 persons on board.

Also, licenses vary from state to state; do well to check with the driving agency of your location.  

An Eligible Vehicle

For uber to accept a vehicle, it must be a 4-door vehicle capable of carrying at least four passengers at once.

This criterion is proven by taking pictures of the vehicle and uploading them on the Uber driver app.

Another requirement that makes your car eligible is the age of the car. Your car must be at most ten years old.

Versions of a vehicle older than ten years are an outright no when applying to use a car that is not yours.

Another requirement often needed is proof of residency in your city or state. This document will ensure that you have records that can be traceable when required.

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Are There Requirements That Must Be Met Before I Can Drive for Uber if the Car is Not on My Name?

Drive For Uber

Aside from the above requirements, one very important requirement is that you must be properly insured.

In being properly insured, you must have your insurance attached to the vehicle. A car insurance policy can cover more than one person on a car.

Therefore, for you to be able to run an uber account with a vehicle that is not yours, you must be attached to the car insurance plan.

Though the law on how insurance works on cars varies from state to state, there is a possibility of having multiple persons attached to the insurance.

For example, your name only has to be listed with your spouse’s name in the insurance papers in some states.

In this case, once you can ascertain that your name is on the insurance paper, uber will allow you to drive the car with your account. 

They can also allow your spouse to switch to their account when they want to use the same car. In this case, there would be a driving record check for both you and the car owner.

The car insurance policy will require you to register separately in some other cases. Proper insurance is usually required for you to use a car not registered in your name.  

This car insurance policy may be stringent but necessary because if you were to get into an accident, uber would still have to contact your wife.

The reason is that she is the independent contractor for uber. 

Are There Other Ways I can Drive for Uber When The car is not Mine?

There are other ways with which you could use your car with uber, one of such ways is to deliver goods to a location.

In this way, you may not need to go through all the required processes before you can drive a car that is your spouse’s. To enroll, you need to check uber’s driving delivery help portal.

In using your car to deliver items, you only need to have the basic requirements that every other driver must possess.

Almost any car is eligible for delivery, provided it is fit enough to ply the road. Items frequently delivered include food, gift items, office documents, and small packages.

These requirements include:

  • A minimum age requirement
  • A minimum driving experience
  • A valid driver’s license

You can also rent your car for use by uber. Some passengers who want to have a car to themselves for a long period can rent a car.

So you can get your car ready for others to rent. This policy allows you to earn on the rental car from the uber section of the app without driving yourself, even if the car is not in your name. 

All you need to do in this case is register the car with uber and register as a driver on the uber the vehicle is eligible for rental.

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What are the Uber Car Requirements to be an Uber Driver?

Final Thoughts

You can drive your car with uber even if the car is not in your name. You could still have an account with Uber to drive it.

You would need to first fulfill all basic requirements for those who want to drive and then ensure that the car’s insurance policy covers you.

Once you do this, you can own an uber account even if the car is not registered in your name.

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