Cadillac XT5 Remote Start not Working (Reasons & Solutions)

A remote start system often comes with many benefits that save many Cadillac XT5 car owners a lot of stress.

Therefore, they often fret when the remote start in their Cadillac XT5 isn’t working.

What could cause this? And what can you do to attempt a fix when this happens?

The Cadillac XT5 remote start may cease to function when one or more vehicle doors are open. Additionally, it won’t work when the transmission of the Cadillac XT5 isn’t in park mode (P) and if the emission control system begins to malfunction. 

Does Cadillac XT5 have Remote Start? 

The Cadillac XT5 comes with a remote start feature which car owners can operate using the Cadillac key fob.

Check your key fob for the remote start button to know if your vehicle has the remote start feature.

The remote start button usually has the shape of a curved arrow. 

So if you find this shape on your key fob, it means your vehicle has the remote start feature.

To remote start your vehicle, you need to follow the steps below. 

#1. Step1:

Push and release the lock option on your remote keyless entry transmitter. 

#2. Step 2:

Instantly push the remote start option until the turn signal lamps glow. 

#3. Step 3:

When your car starts, the parking lamps will flash and stay on while the engine is running.

A remote start system is an indispensable tool that many car owners value as it comes in handy in difficult situations.

With the remote start feature, you can easily operate your vehicle from virtually anywhere.

Furthermore, you can warm up your vehicle anytime, especially in cold weather conditions such as winter, even before entering the car. 

Plus, you can turn on the air conditioning and cool your vehicle on hot days.

You can also warm up your engine for the free flow of engine oil and proper lubrication.

This strategy will enable you to avoid wear and tear of the metal components of your car due to friction. 

In addition, you can remote start your vehicle by using my Cadillac mobile app.

This app is extremely easy to operate, and you can download it from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Once you install the app, you need to log in by supplying important details.

Afterward, you can connect the app to your vehicle to access the remote start feature. 

Why Did My Remote Start Stop Working? 

The remote vehicle start may stop working when the car’s battery is dead or when it’s very low.

It may not function at all when you disconnect the car battery in the process of service.

This problem is very common as the battery enables you to start your vehicle. Hence, your vehicle will not even start if it fails to function.

You must service your car battery for a remote start to work without any obstruction.

A remote car starter usually possesses some sort of non-volatile memory to preserve many things.

Things like programming details and remote control codes. These features help you operate your vehicle with ease as they serve as instructions that guide the vehicle. 

In some cases, the remote start fails to work when you don’t install the remote start system properly.

Furthermore, installing the remote start system is a tedious process that consumes time.

Hence, you need to consult an expert when you want to install the system. 

Self-installation could be disastrous as you might encounter a lot of complications you can’t handle, especially when you have little to no experience in wiring and installing devices in the car.

So, it’s best to avoid the dilemma and seek the assistance of a professional. 

Notwithstanding, other reasons put a hold on the functionality of the remote start.

So what are these reasons? Let’s explore more! 

#1. Reasons why the Remote Start is not Working? 

It is frustrating when you wake up to find out that your remote start is not working.

And you begin to wonder what exactly is the reason for this sudden change.

Now, I’ll highlight the major reasons why this happens unexpectedly or unknowingly.

Below are some of the reasons. 

  • Improper starting procedure: when you want to remote start your vehicle, you must follow the remote start procedure. If you apply the wrong procedure, the remote start will not work due to wrong instructions. 
  • Unlatched/open hood: your remote start fails to work completely when you open the hood/bonnet of your car without closing it properly. 
  • Dead key fob: the key fob is crucial when you want to remote start your car. Hence, the remote start won’t work if the battery is dead. 
  • Your vehicle is not in park mode (P): when your vehicle is not in park mode, the remote start will not function as it doesn’t function when your car is moving. 
  • Coolant and oil pressure: the remote start often fails to function when the coolant temperature becomes too high and extremely low oil pressure. 
  • Too many remote start attempts: this happens when you use the remote start twice or three times in instant succession

Now, what are the solutions to these problems? Let’s learn more! 

#2. How to Fix the Problems of the Remote Start? 

The remote start is a crucial part of your vehicle. Hence, you need to know how to fix its problems for your convenience.

The following are some of the solutions to fix the problems: 

  • If you want to use the remote start, you need to put your vehicle in park mode at all times. 
  • Always check the engine light for any problems. 
  • Remember to check the remote key fob to ensure its functionality. If it fails to function, you need to change the key fob battery. You can purchase 2032 a lithium coin cell battery to replace the old one. 
  • Always switch on the remote starter and switch off the hazard lights.
  • Make sure you check the coolant temperature and oil pressure frequently. 
  • You have to lock your vehicle’s hood properly and make sure that it’s not in valet mode. 

Cadillac XT5 Key Fob not Working 

One of the common reasons the Cadillac XT5 key fob does not work is a dead battery.

The key fob battery is vital as it prompts its proper functionality. With a proper key fob battery, you can easily remote start your vehicle and perform other functions. 

In most cases, car owners ignorantly purchase the wrong key fob battery, and this disables the key fob.

To purchase the right key fob battery, you need to check your owner’s manual.

Alternatively, you can purchase the 2032 lithium coin cell battery, suitable for many key fobs. 

Nevertheless, the problem could also come from the buttons on the key fob. When the buttons fail to function, it may be due to overuse.

However, the problem may also come from the point of fixation by the manufacturer. 

In this scenario, you need to return the key fob and get one that functions properly.

Nonetheless, if it’s due to overuse, you need to purchase a new key fob that suits the model of your car. 

Remote Start not Working After Battery Change 

When the remote start fails to work after the battery change, it might be due to certain problems.

First off, it depends on the type of battery in question, whether it’s the key fob battery or the car battery. 

If it’s the key fob battery, you might have purchased the wrong battery. Hence, the remote start will not work even after the battery change.

You need to purchase the right battery by checking your owner’s manual to correct this. 

Alternatively, you can consult your dealership for the right battery for your key fob.

However, if it’s about the vehicle battery change, you might have fixed the battery incorrectly. Hence, you need to consult an expert to assist you in fixing the battery. 

Note that you need to exercise caution when changing the battery and use a durable battery.

Your remote start will not work if the battery is bad and fails frequently.

On the other hand, once you charge your battery, you need to reset your remote start. With the following steps, you can effortlessly reset your remote start. 

Put in the ignition key and take it to the accessory. However, you can use the start button by pushing it once, and you don’t have to propel the brake pedal. 

  1. First, locate and push the lock option on your remote car starter. 
  2. In 5 seconds, turn the ignition key off. Nevertheless, you can press the start option again.

Common Remote Start Problems and Fixes

Final Thoughts 

Although the Cadillac XT5 remote start comes with many benefits, it fails to work due to some problems.

These problems include a dead key fob battery, unlatched hood, improper starting procedure, and malfunctioning of the emission control system.

Nevertheless, you can fix these problems by locking your vehicle properly and following the right procedures. 

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