Does Cadillac XT4 Have Fog Lights? (Let’s Find Out)

When the weather is foggy, and you can’t see clearly for up to 100 meters in front of you, the usual instinct is to turn on your car’s fog lights.

But your car needs to have this feature for you to use it. That said, what if your car is a Cadillac XT4? Does a Cadillac XT4 have fog lights? 

The Cadillac XT4 model years 2018 to 2021 do have fog lights. They have front and rear fog lights. The front fog lights are below the headlights. You can also install fog lamp lights if your Cadillac fog lights stop functioning. The front fog lights usually sit below the headlights.

How Do I Use My Cadillac XT4 Fog Lights?

The Cadillac XT4 fog lights are important accessories present in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 year models.

With the whole lot of confusion surrounding fog lights and the timing of their usage, one thing’s for sure – you need them.

There is a great deal of confusion amongst Cadillac car users about the timing of Cadillac fog lights usage.

Fog lights are meant for use in low visibility situations due to bad weather conditions like fog, mist, dust, and sand. You may read more about Ambient lightning.

The law warrants incorporating rear fog lights at the car’s rear as a part of the tail light bulb.

Besides its use in foggy weather, the front fog light finds use in boosting the aesthetic appeal of a car.

They help attract potential buyers to cars that are a higher spec than the basic trim models.

As a result, you’ll only find them on mid-spec cars and the higher models.

However, some newer car models feature bright LED DRLs  – daytime running lights that are now a law requirement instead of front fog lights.

They perform almost the same function as front fog lights.

However, they differ from fog lamp lights in that they increase your visibility to other car drivers than brighten the road.

You need a separate control switch from the central light switch to use your fog lights. There are different types of fog lamp light switches.

Some vehicles have a button type, each for the front fog lights and another for the rear fog light. The fog lights turn on when you press the button.

Also, the collar type has a collar with a light stalk. You can activate and deactivate the fog lights by moving the collar back and forth for this type of fog lamp light switch. 

Additionally, there is also the type that you can rotate the switch control of the fog light to turn them on.

When you pull the control fog light switch in your direction, the fog lamp light comes on.

There are usually symbols on the car’s dashboard to indicate when the fog lights come on and go off.

Most times, the fog lights only come on when the headlights are already on. That means the fog lights will not come on in isolation.

The headlights must be on already before they can work.

Therefore, if your front fog lights aren’t coming on, you should confirm whether your headlights are working first.

The fog lights go off when you turn off the car’s main lights or turn the car’s ignition off.

A major concern with fog lights is that they can impair the vision of other road users, so you should be careful when using your front fog lights and even the rear fog lights.

The rear fog lights help alert road users behind the car of your presence in foggy weather when driving conditions are bad.

When Do I Use My Cadillac XT4 Fog Lights? 

It would be best to turn on your Cadillac XT4 fog lights only when visibility is so poor that you cannot see about 100 meters in front of you. Click to know if Cadillac XT5 has fog lights or not.

Unfortunately, that happens during bad fog weather, snowfall, and rainfall.

The purpose of fog lights is not only to increase your vision of the road but also to alert other drivers of your presence on the road when your main car’s headlights won’t do the job sufficiently.

Therefore when you can still see the roads clearly, your fog lights should remain off.

You should turn off your front and the rear fog lights whenever the fog ceases, and visibility improves.

That is so that you will not dazzle other car drivers using the road.

Additionally, the rear fog lights are brighter than the standard tail light bulb.

So when the rear fog lights are on, and you hit your brakes, the incoming driver behind you won’t know you’re slowing down.

That is because the brake lights won’t illuminate enough.

You should also not turn on fog lights when it’s wet, and visibility is still adequate or when it is dark. 

2019 Cadillac XT4 Headlights & Tail Lights


The law’s requirement is that rear fog lights must feature on all cars. However, the case is different with front fog lights.

Only some models of cars come with front fog lights as an aesthetic feature, and the Cadillac XT4 model years 2018 to 2021 have both front fog lamp lights and rear fog lights.

Finally, you should only use the Cadillac XT4 fog lights when visibility is so poor that you can’t see the 100 meters in front of you.

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