Alfa Romeo Fog Lights? (Things You Should Know)

So many weather conditions make safe driving very difficult, sometimes more complicated than it may seem.

Fog is one of these weather conditions that affect efficient driving. This is why many cars carry fog lights. 

Alfa Romeo fog lights help you drive better during foggy conditions. It makes you visible to other motorists and drivers and lessens the chances of car accidents. Therefore, these lights do not automatically turn themselves on. This means you have to consciously turn them on when you detect fog in the area. 

Does Alfa Romeo Stelvio Have Fog Lights?

Alfa Romeo Fog Lights

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio car comes equipped with the fog light feature. Fog lights are way brighter than your usual car headlights.

The car doesn’t automatically detect fog for the Alfa Romeo cars; you have to put them on yourself while driving. 

The control for the fog lights is a big button in the car. To turn the fog lights on, you have to push this button.

If you’re having difficulty locating the button, you should read through your car manual. Reading through the manual doesn’t only show you where the fog button is.

It also helps you know when to use your fog lights and safely use them.

In some countries, fog lights are illegal, and in others, they are not. This simply implies that you have to be sure of the laws before using your fog lights.

Even in countries where fog lights are illegal, they sometimes let people get away with using them. This is especially when no one encounters harm, and there is a need to use the fog lights. 

Do All Alfa Romeo Car Models Have Fog Lights? 

Not every car model has fog lights installed or equipped to them. This case isn’t any different from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio vehicles.

The other models have fog lights that fit Alfa Romeo cars. It’s pretty easy to know if your car came with fog lights or not. 

The first and easiest way to know is to check your dashboard for the fog button. This is the button used to turn on the fog lights.

If you find it there, that means your car has fog lights equipped by the manufacturers. You can also add fog lights or lamps to cars after being bought.

It all depends on the car model. Only people who know what it looks like can easily detect the button.

For those who have not even the slightest clue, there’s another way to find out if your car has fog lights

Another way of identifying if your car has fog lights or not is by checking for the lights. Fog lamps or fog light bulbs are usually little blocks or round-shaped lights.

You can mostly find it below your headlights, at the front of your car. These are the front fog lights. Most cars have the fog lights only at the front, while others rarely have behind. 

An icing to the cake is that you can add these lights to cars that didn’t come with one.

However, your car has to fit in the list of models that you can do for this. To know if your car can take a fog light, ask your mechanic. 

What Do Fog Lights Do? 

The original intention behind fog lights is to adjunct low light beams. Since fogs hover towards the ground, the fog light bulb works by shining to the ground.

However, it sharply cuts off so that the light doesn’t shine directly into the fog to reflect in it. It does this while illuminating the road under the fog. 

Fog lights aren’t the least useless as most people portray them to be. Fog doesn’t let someone driving see bad road conditions ahead. These bad road conditions include potholes and speed bumps amidst others. 

As little as these things seem, they are the slightest common causes of road accidents around.

So we can say fog lights are used to: 

  • Help the driver see whether the road ahead is clear and okay for movement or not. 
  • It helps other drivers and motorists know that there’s someone else.

    Especially when the fog is very thick, and people can barely see each other. At this point, only horns and headlights won’t do so much good. 
  • Fog lights also help pedestrians who walk in the fog know that there is an oncoming vehicle. 

However, I advise that you stay home whenever there is so much fog unless in emergencies, especially if you have bad sight conditions and find it challenging to drive at night.

Driving through fog is a terrible idea if you can’t drive during regular nights. 

However, note that there can also be daytime fog, and sometimes, you might not need fog lights for this.

Fog lights are very bright, and during the day, you can just use your headlights to see through the fog. The fog lights during the day can affect the eyes of other drivers in front of you. 

When Do You Use Fog Lights?

Fog lights are very bright and shouldn’t be on very frequently. There are certain situations where the fog lights on your car come in handy.

These times include: 

  • When you are driving through thick night fog. 
  • When there’s daytime fog, and it’s very thick. 
  • You can also use your fog lights at night when the night is very dark. 
  • Fog lights can come in handy when you’ve broken your headlights by mistake, or they go bad.  You can only use your fog lights for a while in such conditions before you fix your headlights. 

Your fog lights shouldn’t be permanently on or usually used because of the brightness. Its unusual blinding amber light is not suitable or convenient for regular sight. 

Aside from these times, using your fog lamps or fog light isn’t necessary. Many people find it very offensive to the eyes on the road.

Using your fog lights will not be essential on roads or streets with streetlights. The street lights will provide the proper lighting needed to enhance vision during foggy conditions. 

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Do Fog Lights Help At Night? 

Fog lights can help you during the thick darkness. However, you shouldn’t make it a habit to use your fog lights, usually at night.

As the name implies, fog lights work best under foggy conditions and not just nighttime

Nevertheless, you can always use your fog lights in the absence of your car headlights but just for a while. You can also avoid driving at night if you’ll have to use your fog lights to navigate. 

How to Use Fog Lights – Car Fog Lights Explained


Driving through the thick, misty night or fog isn’t one of the best experiences. This is what you should consider when installing fog lights into cars.

Some people have never used fog lights on their vehicles before because they do not need them.

However, just your headlights won’t take you through a very thick fog condition. Nonetheless, advise you to learn how to use your fog lights reasonably while expecting foggy days. 

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