Does Cadillac XT4 Use Regular Gas? (Explained)

What do you consider if you want to purchase a car?

First, I will consider the car’s performance, the engine’s capacity, and fuel efficiency; you most definitely will do the same.

But guess what, do you know that one factor primarily determines a car’s performance, which is the type of gasoline used.

The Cadillac XT4 is a high-performance vehicle, and it requires the best gasoline to keep it in top shape.

So is regular gas the best for the Cadillac XT4? Let’s find out. 

The Cadillac XT4 can use all types of gasoline; regular, mid-grade, and premium gasoline. But the manufacturers recommend using premium gasoline since this will boost engine power and increase fuel efficiency and engine capacity. However, you can use regular or unleaded gasoline in desperate times.

What Type of Gas Does Cadillac XT4 Use? 

The Cadillac XT4 can use any gasoline as long as it has an octane rating of 87 to 94.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that premium gasoline is the manufacturer’s recommendation but not a requirement for this vehicle.

The Cadillac XT4 is powered by a turbocharged 2.0L I-4 LSY engine with TriPower elements, a very high horsepower of 237, and a 259-pound foot of torque.

Therefore a lot of power is required to boost this kind of engine. This information should also guide you when choosing a fuel type for your car.

Many Cadillac vehicles come with a high-performance engine that requires premium gasoline to run effectively, whereas, in general.

Cadillac cars can use regular, mid-grade, premium, or E-85 fuel.

You should use regular or unleaded gasoline only in times of emergency, that is if gasoline with octane ratings of 89 to 91 (mid-grade or premium gasoline ) is not available.

Moreover, when used, you should avoid aggressive driving to prevent engine knocking or permanent engine damage.

According to their respective user’s manual, the 2020 to 2022 Cadillac XT4 requires premium gasoline, which produces 237hp at 5000rpm (177kw); the amount of power needed to keep this engine in good shape.

Apart from natural fossil fuels, there are also renewable sources of fuel. For example, there are E85 and E15.

However, Cadillac vehicles with flexible fuel engines can only use this gasoline type, and Cadillac XT4 is not a flex-fuel vehicle

Therefore, you should not use the E15, E85, or any methanol blended fuel in your Cadillac, as these can damage the plastic and rubber parts of the engine.

And note that any damage caused by this kind of fuel is not part of the Cadillac’s four to five-year guarantee.

The user manual also mentioned certain chemical additives in gasoline.

It mentioned clearly that the top-tier detergent gasoline is required to keep the fuel system clean.

You should only use a  GM fuel system if the top-tier gasoline is unavailable.

Difference Between Premium and Regular Gasoline

Premium gasoline is a type of gasoline with an octane rating of 91 to 94, with 91 and 93 octane ratings being the most common in all fuel stations.

Gasoline with octane number 87 is called regular or unleaded gasoline (RUG). It is said to be the most common fuel type. You may know whether ford uses regular gas?

Here are a few differences between the premium and regular gas;

#1. Price:

Premium gas costs more than regular gasoline. A driver will have to pay more cents for premium gas.

#2. Octane Rating:

Premium gas has more octane ratings of 91 to 94 than regular gasoline of 87.

#3. Engine Sustainability:

Premium gas burns quicker in low compression ratio engines. Therefore, these engines require regular gasoline, while high compression ratio engines require premium gas.

The majority of auto engines today use regular and mid-range gasoline. Just a few are produced with premium gasoline in mind.

Octane ratings describe the engine’s resistance to knocking, but not in all cases.

Further, new models of engines possess a sensor called the knock sensor that detects knocking, thus, allowing for the indiscriminate use of premium and regular gas.

As noted earlier, premium gas is more expensive.

Nevertheless, the cost depends on location, but the price generally falls between 20 to 40 cents per gallon.

It can cost more than a hundred dollars per year when you use the car frequently. To save cost, I’ll advise you to buy in bulk.

Which Type of Fuel is Suitable for My Vehicle?

Fuel compatibility depends on your engine type. Turbocharged engines require premium gasoline because they have a high compression ratio.

Engines with low compression ratios use regular gasoline. A lot of people use premium gas.

Most likely because they think it will boost their car’s performance, but the truth is using high octane gasoline, aside from the user guide manual recommendation, is not necessarily beneficial. 

The additives in gasoline are far more important as they can keep your engine clean and perform well.

So in case you might be thinking of using the premium gas, please save that money and buy a top-tier fuel.

What Will Happen if I use Premium Gas in My XT4? 

When you use premium gasoline, nothing harmful will happen to a Cadillac XT4 engine.

It possesses a turbocharged engine with a high compression ratio, and as noted earlier, such engines can effectively use premium gas.

Its quick-shifting GM 9-speed automatic transmission turbocharged engine needs a gas that will provide it with plenty of power, and premium gas with a 91 octane rating and above is the best option.

Although it can use regular gasoline, there’s a good chance your horsepower, MPG, and CO2 emission will reduce with premium gas.

Premium gas has more detergent properties than regular gas. That means it leaves little or no residue in the engine.

Although there are regulations that provide regular gas with just the right amount of detergent, premium gas has additional properties that make it clear your engine fares better.

The higher the octane ratings, the more effective the fuel avoids knocking.

Knocking of an engine is when pre-ignition occurs or when gasoline burns quicker in the combustion chamber than what is necessary for such an engine.

This occurrence can cause permanent engine damage over time. Therefore, notwithstanding the price, premium gas is a better choice. Also read: Does Cadillac XT4 Have Run-Flat Tires?

Does Premium Gas Damage Engines?

Again, it depends on your vehicle’s engine. Premium gas can only hurt an engine if it’s not recommended and not required.

In every car’s user guide manual, there is an instruction given specifically to which type of gasoline the vehicle requires.

Going against these instructions can bring damage to your vehicle.

However, in most cases, the use of Premium gas results in an indifference in performance both on the positive and negative sides.

If a vehicle does not recommend or require premium gas, you are not doing your engine any good by getting it.

Although certain computers can help modern car engines adjust the ignition system to accommodate lower octane gasoline- to a point, it is still advisable to study the user guide recommendations or requirements.

Using the wrong gasoline can decrease fuel economy and engine performance, knock off the engine, or even cause permanent engine damage. 

Nevertheless, using premium gasoline in a regular car won’t hurt it over a short period, but it can damage it over a long period except if it is serviced from time to time.

Therefore, I will advise you to stick to your car’s manual guide and use the gasoline meant for your car to avoid nullifying your warranty and disrupting your car’s performance. Also read: Does Cadillac XT4 Have Wireless Charging?.

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Cadillac XT4 is a high-performance vehicle that can use all types of natural fossil fuels.

While some XT4 would recommend regular gas, it is advised you use premium gasoline for this vehicle for a better engine capacity and fuel efficiency.

No matter the gasoline you choose to buy, always stick to the user guide.

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