Are Tesla Model 3 and Y Seats the Same? (Explained)

The fact that the topic above piques your interest shows that you already know that Model 3 and Y are Tesla’s most affordable and popular options.

Despite their similarities and differences, their seats are a concern to many. If you are curious, let me help make a logical seat comparison.

Tesla Model 3 and Y seats are not the same, but they have a few similarities: they are high-quality and provide comfort. However, they are different as the Model 3 is a 5-seater, whereas the Model Y has a 7-seater option. Moreover, the most significant difference is that Model Y’s seat is mounted higher than those of Model 3.

At the end of the article, we can tell if the Tesla Model 3 and Y seats are the same; if not, we will see their differences. 

We will identify which is better and whether we can interchange the seats between the two Models.

Does Tesla Model Y and 3 Have the Same Seats?

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Tesla Model Y and Model 3 do not have the same seats.

Model 3 can carry up to five passengers, whereas the Model Y will take up to 7 passengers as it has an optional third row for seats.

To help you better understand the seats of Model Y and 3, consider them one after another. What, then, should you know about Model Y?

#1. Model Y

Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV produced to solve the need for more space at an affordable price. Unlike the first Model Y of December 2020, with five seats.

However, with plans already ongoing, within a short period (January 2021), the third row became part of Model Y. Becoming the 7-seat variant of the Tesla Model Y.

Model Y has three seats that you can fold down individually and fold the second-row seats in two ways. There is also a center passthrough when you fold the middle seat.

Furthermore, like the Tesla Model X and Model S, the Tesla Model Y also has heated seats in front and behind.

Here is a table showing the seating dimensions of the 7-seat Model Y.

FeaturesFront Row (inches)Second Row (inches)Third Row (inches)
Head Room41.038.734.6
Shoulder Room56.45441
Hip Room 53.850.836.5
Leg Room41.841.626.5

The 7-seat Model Y costs about $3,000 more than the base Model Y. As of June 2023, the long-range Model Y costs about $53,500 with a configurator.

#2. Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is not only lacking a third row for seats, but it can only carry five passengers. 

It is a Model that will work well as a family choice car, especially for a family with two or three children.

Model 3 also comes with many safety features that put it on par with other sedans you can think of out there. But extra seats are not an option in this particular model.

Although it is a stylish, fun, and environmentally friendly car, the seating is limited, a standard for sedans. So, it is a good choice, especially for a small family.

The safety features of Model 3 are impressive and some of which include the following;

  • Lane keep assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Front and rear automatic emergency braking

A Tesla Model 3 has a 37.7-inch headroom at the second row while the legroom is about 35.2 inches. And this most people will refer to as being spacious enough.

The Model 3 seats have standard synthetic leather upholstery, heated front and rear seats, a power-adjustable front seat, and heated steering wheels.

Although the seat is comfortable and supports drivers and passengers, its rear seats best suit kids on long trips.

The space issue comes up when taller teens or adults have to sit in the backseat. It becomes uncomfortable for them, especially when there are a lot of passengers.

The front row is medium since the front headroom is about 40.3 inches, and the front legroom is approximately 42.7 inches.

In the table below, notice the seating dimensions of Model 3.

Seating DimensionsSize 
Front headroom40.3 inches
Front shoulder room56.3 inches
Front hip room53.4 inches
Front leg room52.7 inches
Second-row headroom37.7 inches
Second-row shoulder room54 inches
Second-row hip room52.4 inches
Second-row legroom35.2 inches
Total passenger volume97 cubic feet

Model 3 comes with two LATCH connectors fitted for the rear outboard seat and tether anchors installed for the middle seat.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Rating gave the Tesla Model 3 LATCH system the number two slot in rating due to its ease of use because it installed its lower anchors too deeply into the seats.

Differences Between Tesla Model 3 and Y Seats?

As much as there are similarities between the Tesla Model 3 and Y, there are also differences. 

And this is what we want to consider in this subheading.

Although both car models give you a comfortable front seat, Model Y will give you a much more forward view than the Model 3. 

However, Model Y has a narrow rear vision and small side mirrors.

The Model 3 sedan gives you the knees-up seating position, a ceiling restricting headroom, and a lack of toe space, but the Model Y SUV corrects all of these.

With the Reclining seat of Model Y, you only need to push the seat folding latch slightly backward to recline your seat to two positions—something you can’t find in Model 3.

The rear seats of all-electric sedans fold 60/40, but this is very different with the Tesla Model 3 and Y. You can only fold the rear seat of Model 3 from the rear and no other way.

On the other hand, the Model Y has three rear seats that you can fold individually. You can fold the second-row seat of Model Y to make a passthrough in two ways.

If you go to the trunk of Model Y, you will find two switches that give you access to the seats of the second row from the trunk.

Upon activation, you can fold each corresponding rear seat.

The Model Y has a 40/20/40 split of the back seat, offering you the option of using it to carry long, thin objects or Items like skateboards and skis between passengers.

Moreover, Model 3 has a cargo space of 20 cubic feet, while Model Y has 30 cubic feet.

But if you fold the rear seat of a five-seater Model Y, you will have a cargo space of 72 cubic feet.

Finally, the most significant difference between the seats of Model 3 and Y is that the seats of Model Y are mounted higher, making them more comfortable than those of Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 and Y: Which Has Better Seats?

The truth is, it all boils down to personal preference and choice and nothing more. And this is because both models’ seats are good quality and very comfortable.

For example, a small family with little kids should go for the Model 3 due to its small spacing and restricted headroom, especially for adults.

But a big family would see the Model Y as a better choice since it has more seats, space, and comfort. And the seats are easily adjustable.

For someone who rarely uses the rear seats of this car but rather often carries loads, he should go for the 5-seat Tesla Model Y.

Also, depending on your budget, you must forgo one and go for another. For instance, the Tesla Model 3 is slightly cheaper than the Model Y.

You can get a Tesla Model 3 RWD at $41,630, whereas a Model Y is affordable at $49,130.

Can I Use Tesla Model 3 Seats in Model Y and Vice Versa?

After buying a Tesla car, there are not so many configurations that you would still need to do. 

However, many people think so much about what to do about the white seat that comes with a Tesla car.

Yes, no doubt the white seat has its appeal, but even with its pros comes its cons. But most times, white color is not that appealing to owners and may require $1,000 to cover.

You may usually get the black seat when you like and want the white seat. All hope is not lost because you can get your Amazon leather seat cover.

When you look at the leather seat cover, you will notice how perfectly tailored the seat materials are and can mistake it for one coming from Tesla’s factory. 

Installing these leather covers in your car will not interfere with your heated seats or airbags. The effect of a heating seat will reduce, but you will still be able to feel it.

The one I got from Amazon is named “Xipoo,” a Chinese product costing $250. And the leather, although a bit tough, has not caused any irritation to my skin up until now.

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