Are Tesla Model 3 Easy to Steal? (Truth Revealed)

Did you recently buy a Tesla Model 3 and don’t know if it’s easy to steal or whether or not it has anti-theft features?

Did someone steal your Tesla Model 3, and you’re wondering how that’s possible or don’t know what to do to get it back?

Do you need simple tips on enhancing your Tesla vehicle’s security? Well, read on! This article is for you.

Tesla Model 3 isn’t easy to steal because it has a high-tech security system that notifies you of all suspicious happenings. The anti-theft features that you’ll find in your Tesla include the sentry mode, security alarm, and pin-to-drive systems. Hence, theft only becomes possible if you get careless enough not to activate the security features.

This article will enlighten you on whether it’s possible for someone to steal your Tesla Model 3 and what to do if that happens.

You’ll also learn extra security measures in addition to the inbuilt anti-theft features to help keep your car away from thieves.

Is It Easy to Steal a Tesla Model 3?

Are Tesla Model 3 Easy To Steal

Tesla Model 3 is one of the technologically-advanced cars that give criminals a hard time to steal. However, the fact that it’s hard to steal doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

That’s because Tesla cars have gorgeous and attractive designs that may draw the attention of criminals.

Teslas aren’t just sleek and stylish but possess high-tech features that make driving joyful and exciting.

However, some hacks may enable criminals to steal your Model 3 if you don’t properly guard the vehicle.

My findings show that a simple way to steal a Tesla vehicle is to reverse-engineer its Near-Field Communication Protocol.

Here’s how that works; one criminal stays close to your Tesla while the second person follows you to get access to your smartphone or keycard.

Note that two inches of closeness is necessary for someone to get access to your keycard or smartphone.

They’ll tamper with your smartphone or keycard, and then they’ll be able to gain control of your Model 3.

One thing about this hack of stealing a Tesla vehicle is that the thief wouldn’t need a key.

All the thief needs to do is get a partner and plan the hack appropriately to get the vehicle away from its owner.

A Tesla vehicle is too expensive and sophisticated to be careless with, so you need to be extra protective of it.

Peruse the table below to learn safe and unsafe features/ activities that affect the security of your Tesla.

Avoidable Features/ ActionsProtective Features/ Actions
Use of passive entry.Activation of sentry mode.
Insufficient home security.Activation of security alarm.
Parking at soft spots.Use of mechanical steering wheel locks.
Outdated Tesla software.Use of pin to drive.
Carelessness with car keys.Protection of car keys.

How to Protect a Tesla Model 3 from Theft?

Activating its anti-theft features is the main way to protect against a Tesla Model 3 theft.

The features create an intelligent security system that makes it difficult to steal a Tesla vehicle. 

However, you should note that this grants 99% security. There’s still a 1% chance of a grand theft happening.

So, as you can see, the chances are slim. A thief would require a lot to get the dice rolling their way. 

The anti-theft features in a Tesla vehicle include;

  • Safety Alarm
  • Pin to Drive
  • Sentry Mode 
  • Intrusion Sensors
  • Manual Entry

However, it’s one thing to know the anti-theft features in your Tesla and another thing to know how to optimize them for your car’s safety.

Here are tips for enhancing the safety of your Tesla Model 3 against theft.

#1. Optimize Your Home Security 

This point is important as it’ll give hackers and criminals difficulty getting close to your car.

To optimize the security of your home, you can;

  • Install bright security lights around your home.
  • Pack your car in a garage or within the gate and fences of your home.
  • Buy and set up CCTV cameras around your home.

#2. Invest in a Secondary GPS Tracker

If you install a secondary GPS tracker on your Tesla, you can track down the hackers if they successfully steal the vehicle.

#3. Buy a Faraday Pouch

Buy a Faraday pouch and place your smartphone and keycard in it after locking your vehicle; the pouch prevents wireless signals from accessing the accessories.

That helps to eliminate the issues of relay attack hacks.

#4. Enable Sentry Mode

For extra security, you ought to activate sentry mode. With the sentry mode always on, you’ll get feedback on all happenings around your Tesla and act accordingly.

#5. Enable Pin to Drive

Setting up a pin before you get to drive your Tesla can serve as its last line of defense against criminals.

If you wouldn’t imagine leaving your smartphone without a security pin, why do so with an expensive vehicle such as the Tesla Model 3?

#6. Update Your Tesla Regularly

Regular updates are necessary to protect your Tesla and its devices against theft hacks. 

The reason is that updates contain bug fixes which are important as some thieves can manipulate system bugs.

#7. Don’t Park Unwisely

If you’re parking your Tesla, let it be in a place with a lot of traffic and watchful eyes. As little as that sounds, it’ll hold criminals fearfully away.

#8. Buy a Mechanical Steering Wheel Lock

Although you might laugh at this option, you’ll be surprised how this single act will help to hold back your car from the hands of thieves.

#9. Always Have Your Keys On

Here’s my final advice: never let your key lie around carelessly. When you’re home, keep your keys in a secure place, and while you’re out chilling, the keys should be on you always.

What Type of Anti Theft Does Tesla Model 3 Have?

Tesla Model 3 has several anti-theft features that make it difficult for a criminal to make an easy run with your car.

These features are in place because the Tesla manufacturers understand that hacks can give criminals access to your car.

That said, here are the anti-theft features of a Tesla Model 3;

#1. Sentry Mode

For some reason, the sentry mode is one of my favorites among the anti-theft features in your Tesla Model 3 vehicle.

This security feature detects strange and suspicious activities around your vehicle and notifies you appropriately.

Also, it doesn’t matter where you pack your Tesla; activating this security system will give you feedback on what’s happening around it.

Think of this feature as a monitor that senses strange movements and suspicious motives around the vehicle.

Hence, the sentry mode is the first anti-theft feature you wouldn’t want to miss activating.

Here’s how to go about its activation;

  • Turn on your car’s touchscreen and locate the “Control” option.
  • After tapping on control, tap the “Safety and Security” option.
  • Locate and tap on the “sentry mode.

The process above activates sentry mode. Alternatively, you can use voice command via the Tesla App to activate sentry mode.

Please keep the vehicle’s battery charge high because sentry mode will not work with a low battery.

However, whenever the battery is low, and sentry mode is deactivated, Tesla will notify you via its voice command.

#2. Pin to Drive

The pin to drive is just as the name says; if you activate the feature, you’ll only get to drive the vehicle when you enter the right pin.

Without this pin, it’ll be difficult for hackers to get your car away even after entering your Tesla.

To activate the pin-to-drive feature, follow these steps;

  • Go to your car’s touchscreen panel.
  • Tap on “Controls.”
  • Tap on “Safety and Security.”
  • Tap on “Pin,” and you’ll get to create a four-digit pin to activate the pin-to-drive feature.

#3. Security Alarm

This feature allows the car to make loud noises and flash a security light when someone enters your car without a key.

To activate the security alarm, here’s what to do;

  • Turn on the infotainment system.
  • Tap “Controls.”
  • Tap “Safety and Security.”
  • Tap “Alarm,” and that activates the feature. 

#4. Intrusion Sensors

The intrusion sensors help to enhance the actions of the security alarm and the sentry mode. However, the latter two are sufficient enough to stand against theft.

#5. Manual Entry

The manual entry enables passive entry into the Tesla as you approach the vehicle with the keyfob.

You can deactivate this feature by opting for an active entry which enables you to use your key to make an entry.

What to Do If Your Tesla Model 3 Is Stolen?

Don’t freak out if a thief gets away with your Model 3. Instead, here’s what you should do.

  • Call the police.
  • Use the Tesla App on your phone to track the vehicle’s location.
  • Then use your smartphone to reduce the maximum speed limit of the vehicle.

When you notify the police about your car’s theft, a search squad immediately takes action.

While that is in place, sending the tracks of the vehicle will enable the police to catch the criminals easily. 

So you must ensure not to panic and act fast, giving the car a faster chance of getting back to you in a piece.

Another very important thing to do after notifying the police about your car’s theft is to reduce the maximum speed at which the vehicle can run.

I recommend setting the car to run at only 30-50 km/h as that will slow down the criminal enough to get caught by the search squad.

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