Are Tesla Model 3 All Wheel Drive? (Explained)

Since its introduction in 2017, the Tesla Model 3 has become a revolutionary vehicle in the auto industry.

Its features and impressive performance have captivated the hearts of car enthusiasts.

However, some questions surround this superb electric vehicle. Notable among these queries is whether the Tesla Models 3 are all-wheel drive.

This query highlights the importance of all-wheel drive, a feature many people now look for in vehicles.

So, read on to discover whether Tesla Model 3 is an all-wheel-drive.

A Tesla Model 3 can be an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or a Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), depending on the trim. Tesla Model 3 Standard is RWD, while the Model 3 Long Range and Performance is AWD. You should also note that the drivetrain options for the Tesla Model 3 also depend on the production year.

This article explores Tesla Models 3 all-wheel drive and explains how to identify which vehicle possesses this feature.

Are All Tesla Models 3 All Wheel Drive?

Are Tesla Model 3 All Wheel Drive

No, not every Tesla Model 3 is an all-wheel drive vehicle. Rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive are the two available drivetrain configurations for these automobiles.

The drivetrain options for Tesla Model 3 depend on the model variant. The production year also plays a crucial role in determining if these vehicles are rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

When Tesla introduced the Model 3 in 2017, only the rear-wheel drivetrain option was available. One electric motor drives the rear wheels of this early RWD model 3.

This configuration offers the vehicle good performance and range. However, it has limited traction and handling capabilities, especially in adverse weather conditions and rough terrains.

To enhance performance and versatility, Tesla introduced the dual motor model 3 AWD version in 2018. It features two electric motors powering the rear and front wheels, respectively.

Due to the independent power distribution between the front and rear wheels, the dual motor provides better traction, stability, and handling. It also improves the vehicles’ performance.

The AWD variants of model 3 are better suited for adverse weather conditions. Also, they can navigate challenging terrains better than their RWD counterparts.

Since introducing the all-wheel drive option, Tesla has offered the RWD and AWD configurations for the Model 3. It allows customers to choose the one that best suits their needs.

The table below shows the drivetrain which the variants of the Tesla model fall under:

Production Year Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
2017Standard, Long Range
2018Mid Range, StandardStandard, Performance
2019Standard Range Plus, Standard Range, Long Range, Mid Range, Long Range, Performance 
2020Standard Range, Standard Range PlusLong Range, Performance
2021Standard Range PlusLong Range, Performance 
2022Standard Long Range, Performance
2023Standard Long Range, Performance

The table above shows that the AWD option is prevalent in the Long Range and Performance trims. Only the 2018 Standard trim comes with an all-wheel drivetrain.

How Do I Know If My Tesla Model 3 Is AWD?

You might wonder how to tell the difference since model 3 can be AWD or RWD. Luckily, there are various ways through which you can tell if your Tesla Model 3 is AWD. 

The following are some of the easiest methods to decipher your Tesla vehicle’s drivetrain.

#1. Check the Vehicle’s Manual

Tesla vehicle owner manuals contain comprehensive information about the cars. This information includes details about the vehicles’ specifications.

Check the part of the manual that contains its features. Look for any mention of “Dual motor” or AWD.

#2. Check the Exterior Badging

Tesla usually puts a badge with a “Dual Motor” inscription on their vehicles. You can find it in the trunk or liftgate. 

Look for a silver or chrome emblem that reads ‘Dual Motor” or “AWD.” If you find such a badge, your vehicle is all-wheel drive.

#3. The Window Sticker

The window sticker, also called the Monroney sticker, provides information about the vehicle’s features. This sticker is on your Tesla windows, usually near the driver.

Look for any mention of “Dual Motor” or “AWD” on the sticker. If you find it, it means your vehicle is an AWD.

#4. Consult the Tesla Mobile App

The Tesla app can provide information about your Tesla’s drivetrain configuration. If installed, you can find out if your vehicle has AWD.

Open the app, log into your account, and go to the vehicle details section. Look for your drivetrain or powertrain specification. You’ll see AWD if it is an all-wheel drive.

#5. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Each car has a unique identification number known as VIN. It contains important information, including the car’s specification details.

An online VIN decoder can check if your Tesla Model 3 corresponds to an AWD configuration.

You can also use the following steps to decode the VIN manually:

  • Locate the VIN. It’s typically on the dashboard close to the driver’s door or in the document’s registration document. It is a 17-digit number.
  • Identify the 8th digit. It will indicate if the vehicle is AWD or not.
  • Decode the digit using this guide: B for All-Wheel Drive and A for Rear-Wheel Drive.
  • If the 8th digit of your VIN is B, then your vehicle is an AWD.

#6. Contact Tesla Customer Support

If you have doubts after exhausting the options above, contact Tesla Customer Support. They’ll provide you with accurate information about your Tesla Model 3.

They will require you to provide your VIN. So, make sure you have it handy before contacting them.

What Is the Performance of the Tesla Model 3 AWD?

The Tesla Model 3 AWD has exceptional performance potential thanks to its dual motor.

These variants deliver enhanced acceleration, traction, and handling in various driving conditions.

Model 3 AWD usually comes in Long Range and Performance variants. While the former provides a longer driving range, the latter emphasizes sportiness and acceleration.

Tesla Model 3 AWD exhibits excellent acceleration. They can move from 0 to 60 mph in a fraction of seconds.

The dual motor distributes torque efficiently to all wheels resulting in swift acceleration.

This feature makes them some of the quickest vehicles, rivaling even high-performance sports cars.

The top speed of these vehicles is also impressive. Their top speeds can range from approximately 140 to 162 mph.

The speed specification can vary based on the variant and optional upgrades. However, the performance variant boasts superior speed among the Tesla Model 3 AWD options.

The AWD configuration in model 3 also enables supervisor traction and stability. Hence, they can easily navigate challenging road conditions.

The AWD system actively manages the power delivery to each wheel. In doing so, it optimizes grip, enhances control, and reduces the chances of wheel slip.

Power distribution to all the wheels enhances cornering ability, precise control, and responsiveness.

These advantages inspire drivers’ confidence even on winding roads.

The Model 3 AWD does not compromise efficiency despite the increased performance capabilities.

Their technologies allow drivers to enjoy performance alongside the electric range.

However, some factors may influence acceleration and top speed.

They include battery level, temperature, and performance upgrades or packages for specific model 3 AWD variants.

Which Other Tesla Models are Wheel Drive?

Tesla offers the AWD in several other models. It expands the options for people looking for improved traction and performance.

Here is an overview of other Tesla models with AWD:

#1. Tesla Model S

Tesla offers the AWD in many variants of the Model S.

The Model S Long Range offers improved range and acceleration, while the high-performance S Plaid provides excellent performance.

Below are Model S variants with AWD configurations:

Production Year Model SModel S Plaid
201570D, 85D, 90D, P85D, P90D
201660D, 70D, 75D, 85D, 90D, P85D, P90D
201760D, 75D, 90D, 100D
201875D, 100D 
2019Standard Range, Long Range, Extended Range, 75D, 100D
2020Long Range Plus, Long Range
2021Long Range Plus, Long RangePlaid
2022Standard Plaid
2023Standard Plaid

#2. Model X

The Tesla model x features AWD across all its variants. This vehicle’s AWD configuration utilizes two motors, one for the rear and one for the back wheels. 

The AWD configuration in the Model X provides excellent acceleration, improved traction, and off-road capabilities.

These features make the model x variants versatile and powerful SUVs.

#3. Model Y

The Tesla Model Y, a compact SUV, offers dual motor AWD across all trim levels. This vehicle offers versatility and a decent range.

It also provides optimal accelerations, traction, and handling like the model X. It enables drivers to take on challenging terrains easily.


What Is the Range of the Tesla Model 3 AWD?

The AWD Tesla Model 3’s range depends on specific variants and options. 

Does the Tesla Model 3 AWD Support Supercharging?

Yes, Tesla equipped its Model 3 AWD with Supercharging capabilities.

Does the Tesla Model 3 All Wheel Drive Come with Autopilot?

Yes, Autopilot is a standard feature of the Tesla Model 3 AWD.

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