How To Tell What Size Rough Country Lift I Have? (Let’s See)

Many car owners who love enjoying off-roading adventures know that lift kits are vital.

Most times, you could need a new lift kit if you changed cars, forgot your lift kit’s size, or use a preowned vehicle with an already installed lift kit.

Regardless of your reason for desiring to obtain this information, you can rest assured of finding it in this article.

It is simple to learn your rough country lift size by using their brand name and the serial numbers included. Most lift kits include this information, but if you don’t have it, you can always search for your car’s shock lengths on their website and compare it to yours. 

How To Tell What Size Lift You Have?

The shock measurement method is another credible strategy for knowing what size your lift is aside from the serial number technique since most individuals may not find it.

The first step to using the shock method is learning your shock’s length. Then, the precise step is to measure your truck’s existing shocks and analyze them with the stock shock size.

Having these stock shocks on standby simplifies the process, but there are other measurement alternatives if you don’t have them.

The easiest step is exploring the internet since we all have access to gadgets.

You might discover information similar to what you need on lift kits blogs or even your car’s forum, either Toyota, Jeep, Hyundai, etc.

Another option that can help you online is the owner’s guide. Most car manufacturers put up their car’s owner’s manual online to assist those who can’t access their hard copy.

A clever way to make your search easier is by using this pattern: car brand + Trims + year + shock speculation.

If checking the internet for this news seems tiring, phoning the rough country lift manufacturers or your car’s producers will prove helpful.

They might be able to locate the precise length of your truck’s shocks. The next step after discovering your shock’s length is making calculations. 

Remember that the perfect way to measure stocks is from their expanded and fallen lengths, starting from the middle of the loop mount to its stud’s foundation.

Removing it from your car or stretching it to its limit will provide an expanded measurement. Lifted vehicles possess longer shockers compared to conventional trucks. 

For instance, suppose the estimated calculation for standard shockers is 3 inches, and your car has shocks of 6 inches. The estimated measurement you should have is a 3-inch lift kit.

On the other hand, if your existing shocks are 9 inches long, an estimate should be a 5-inch lift kit. The shock measurement strategy has its challenges.

They could give inaccurate measurements when they sag, so emptying your car before shock measurement would be best. Read more In-Depth Comparison of Tesla Coasting Vs. Regenerative.

Why Choose the Rough Country Lift?

The rough country lift kits are good products for your truck, and below are some reasons many choose them.

#1. They don’t cost much.

Most lift kits from other brands cost much and might burn a hole in people’s pockets.

However, rough Country proposes great lifts and accessories at an economical price, so your finance won’t obstruct it.

#2. A broad inventory

Rough Country produces kits suitable for various vehicle models. It doesn’t matter what truck model you drive.

You can find a lift kit fitting for your car there and lift kit accessories like body lifts and lowering kits, etc.

#3. Easy installation

Putting in lift kits from Rough Country isn’t a complicated procedure as it tags guidelines to assist you.

This installation will last for a few hours, depending on your truck type and what lift you got.

#4. It is simple to seek help.

You can seek assistance from a customer representative from Rough Country’s page if you get confused during the installation process.

They’ll support you and direct you on what to do.

Types of Lift Kits

#1. Leveling Kits

Leveling kits differ from lift kits. They only elevate the forepart of your vehicle, unlike the lift kit that raises both sides.

Most cars have their rear lifted to prevent weighing down the cargo area, leaving the front region lower.

Leveling kits don’t cost much, and you can conveniently install them yourself.

#2. Suspension Kit

Suspension kits are expensive lift kits. They add more ground inch and beauty to your vehicle, allowing you to drive comfortably on off-road terrains.

However, the installation process for this lift kit is time-consuming and challenging, so hiring a professional may be better.

In addition, it would be best to add sway bar links to your suspension parts to ease motion and help in control management.

#3. Body lift kits

Body lift kits are best for people who don’t use their cars on rough terrains as they don’t add ground inches to your vehicle.

It only raises your vehicle’s structure limits since your suspensions are not high and only make a car look stylish.

#4. Lowering Kits

As the name indicates, lowering kits reduce your car’s ground clearance and offer lower gravity safer.

Using lift kits generally maximizes center gravity, increasing the chances of accidents; hence sway bar links are necessary to reduce body rolls when making turns.

Benefits of lift kits

The suspension kit is the best lift and comes with various advantages different from the aesthetic purposes of other lift kits.

These benefits include:

  • The high ground clearance from suspension kits is its most obvious advantage, making it easy to drive over obstacles and rough roads.
  • Suspension kits provide smoother rides as you can effortlessly drive over rocks and steep areas. It also allows you to use robust tires, offering better traction. These tires make it easier to avoid being stuck in muddy terrains.
  • These suspension kits give you a visibility edge over other regular cars and make it easy to notice and quickly avert dangerous obstacles or potholes. You also can see various delightful scenery in contrast to the height of conventional vehicles.
  • It also aids towing and makes it easier to move your car around and overcome obstacles.

Using lift kits also possesses disadvantages as it puts excessive weight on your car and maximizes brake distance.

A rise in the extent a car can go before stopping after you’ve applied brakes can result in accidents. It implies that your vehicle won’t halt instantly after pressing the brake pedals.

In addition to that, the excess pressure weighs on a car’s shock absorbers and exceeds its capability resulting in overheating and fatal damage.

Also, it minimizes handling as it could impact the driving wheel, making cars susceptible to somersaulting during cornering, and can lessen fuel economy.

A vital point to remember is that it would be preferable to allow only professionals to lift your truck to avoid problems. Does Jeep Gladiator Have Death Wobble? (Let’s Know)

Final Thoughts

You can choose to find out what size your lift kit is online through serial numbers or shock lengths.

However, remember that lift kits vary in importance as some are only good for aesthetics while others are for ground clearance, so always select the right one and use sway bars.

Driving a car after installing kits may be challenging initially.

Still, it would help to ride it carefully and remember to maintain them regularly to ensure all components are correctly attached.

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