What Oil Does Honda Dealership Use? (Let’s See)

Oil is an essential part of every vehicle as it boosts its engine performance and keeps the car moving.

And as such, the Honda dealership uses a particular oil that performs this function.

So now, what oil does the Honda dealership use? 

Honda dealership uses the Honda genuine motor oil. The Honda genuine motor oil contains certain additives that deter internal wear and oxidation of the oil. In addition, it reduces oil viscosity and lowers high temperatures that lead to overheating of the engine. 

What Brand Oil do Honda Dealerships use?

What Oil Does Honda Dealership Use

0W-20 synthetic motor oil is one of the brands of oil that the Honda dealership utilizes.

0W-20 synthetic oil is a winter viscosity multigrade SAE oil that delivers exceptional cold start performance. 

Plus, it lubricates your engine components in colder temperatures. 0W-20 synthetic oil is extremely thin in cold climates; therefore, it flows effortlessly without creating too much friction.

The 0W-20 synthetic motor oil comes in full synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil. 

0W-20 is a code that stands for different representations.

Hence, “0” stands for the synthetic oil’s viscosity at a startup, especially when your engine gets cold.

“W” stands for the oil’s winter certification; lastly, “20” stands for the oil’s viscosity at higher temperatures. 

Lower figures designate thinner and lower-friction full synthetic oil or synthetic blend oil. 0W-20 is unquestionably safe for your engine.

Honda manufacturers often specify 0W-20 fully synthetic motor oil for many models of Honda as the oil prevents engine wear. 

0W-20 synthetic oil offers reasonable mileage and excellent fuel economy for older car engines.

However, if you frequently drive in a cold climate, practice regular maintenance, and normal driving routines. 

Then 0W-20 will be 100% compatible with the engine of your vehicle. Nevertheless, if the model of your car has specific engine requirements, you can opt for high mileage oil.

In addition, 0W-20 can last up to 6 months and more, but this solely depends on how you drive your car. 

You can opt for different oil brands for your car as long as it meets the viscosity grade requirements in your owner’s manual.

Also, you can opt for conventional motor oil of a premium grade for your Honda model. 

It is imperative to note that the 0W-20 synthetic oil change interval doesn’t increase when it’s time for another fill.

So, when you exhaust the oil in your engine, you need to replace it to keep your engine active. 

Does Honda have their Oil? 

Honda uses the Honda genuine motor oil, which functions as an excellent lubricant that prevents engine wear.

In addition, Honda genuine motor oil works way faster in your engine, ensuring proper lubrication of different engine parts. 

About 80% of Honda car owners on the Honda forum website testify that the oil has many benefits and prevents engine wear.

Below are some of the significant benefits of the Honda genuine motor oil. 

  • The Honda genuine motor oil exceeds the API SN and ILSAC GF-5 standards.
  • Honda’s genuine motor oil improves fuel efficiency. 
  • It helps to reduce the formation of sludge and varnish. Plus, it resists the formation of foam as well.
  • The motor oil protects the engine against rust and any form of corrosion.
  • The oil withstands viscosity and thermal deterioration even in the most terrible service. 
  • It has a high oxidation resistance and thermal solidity even at high temperatures.  
  • It offers protection to the engine-powered emission system catalysts, thereby preventing the effects of toxic pollutants coming from the exhaust gas. 

Many Honda dealerships often recommend Honda’s genuine motor oil for many models of Honda. It is available online and in every Honda dealership center.

The oil can last for up to 7,000-10,000 miles or 7-10 months, depending on how often you drive your car. 

If you exhaust the oil in your engine and you want to fill it up with fresh oil, you can go to a nearby Honda dealership. Request for the Honda genuine motor oil.

If it’s not available, you can settle for other brands such as 0W-20 synthetic motor oil. 

Note that the Honda oil change intervals don’t change even if you replace it with a new oil brand.

Notwithstanding, it is advisable to always settle for the Honda genuine motor oil for your Honda car. 

Which Engine Oil is best for Honda?

Honda Oil

0W-20 synthetic oil is the best engine oil to consider when it comes down to the engine of your Honda vehicle.

Alternatively, you can use 5W-40 semi-synthetic oil and 0W-30 fully synthetic oil for your engine. 

0W-20 synthetic is unquestionably the best option for your engine as it meets the oil viscosity grade in your owner’s manual.

The best part is that every new model of Honda comes with 0W-20 synthetic oil. 

0W-20 undergoes several production processes to avoid the premature corrosion of your engine.

You can find 0W-20 in many Honda dealerships or place an order on the Honda website. 

When placing an order for 0W-20 online, it is important to carefully observe the website to avoid delivery of fake engine oil.

In the worst-case scenario, you might not receive the package, and you will lose your money. 

Similarly, it is best to avoid the use of aftermarket engine oil. Most times, aftermarket engine oil doesn’t contain the essential additives or oil viscosity grade in your owner’s manual.

When you use aftermarket engine oil, it adversely affects your engine’s lifespan. 

You might start experiencing problems like improper combustion, releasing toxic pollutants, and overheating.

Furthermore, your engine might break down completely with continuous usage of the aftermarket engine oil. 

The engine oil serves as the oxygen-rich blood of your engine; hence you need to always opt for the best engine oil.

Once the engine meets all the requirements in your owner’s manual, you can use it for your engine. 

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What Oil meets Honda’s Requirements? 

The premium-grade 5W-20 oil has exceptional performance and high mileage, and it meets all the requirements of Honda.

In addition, 5W-20 full synthetic oil protects all the vital parts of your engine and prevents premature wear and corrosion. 

The oil is very thin, and it is perfect for cold temperature climates such as winter. It lubricates every component of your engine and reduces friction by 85%.

In addition, it cleans up all the sludge buildup in your engine with effective cleaning agents. 

Furthermore, it extends your engine’s lifespan and delivers startups during cold weather. Also, 5W-20 synthetic oil is available in synthetic blend oil as well.

Additionally, it can last up to 10,000-20,000 miles and extend your vehicle’s life by 75,000 miles. 

Continuous utilization of 5W-20 oil keeps your engine up and running at all times.

The best part is that you can use it in all kinds of modern gasoline-powered vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and vans. 

Can I use 5W-30 instead of 0W-20? 

5W-30 synthetic oil has decent mileage, and you can use it in place of 0W-20 synthetic oil.

The performance of 5W-30 is top-notch, and it will not affect your vehicle in any way if you add 5w30 instead of 0w20

Notwithstanding, you will continue to relish comfortable rides in your car as long as it runs smoothly without any problems.

Plus, 5W-30 is thicker, robust, and can easily withstand high temperatures. 

Choosing Engine Oil for Your Honda


Honda dealerships often make use of Honda’s genuine motor oil, which is 100% compatible with the engines of many Honda models.

Alternatively, you can settle for other engine oil brands such as 0W-20, 5W-30, 5W-20, and conventional motor oil.

In addition, you need to make sure that the engine oil meets the viscosity grade in your owner’s manual. 

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