Does Jeep Wrangler Have Adaptive Cruise Control? (Let’s See)

Some automakers offer the ACC, a technology that will form part of the future generations of cars regarded as intelligent.

However, it is precarious to drive a car on a busy road despite the comfort and convenience it offers.

The technology, therefore, further improves passenger safety and convenience.

The Jeep Wrangler comes with an Adaptive Cruise Control System, a safety security feature that ensures passenger safety and convenience. It also increases road capacity by maintaining demarcation between vehicles, hence reducing accidents.

Do Jeep Wranglers Have An Adaptive Cruise?

Jeep Wrangler Have Adaptive Cruise Control

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents caused by simple driving errors and, therefore, ensure safety and convenience, Jeep Wranglers offer the Adaptive Cruise Control System like most newer intelligent cars.

Jeep Wranglers also come with other safety and security features – the Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning, which comes along with Active Warning Braking. 

Jeep offers safety and security features for specific uses.

For example, Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path detection are concerned with your sight, even the Parksense Rear Park or Rear Park Assist as the case may be.

What Is Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive Cruise Control System uses a designed device or radar to watch the traffic and maintain distance between the vehicles on the road.

It is a high-performance accident-averting feature now offered as standard on most modern cars and has since gained wide acceptance for its credibility.

The Adaptive cruise was first offered in 1992 by Mitsubishi, and the automaker offered a lidar-based collision avoidance system on the Japanese market, Debonair.

The system could warn the driver without it exerting force on the brakes or gear shifting. The system had, from there, evolved to the standard we have now.

The system’s workability varies as some systems work at high speeds while others don’t. Interestingly, be it at 60 mph or 25 mph, both systems work efficiently, respectively, despite the variation in workability.

Additionally, you can add ACC aftermarket to a vehicle that did not already have it installed.

Interestingly, the Adaptive Cruise Control is collision warning active.

It automatically stops your vehicle from colliding with the vehicle in front of the approaching one and accelerates a vehicle; it increases the vehicle’s speed when and where necessary.

Adaptive cruise control is synonymous with a couple of names: autonomous cruise control, intelligent cruise control, dynamic cruise control, and radar cruise control.

Your cruise control Jeep can move even at night. While this may be true, situations such as snow, fog, or heavy downpour interrupt the ability of the adaptive cruise control to work very well.

In addition, due to the presence of those mentioned above, the system cannot detect approaching or front vehicles.

How Does Adaptive Cruise Control Work on Jeep Wrangler?

Once activated, the Adaptive Cruise Control works efficiently on almost all Jeep models.

Here’s how it works: you will first set the speed limit; that’s the safe traveling speed you would want to maintain on the road while moving the vehicle. Remember that the set speed should be a safe traveling speed.

Look for the Adaptive Cruise Control System on/off button. You will find that on the right and of your steering wheel.

Close to the “On/Off” button, just an inch or more above it, is another button with the inscription “SET+ .”And in a similar vein, just an inch or more below the On/Off button is the “SET-” button.

Both buttons or options can set the respective distance parameters on your Jeep, and the parameters are set based on the distance of an approaching vehicle or the car ahead of your vehicle.

To turn on the system, you need to press or push the On/Off button, and the system will deactivate. 

When Did Jeep Add Adaptive Cruise Control?

Jeep is on the list of the first automakers that designed their cars to support ACC, and it was among the first to add ACC to its vehicles alongside Grand Cherokee models.

Jeep added the system to the Limited and TrailHalk Cherokee models in 2014. In 2018, Jeep added the advanced driver assist to the Wrangler.

Pros And Cons Of The Adaptive Cruise Control System

Jeep Wrangler Have Adaptive Cruise Control

It is not far-fetched that the Adaptive Cruise Control might have disadvantages.

Since almost everything in the world does, on the other hand, most cons of the ACC are practically born from the convenience it offers. 


Without mentioning any to you, you can list umpteen of the pros of the ACC and might only be reiterating since we’ve done a great deal on that in the above paragraphs.

Nonetheless, I will ensure to remind you about them. The Adaptive Cruise Control can be useful in the following ways:

#1. Good Fuel Economy

Fuel economy explains the ability of a vehicle to use up fuel within a given time.

For example, when you push the gas pedal, fuel is consumed, whereas the adaptive control system maintains its position so that you don’t burn more fuel than you should.

Therefore, this system increases your fuel economy. 

#2. Better Driving Convenience

The cruise control system helps most drivers who journey far.

Without adaptive cruise control, traveling to far places on an Express road might be stressful because you will have to press and hold the gas pedal for hours. You can imagine how tiring that is.

But with ACC, it’s stress-free; here, you will be allowed to rest your foot and allow your vehicle to drive automatically while you control the steering.

This feature will relieve you of such stress. 

#3. Avoid Speeding

Excessive speeding doesn’t deserve a thumbs up at all. This avoidable character of drivers is not only against the law, but it has also claimed many lives.

To this effect, adaptive cruise control reduces speeding to a minimal level.

Indeed, speeding is not always intentional, and it is to this end that adaptive cruise control is helpful:

It is set to a posted speed limit, so you don’t have to go through what you would have gone through.


Since the adaptive cruise control is a great feature, it has its shortcomings, and such shortcomings include

#1. Dangerous For Tired Drivers

Of course, adaptive cruise control reduces fatigue, and while this may be true, it is also bad for tired drivers.

So when you often feel dizzy behind the steering wheel, the cruise control system isn’t the best option for you. 

Because it will rather help you be more relaxed and might make you sleep while driving. No doubt this will result in a traffic accident.

#2. Does Not Slow Down Quickly

Not slowing down on time is one of the disadvantages of ACC. When you intend to turn at a particular time, it proves impossible to slow at the spot.

If one can’t slow down on time, then he is likely to involve in an accident.

#3. Difficult To Drive In Bad Weather

When you set the cruise control on your vehicle, beware that they are likely to lose traction on the way if the weather condition is snowy or icy.

For example, while moving with Jeep, if you see stagnant water on the way and intend to stop before the water, it won’t be easy unless the cruise control is.

Also, your car might slip off the road because they have less traction.

#4. Easily Distracts The Driver

As a driver, it is very easy to get distracted by this feature because it offers a good percent of convenience and comfort.

You might get too relaxed and begin to stare at other things rather than looking at the road.

Therefore, if you have any advanced security aid on your vehicle, you might want to know this;

Even though the ACC is reliable, you should not neglect to be watchful on the road. 


The ACC is an advanced security aid that has improved divers’ lives.

Of course, you can put forth no reasonable argument against the ACC; nevertheless, total dependence on the system is likely to put you on the wrong side.

Like most intelligent cars, the Jep Wrangler also has adaptive cruise control, promoting its name in the automobile market.

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