Does Jeep Renegade Come With A Sunroof? (Let’s See)

The interior and exterior designs of the Jeep Renegade make it outstanding and peculiar among other similar vehicles.

One of these features is the exclusive rooftop it exhibits, which has earned it lots of admiration from car shoppers? But, what kind of roof does it have?

Does the Jeep Renegade come with a Sunroof? Please find out more about this Jeep and its stylish features in this article.

The Jeep Renegade comes with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof that extends from the front to the rear seat with just the push of a button. In turn, it provides its passengers with a clearer view of the sun and the blue sky and adequate exposure to air.  

Does Jeep Renegade Come With a Sunroof?

Jeep Renegade Come With Sunroof

The Jeep Renegade does come with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof which is perfect for sun-lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

This panoramic sunroof is a special type of sunroof made of wide laminated glass that slides from the front to the rear seats.

It is an automatic sunroof that pops open with just the push of a button.

And because the panoramic sunroof covers most of the car’s roof, it exposes you to a wider view of the sun with sufficient natural breeze, which creates a feeling of closeness to the outdoors.

The sun and sound group also opens up when the panoramic sunroof slides open, providing you with a perfect ambiance that is soothing and comforting.

Thus, making your ride a pleasurable one.

So, the Jeep Renegade has proven the possibility of combining sophistication, comfort, and, most importantly, function all in one vehicle.

With its exceptional performance and charming look paired with its capacity to offer an open-air experience, the Jeep Renegade is a go and a must-have. 

Which Renegade Have Sunroof?

The sunroof is now a popular feature in most recent cars. And many models of Renegade also come with it. Although, they come in different types and sizes. 

However, there are three mostly used sunroofs in Jeep Renegade. These are the Basic power sunroof, Dual-pane panoramic sunroof, and the MySky sunroof.

The Dual-pane panoramic sunroof and the MySky sunroof are preferred and used in Jeep Renegade

Here’s a list of Renegade that comes with Sunroof and the different sunroof types.

  • Renegade Latitude- Dual-pane panoramic sunroof.
  • Renegade Sport- My Sky Panel Sunroof.
  • Renegade Limited- Dual-pane panoramic sunroof.
  • Renegade Upland- Removable panel sunroof.
  • Renegade Altitude- Dual-pane panoramic sunroof.
  • Renegade Islander- Dual-pane panoramic sunroof.

Knowing how important the sun is and what it means to certain people, especially those with claustrophobia, makes the sunroof a welcome idea.

The reason is that, with the panoramic sunroof, the car feels a lot more open with more access to air, therefore, creating a whole lot of comfort, especially when on a long trip.

But even though the panoramic sunroof allows more air and light into the car, it could cause some discomfort in hot weather. 

For instance, imagine driving under a panoramic sunroof on a hot sunny day. It will be discomforting because the sun will cause a hotter indoors.

Thus, increasing the need for an air conditioner to keep the place cool, which requires more gas to use.

Can You Add a Sunroof to a Jeep Renegade?

Most Jeep Renegades often come with a sunroof as a standard feature, or it may come as an option.

But, if your Renegade doesn’t come with it, you may consider adding an aftermarket sunroof to your car, which is very much possible.

Most Renegades were manufactured in 2018 and recently features the sunroof because they are now very popular and highly desired by many.

Most of all, those that enjoy the feeling of driving with the roof down or getting lots of suns and fresh air while traveling.

Although, you must understand that while it is possible to add a sunroof to your Jeep Renegade, the model of your car, the type of sunroof you desire to add, and the installer are important factors to consider.

Installing a sunroof on a car that doesn’t come with it can be quite complicated, extensive, and expensive due to the numerous activities involved.

Let’s talk briefly about how it works. First of all, it involves cutting a hole at the top of the car.

Afterward, some of the metal frames that are cut out are removed to create an open roof, then finally, the installment of the sunroof.

No matter how minor it may seem, any mistake made during this process will cause severe damage to your car and further lead to more costly repairs to get it fixed.

Based on the fact that only specialized tools are used, which are not usually available in the home. It takes only a professional or an expert from your car dealership to handle it.

Thus, adding a sunroof to your car is not a DIY project and will cost you a lot. 

However, adding an aftermarket sunroof to your Jeep should only cost about $300- $800 for a sunroof that allows ventilation and airy feels. 

Though, fixing it at your dealership may cost you up to $1000 or more and about 60-90 minutes for complete installation.

You may choose to go through all these because of the sunroof’s numerous advantages.

The extra value it adds to your car, which also comes in handy when it’s time to sell the vehicle, and the absolute open-air freedom you can get anytime and anywhere are a few of these benefits you’re bound to enjoy.

How Do You Close And Open the Sunroof on a Jeep Renegade?

Open The Sunroof On A Jeep Renegade

To open and close the sunroof of your Jeep Renegade is quite a simple exercise. Most of the sunroofs found in Jeep Renegade are usually controlled with just the push of a button.

When you look at the front roof part of your car, you’ll see a control button with a pushy knob. A press on the button tilts the sunroof, usually for ventilation.

But, at the same time, a push of the button slides the sunroof glass open and exposes you to open air.

Closing the sunroof also follows the same pattern. You push the button until it’s properly closed or covered to your desired extent.

There are also manual methods to open and close the sunroof. You can find this out in the owner’s manual of your Jeep Renegade, as this method varies from car to car.

Note that to open and close the dual-pane panoramic sunroof of the Jeep Renegade takes about a minute to fully open or close.

It is due to the large size of the sunroof, which is almost as wide as the car’s entire roof.

So, you can see that opening and closing the sunroof of a Jeep Renegade is super easy. It only gets difficult when the glass gets stuck and refuses to open or close easily. 

It is often caused by debris in the sunroof track or improper operation of the system. Does Hyundai Kona Have A Sunroof?

So, you must ensure to regularly clean the sunroof track to avoid your sunroof from getting stuck in the track and prevent damage to the sunroof cables, which may be quite difficult to fix.

And in cases where you’re not so sure how to operate the sunroof.

Consult your owner’s manual to avoid causing damage to your sunroof, so nothing stands in your way of enjoying a blue-sky view and sun-filled travel.

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Final Thoughts

The Jeep Renegade does come with a Dual-pane panoramic sunroof, a type of sunroof that is as wide as the car’s entire roof, which provides adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, stargazers, and sun lovers to get the most out of the outside world while driving.

And also get enough air for added comfort while on transit. 

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