Hyundai Wi-Fi Password? (Things You Must Know)

Modern versions of Hyundai vehicles are equipped with features that enable them to share internet connections and applications with a Smartphone.

These features can work without a physical connection to devices with cables, hence the tag Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi).

Furthermore, to avoid unauthorized access to the connections, some Wi-Fi systems are protected with passwords.

The Hyundai Wi-Fi password is a secret word used with a username to gain access to the vehicle’s Wi-Fi. The default username and password for a Hyundai router is ‘root .’You can reset your Hyundai Wi-Fi password if you feel the default code is not secure enough or if you forget it.

Do Hyundai Cars Have Wi-Fi?

Hyundai Wi-Fi Password

Currently, only high-end luxury cars have inbuilt Wi-Fi and hotspot connectivity.

However, like most vehicles, Hyundai cars can connect to Wi-Fi networks with Wi-Fi routers and wireless android.

This connection is made possible by including Wi-Fi functionality in the vehicles’ infotainment system.

Hyundai cars are equipped with AS-502 models of Hyundai Wi-Fi routers. These serve as Wi-Fi hotspots for vehicles and other devices.

Modern Hyundai vehicles subscribe to the Wireless Android Auto application.

This connection enables the vehicles access to a wide range of data services that aid driving and provide entertainment during drives.

In addition, the application also enables the driver to access the features of his phone from his vehicle’s screen, thereby reducing distractions from the phone when driving.

How Do I Find My Hyundai Wi-Fi Password?

If you are using a router for your Hyundai Wi-Fi connectivity, you will need a username and a password to set it up.

The router comes with a default username and password, but some people don’t know how to find it.

As a result, the router’s name, password, and model number are contained on a label beneath it.

On the label, the password is just below the third bar code and above the router’s SSID. It is written in small prints, so you have to look carefully to see it. Suppose you can’t find it.

I suggest you consult the router’s user manual

How Do I Connect My Hyundai to Wi-Fi?

At this point, you already know that the two means of connecting your Hyundai vehicle to Wi-Fi connectivity are the router and the wireless android auto application.

You need to follow some steps to connect your Hyundai car to the connections made available by these two.

To connect your car to the router’s Wi-Fi connection, follow the simple steps below:

  • First, on your vehicle’s display, go to settings and select the SETUP option.
  • Following select Data/Network. This will display the various connections available on your car.
  • From these, select Wi-Fi and turn it on.
  • Next select Add Wi-Fi Network. Here you will add the router network using its network SSID; if you are prompted for a password, type in the password of your router. Remember, the Hyundai router’s default password is ‘root.’

If you have done these, you can now use the router’s connectivity to explore the data services available on your car.

First, however, you have to make sure that your Hyundai router is on and within a connection range before you do all these.

The other way to connect your Hyundai to Wi-Fi is through the wireless android auto application. These require the use of an android smartphone with unique features.

To set up a wireless android auto connection for your Hyundai vehicle, follow the steps below:

  • First, turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features on your android phone.
  • Next, go to SETUP on your vehicle’s infotainment system.
  • From the options, select Device Connections.
  • Go to Phone Projections and select the Add New option.
  • On your android device, go to Bluetooth and in the discovery list and select your vehicle’s name.
  • Out the code required in the paring pop-up on your phone and press pair on your phone and vehicle.
  • A message access request will appear on your phone. Select yes if you want the android auto to access your phone’s messages.
  • Accept the application’s terms and conditions on your vehicle and grant permissions to the Android Auto app on your device.
  • Android auto will start on your vehicle, and you can now access your phone’s features on your car.

The operation of the wireless Android Auto requires certain conditions like your device’s compatibility, a data plan, and an updated version of the application.

The Android versions compatible with the Android Auto feature are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8 with a 9.0 android version.
  • Samsung devices with the 10.0 android version and 
  • any other Android phone with the 11.0 android version.

How Do I Reset My Hyundai Wi-Fi Password?

Hyundai Wi-Fi Password

It is a common occurrence to forget Wi-Fi passwords. When this happens, you will have to reset your password to another to be able to use the connection.

For example, if you are using a router for Wi-Fi connectivity in your Hyundai vehicle and want to reset your password, you will have to reset the router.

There are three methods of resetting the router password. These are the Hard Reset, the 30-30-30 Reset, and the Router Web Control Panel Reset methods.

The steps below will guide you on how to reset Hyundai routers using the three methods:

#1. Hard Reset Method

  • Locate the reset button on the router and hold it for ten seconds. Ensure the router is on and its LED lights blink while doing this.
  • Restart the router, and you will have to reset its username and password to default.

#2. 30-30-30 Reset Method

  • Turn the router on and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
  • After that duration, please remove it from the switch while still pressing the button. Hold the button for another 30 seconds, even when it is off.
  • Turn on the router after the 30 seconds have elapsed while still pressing the button for another 30 seconds.
  • You can now let go of the reset button. Your router password is back to default

#3. Router Web Control Panel method

  • This method requires a password, so use any of the first two methods to reset your password to default before you use it.
  • When you have a default password, go to your browser and type the IP address of your browser in the address bar and proceed.
  • Enter your router’s username and password in the fields provided for them. Remember, the default username and password for Hyundai routers is root. Use that because you have restored your router’s information to default.
  • Press enter to access the router’s control panel.
  • Go to settings in the control panel and set your password.

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Wi-Fi connections in cars offer a lot of assistance during drives. They come in handy for driver assistance, data provision, and even keeping the family happy during long journeys.

These connections are facilitated by Wi-Fi routers and Wireless Android Auto applications in Hyundai cars.

Hyundai Wi-Fi routers require usernames and passwords, of which the default is ‘root .’

If you forget your router password, you can always use the steps outlined above to reset it to default and set a new one.

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